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Love Happened
Love Happened

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Diwali 2011

For the first time me n hubby hand painted the Diyas for Diwali.. Felt very nice and we want to continue this tradition for the coming years, Also this time we had purchased a Mysore silk saree for MIL but FIL refused to take anything,... Frankly we also couldn't shop for ourselves for the festival this time.. Hope to buy new clothes in the coming yrs for Diwali...

26th Oct 2011 was Lakshmi Pooja @ home, here @ In Laws house Lakshmi pooja is celebrated grandly, we purchase a new saree and tie it to goddess Lakshmi and then we use the saree for ourselves...

Since Lakshmi Pooja was in the evening I thought I have loads of time in hand to do the cooking, decoration and the Pooja on time.. but I was wrong... This is how my day went 

Got up at 8:45 am had Puri usli for breakfast and went out to market for buying flowers, fruits, sweets and Saree for the goddess..I had bath soon so that I could start preparing for the rest of the day..
On the same day both the maid and the cook decided to take Off giving me more work!! :'( 

Poor hubby was running around and asking me what to do, he really helped me a lot, but I wanted him to take rest so sent him to paint the rest of the Diyas..while I prepared Lunch and at the same time started preparing for the pooja items,

Prepared Rice and Sambhaar, Chapathi,  Palya, Butter Milk  for Lunch 
Cooked Lemon rice, beans palya, Milk obbatu (Mom's recipie), Kosambari to offer to goddess while pooja
Cleaned, washed pooja stuff and decorated the place where goddess was supposed to be kept...
By doing all this it was 6:45 PM already... FIL was hurrying and wanted me to go get ready to start the pooja

Hurriedly, Tierdly, swiftly came down took 5 mins of rest in the entire day and then wore a Saree and tried to go up soon... Made everyone sit, got some more items ready for pooja and started the Pooja by lighting the Diya, I was the makeshift poojari for the day (mostly done for all the festivals n I truly enjoy it) 

At the time of Nevedyam Kept all the items prepared in front of god and felt very nice, did Abhishekam to good and finished the pooja at around 8:00..

Me n MIL visited few houses to invite some ladies home... one by one they started coming and we gave them Kumkum and the customary Thambulam, fruits n sweets..

Hubby was behind me and waiting for me so that we can burst the crackers...
How is it possible?? I am not a super women, I can be present @ only 1 place n do few things @ a time.. 
Had invited the SIL and her husband (the younger one) for Dinner.. 
So fireworks was postponed and instead had a Lavish Dinner in a traditional "adike leaf plate"... I love serving especially in the festivals in the traditional order where salt is served first and then pickle etc,, :)

Items for Dinner - Salt, Pickle, beans palya, Kosambari, Tondekai Palya, Lemon Rice, Rice and Simple Rasam, curd, papad and Haal Obbathu for sweet :) I am so proud and patting myself 

Came down @ around 10:30 and watched TV for sometime while hubby slept on my laps.. When I wanted to walk to our bedroom my heels were paining so much that it refused to move an inch.. No exaggeration but it was the FACT...

27th Oct 2011-

Was not a holiday to offc but we had taken off as we had to celebrate pooja for the elders (FIL's parents who have passed away) Traditionally all their fav items mostly Non veg items were prepared for the day, 

After breakfast I had bath so that the yesterday's pooja items had to be removed.. This time for not sure why FIL refused to prepare anything and instead he went to do the pooja alone.. I was not so happy about it and hence made everyone come near the photo (none of them had bath) and we were there when the arti was performed.. Still I was not satisfied, I come from a family where traditions, customs are given importance, Yes I do not prepare/eat/clean Non-Veg, I couldn't prepare it now too, but I wanted to prepare something and offer it to the elders.. I prepared Seemeakki payasam and asked hubby, BIL and MIL to have bath and be ready to perform pooja.. meantime I prepared Rice, chapathi, sambhar n palya for everyone...

We all offered the sweet and performed pooja and had lunch and went to sleep... In the evening burst the crackers and had fun!! Thus was my Diwali this time... :) 

Here are some of the snaps!!

Hand-Painted Diya-1 by hubby

Hand-Painted Diya-2 by Hubby

Hand-Painted Diya-3 by me

Hand Painted Diya-4 by me

Yeay!! This was our First Hand Painted Diyas

Isn't it lovely

Second set of Hand painted Diyas completely by hubby

Goddess Lakshmi ready to offer her blessings

Hey notice our painted Diyas :)

 Us after the Pooja and a Hectic Day- This is how I look when I am tired :(

Posing with Crackers :)

Yippie!! One more Diwali successfully celebrated with hubby darling..

