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Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I have been thinking for a while to list down all the wacky/Funny/Crazy incidents/tussles between us (Hubby and me) and started listing down... and here I am with the most awaited post

?Bundle of Questions?
I agree I ask a lot of questions but expect simple answers, mostly - "Yes" or "No"
My hubby never answers my questions with a Simple "Y/N" it has to be something vague like beating behind the bush or sometimes completely deviates the topic but can NEVER say either "YES" or "No"

Upon that he quotes me "You are a Bundle of Questions" " If you stand for politics your symbol should be nothing other than a question Mark "?""

<The Gothilla Guy>

You are watching something in the TV and ask -
Hey what do you think will happen now? Will he die or will be alive? -> I don’t know (Gotilla)
Hey I think she will fall now rite?? ->  <Gothilla>
I think Mom is not keeping well na, I felt so-> <Gothilla>
I think My dad may be sad na, coz he did not speak to me properly -> <Gothilla>
You are reading Newspaper and ask - I guess this move will be a Big Hit -> <Gothilla>

Oh God !!!!!!!! I also don’t know so many things, but how difficult it is to say something else other than <Gothilla>. First of all hubby speaks less n me more, and I will be looking forward for situations/avenues where I can strike a conversation with him and all I hear in answer is this word that I have started to HATE- <Gothilla> Grrrrrrrrr

OCD (Obsessive compulsive disorder)

I really suspect my hubby is a victim of OCD, Some of his actions that proves the same are-

Locks the Main door with the keys himself and after locking, pushes the door once, twice,
thrice, four times, five times just to check n make sure if it is closed or not… Then again asks me "Chinni y don’t u check too??" Arrrrrrrrrrrr

When we are done having dinner and are about to leave to our home(downstairs) to sleep asks me "Have you switched OFF the gas knob" No matter I reply "Yes or No" he has to go and check the knob several times and again turn back and say 1, 2 , 3, 4
Finally looks @ my angry face and gives me a GRIN *Grrrrr*

*Alarm Alarm*Keeps the alarm in the Mobile phone and checks it several times before actually sleeping to check if he has kept the alarm or not.. At time it is sooooo irritating…

**Lock Lock**When we are about to fall asleep there pops up his OCD problem - "Have I locked the front door? Have I locked the Back door??" No answer from me… Where is that light coming from?? Oh no Sleeep dear n lemme sleep, The story after this is very simple, He sleeps effortlessly, deep, undisturbed sleep like a "Kumbh Karan" where as I will be tossing and turning around with infinite thoughts in my mind and any minor noise/light wakes me up like this… :P

Cleanliness- Sorry not in my Dictionary,  Car Wash- Did u say something?? Oh I cant hear you :p

          Extremely caring no doubts about it, very helpful and all but one thing which he is bad at and that which needs a hard push from my side is to clean his CAR… OMG the kool RED color Punto (My choice of Car and the color as claimed by hubby) looks almost brown most of the time.. :'(

           Agreed that it cannot be wiped/cleaned daily but why not on weekends??? I am really fed up of asking him to do so, finally came up with a strategy.

My Game plan-  After all the cleaning/washing/cooking I already will be tired and without telling him I start cleaning the car and when he sees me he feels concerned and joins me (It is actually fun coz we fight) he keeps saying u back off and take rest and I keep saying its ok lemme do, I do better than u :) ha ha

Obsessed not with me but his Denims - (who on earth discovered it)

My strong recomendation for his Office Dress code -  Business formals + Tie +Formal Shoes..

Not that I would like to see him in business attire (actually he looks very good) but coz I am so fed up of seeing him in Denims/Jeans.
Hubby's Ideal office dress code would have been a Pair of Jeans (torn also accepted) OR shorts + T Shirt + Chappal (Hawai chappal is his fav)

Most irritating part - 
Daily to Office - Pair of jeans + his checked (mostly Blue) slim fit full sleeve shirt half folded (tapori style)  
@ Home - Same pair continued  
Going out on weekends- Same pair of jeans,  
Gone out for some errands like vegetable/grocery shopping- SAME pair of jeans  
Sometimes in continues on BED tooo if not told/scolded..

