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Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 11 November 2011

2 hrs of JUST me and my Time.. Wat else can I ask for...

What will I do if I get extra 2 hrs in a day??
Wowww!! Isn't it kool? Just thinking about it I get goosebumps..:p

For a person like me this is how my Typical weekday routine Looks like

6:00 AM - Get up and get ready to work
6:50 AM- In the Bus stop waiting for the Office Bus.
8:00 AM- Reach office and after breakfast start working
1:30 PM- Break for Lunch..then continue working..
5:15 PM - (Mostly) Catch Office bus to reach Home
7:00 PM- Reach Home after a approx 2 hrs journey in the bad bus, bad traffic in Bangalore.
7:15 PM- My Head would say hit the Gym, be fit, exercise but my stomach gives away and starts to crave for some Snacks..
And I much the unhealthy snacks defeating what my Head said..
8:00 PM- Start Cooking Dinner and serve the dinner @ 9:15- 9:30 PM
10:15 PM- Finished dinner and me n hubby come back to our home (we live downstairs and In Laws in the First floor)
10:30 PM - First time in the day I sit relaxed and refuse to clean the house or move my body… Coz I crave for REST
End up watching some serials in TV
11:15 PM - Look at the time and suddenly have the urge to go to bed so that I hv to get up soon tomo to repeat the same old routine!!

Oh I wanna either Join an existing "I Hate Saturday Club" or Start one… Confused???
Yes Saturday is the day when I Clean the house, Wash clothes, Stack up the Stuff needed for the week, Come up with my Fav To-Do-List and start ticking each task, Bank Work, Groceries, Repair Work, Cook something special coz it is a weekend and wat not… On the same holly day the Maid refuses to come so added more work to my already full bucket and squeeze in all these in the given 24 hrs… Ufffff I am already tired writing this…

I really feel Sunday is the shortest day in the week.. Do you agree with me???
One day where I manage to get up lil late, Lil is again 8:30 AM, Some more pending work to be finished.. Always dream about doing something nice but something or the other comes in the middle and soon it will be stuck doing something that is necessary and that which I Hate to do… :'(
Soon it will be evening and the depression sinks in thinking Tomorrow is MONDAY….:(

BTW dont judge me.. I am not a boring person,, I try and squeeze to include fun stuff to do in my free time.. you can find those in my blogs..But this is how a Typical week goes by...

My Friends sometimes tease me saying- "You seem to be so busy now.. How will it be after u hv a baby??" I get freaked out even thinking about it!!
For a lady like me 2 extra hrs in a day is like a God gifted Booooon.. Wat would I do in this extra gifted 2 hrs??? No thinking @ all..

First and Foremost I would Ignore or rather completely forget all the regular daily chores and use the time completely to MYSELF…  Not just One I hv many PLANS, listed below are some of those..

My first task would be to Pick up a Nice book, fill my plate with a Snack (doesn’t care if it is healthy or not) and relax myself on the Hammock we hv @ the back of our home and just hv a blast with myself… Reading novel is like unwinding my day.. Getting into my own imaginations of the character of the scene in my mind..and get completely submerged into my own imagineland like a dreamland…This is one of the reasons I hv never liked a movie based on Novels.. Cos there is no boundaries to my imaginations...

Pick up the colors and the Canvas which is thrown in some corner of the house to be used when I am free… I would start doing something arty, crafty, be it painting, coloring, drawing etc… This I hv found in the past gives you a very nice feeling... (Oh BTW I am not an artist, but who cares? I am my own artist..)

There have been occasions where me n hubby hv indulged into this habit and hv come up with some good stuff.. Ex we hv done a flower pot and sticked it to the wall and painted the Diya's ourselves this time for Diwali, You can find it here and here

Watch my Fav "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" series……………
This is the most relaxing Exercise I hv found in the recent times… No matter how many times I might hv watched the same series. I still LOVE watching them again and again…

Given the right mood of the day I would love to pick up something from the cook book or on the Net to prepare a special dish, especially to hubby as he loves eating special home cooked food!! And I would love to cook for him and receive all the appreciation from him.. I have done it and you can witness here

Depending on the weather, I would love to take a ride in my Activa and indulge in shopping… Let me be clear, shopping after marriage also means stacking the kitchen with groceries and some necessary items..This shopping will EXCLUDE all of those.. My shopping will NOT have the To-Do-List.. It is like picking up anything I find in Random.. I will listen to my heart and not even to my mind which keeps reminding about the cost!! :)
I always keep Imagining about having a Bawl of a time where in I can shop to my wish and hv to pay nothing at all..
Infact in my childhood I used to tell mom- "Ma it should be something like this.. All the items available to buy should just cost Rs 1/-"


Wanna spend some Quality time with Hubby, Yes in this busy IT world we hardly get time to each other,, so I would use this time to start of irritating him by indulging with completely nonsense discussions with hubby or irritate him and have a nice time with him like I have listed the Nauk Jaunk between us in the Posts here and here
We have had a great time with our own baby..Snowy like you see here in my post

Leave it me and I keep using all the alphabets available.. Like the recent quote I read somewhere.. "Don’t worry if PLAN A din't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters, so stay cool"

The Main reason to have written this post is for the Surf Excel Matic GetSmart Contest" by Indiblogger which asked the fellow bloggers to write a post on

"If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?
 So here I am with my first ever post written for a Contest, Here I present completely my views on how I would spend my extra 2 hrs of the day... If you like it write back to me,, I would love to receive your comments.. Wish we Luck!! 



  1. Wow. Brilliant post. Best of Luck. Do check out my post too. Aye Zindagi!

  2. Wwo! I wish too I had a loong weekend like this! :-) All the best! Hope you win.

    Loving your Watta Wednesday posts :-)

  3. wow! does your day really start at 6 in the morning?!! thats one longg and difficult day u go through every single day! im proud of you deepsi :)only if all of us worked as hard :)

  4. @Ranting Indian- Thanks for liking my post, yep I shall check out ur post too!!
    @ RS- Thanks dearie..
    @ Joel- Yes I dont lie when I blog :P, that is the exact reason I would love to have 2 extra hrs completely by myself...:)

  5. Hi,

    Nice to read ur daily routines, some things matches with me too :P If i get those extra hrs wat else i like to do?? All important sleep only :):) wil snooze my alarm for more time :P:P

  6. Oooh thanks for reading me.... Frankly I dont wanna sleep and waste the extra 2 hrs in a day..