He doesnt even bother to put that jeans to wash unless it stinks or unless asked and it may be range from 2 to 3 months or even more for that matter
Extremezzzz Unlimited 
Like any Unit has its 'MIN Value', 'NORM Value' and 'MAX Value', my hubby can never have Norm behavior his would either be MIN or MAX in all the matters.

Either No Gifts OR Surprises @ all or a sudden shock/surprise/expensive gift
Either not talking @ all OR being Nonstop chatter and talkitive
Either too loving/Caring (oh by the way this is not being romantic coz this word is not in his dictionary) OR just not bothered types..
Either too enthusiastic OR too Boring
Either too Foodie OR no interest in Food @ all
Either too punctual OR tooo Lazy

Why cant he be normal, neither MIN nor MAX just the Norm...????????? 
His curiosity n my short term memory loss :(

I am a person who b4 watching the movie doesn’t want to know the story @ all n hubby is a complete opposite..

OMG it’s a punishment to watch some movie which I have watched b4 and he hasn’t and doesn’t know the story, Not that I don’t enjoy but coz of his frequent QUESTIONS on what will happen next?? Will he die? Will he not die? Etc etc… firstly I would not want to tell him and destroy the suspense, secondly and the worst part is I forget the Climax of most of the movies, I would remember the scenes but just cannot recollect the climax of the movies… Poor hubby will keep asking, I will either say No or say Cant recollect ha ha wat a fun ;)

 Games (Card Game/Game in Mobile) 

 Ok here it goes, If I know a game be it a the card game Rummy or a Bubble breaker on Mobile I would be in full josh to teach him on the other hand he wants to learn the game by himself in his own pace… Why cant he listen to me and learn form me??? I would love to teach him but he is not ready to :'( OK agreed he will want to learn by himself, my hands will be itching to teach him seeing him struggle but he completely refuses to take the tips, clues form me, Poor me :'(  
Forgot my B'day??

You like someone from your school time but never told her, you met her again in Engineering, 2 years in between (11th and 12th) you have missed her and claim that you have remembered her each day and you have forget her B'day…..
Is this acceptable??
His answer-  A person loves her so much, remembers her each day and missed her and he forgets to remember one day which is her B'day and that’s it all gone?? What's it in a date when he remembered her all the time?? Sounds Filmy isn't it??? But this is what my hubby had told me in engineering when we met again after a gap of 2 years and had forgotten my B'day…
Actually I was completely Impressed and flattered by his dialogue.. Now when I think back I feel- How can you forget my B'day????

Torture with Dates???

Hammm this is one of my Game plan to torture him... ;)
My only question would be - "Do you remember whats special today??"

Hubby gets all tensed and gives work to his brains, racks his mind to find out whats the importance of that date. Is it B'days- No, Marriage Anniv- No, Love Anniv- No, DOJ the company of one of us- No, Date that I had travelled to UK- No, Date I returned to India- No…..

Series of such incidents keep flashing in his mind and for one time in life I will keep him busy thinking about us and believe me it gives me immense pleasure to tease n tortur him... 
You call me "Krrur singh" or saddis, I dont mind I just love it.. :)
Troubling n teasing him and finally blackmailing him emotionally saying "How come you forgot this very special day" ??
Hubby is not any less coz he has his own  Counter Plan- As soon as I ask him the importance of the day, he immedietely says, You first tell me whats the improtance of tommorrow, I know it but you tell me…, even b4 I deny that there is no relevance, he says"Oh chinni, how come you forgot this? It is so Special to us" Grrrrrrrrrrr


This is not THE END, I am sure I shall keep visiting this blog @ regular intervals to update ;) 

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