Friday, 28 October 2011

Weekend Saga-1

Friday 21st Oct 2011 -

Visited Mom's house as Mom n dad in a row was not keeping well.. Also today was Hubby's last day in his office.. His office is v close by to Mom's house, so whenever I felt like seeing them I would go and ask hubby to come over, we used to hv dinner n leave for the house... This will not happen anymore.. Now mom's house will be very rare.. :( wud be difficult to meet them whenever I want to :(

Had nice tea, snacks, chat wit parents and after hubby came, we had dinner and reached at almost 11:00
we both were exhausted by then. Fortunately hubby had some meeting in Rajajinagar for

Saturday 22nd Oct 2011-

A good friend L has recently left our company and was also undergoing a personal crisis so according to hubby's suggestion me and friend G decided to visit L @ her PG..
Met Friends on weekend first time without hubby after marriage.. Felt nice.. by seeing L's Paying guest, I recalled the days where I had spent in PG,Hostel and in a house with friends...

Had a nice time with L and G, Visited the Baba Mandir that L would talk about most of the times and had Yummy North Karnataka Lunch @ Nalapaka, Rajajinagar.. Added this hotel to my list of fav dinning places.
Hubby picked me up and we returned home by 4:00. Since we had planned to attend a Cousin's wedding Reception, I soon rushed into the Parlour to get oil massage and eyebrows done..and since I was very exhausted for the day I went to bed to relax while hubby happily was snoring in glory...

When the alarm rang @ 6:00, both were in no mood to get up and get ready for the reception... Cancelled the program as it was too far n we were too tired... I prepared a nice garam garam Ginger tea and applied oil to hubby... That day completed soon..

Sunday- 23rd Oct 2011

Morning session of washing clothes n Cleaning the House

Evening @ around 4:00 PM Durga Parameshwari Temple Visit!!

MIL was feeling kind of lonely, Hence hunted out for a nice Temple in Blr, Thanks to friend L who suggested that this Temple in Vidyaranyapuram..It was really a beautiful temple and as she said we went in the evening for the Rahu kala pooja and we got to see the Abhshekam performed to goddess Durga...
During Rahu kala on Sunday I,e between 4:30 to 6:00 we (Hubby, me, MIL and BIL) lit the Ghee diyas in Lemon for the goddess and like they say a wish well there was a statue of goddess to which we can tie a chit on which we had to write our wish...The temple itself was very beautifully carved statues of god.

Enroute to home we did some Diwali shopping too, bought the "Akash Butti" (Sky lamp) to be displayed during Diwali. and returned home at around 8:00 PM.

All work and no rest... even @ office the work is more.. absolutely no rest to mind, body and soul... Looking forward for some relaxing time..

Kannika Parameshwari Devi
Sai Baba Temple near L's PG


Hotel Nalapaka where we had nice yummy N Karnataka Food

A glimpse of the Durga Parameshwari Temple

Diyas in Lemon

Friday, 21 October 2011

Memories gushing in!!

Today's Date I.e Oct 20th and the Gift in the picture below means a lot to us!!

Exactly on this day 9 years ago, 9 years seem to be so long ago... But the memories are still fresh and will remain fresh in our hearts forever!!

If not for this what would it be?? I keep pondering sometimes!!
Its so true that "Whatever happens, happens for a reason!"  DFJ

pehla pehla pyar hai, pehalee pehalee bar hai
jan ke bhee anjana, kaisa meraa yar hai.......

usakee najar, palko kee chilman se mujhe dekhtee, usakee najar
usakee haya, apanee hee chahat kaa raj kholatee, usakee haya
chhup ke kare jo wafa, aisa meraa yar hai
pehla pehla pyar hai.......

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

completed 7 full years in IT industry

Today I complete 7 yrs in IT industry. Changed just 1 company n I m a Team Leader in a reputed organisation .. But many people ask me "Are you Happy??" 

Well, let me think abt it...

  • When I was jobless n looking for a job, when my friends got into v small jobs, with limited scope for IP, industrial n production engg guys, I got selected for a company like Infosys.. Yes I m happy

  • I got job on my own, without any help of others ( influence or money).. yes I feel proud
  • I started earning n was able to contribute my earnings to my family..yes I m happy
  • Got an onsite opportunity for 14 months to London.. yes I m happy
  • Saved money n put it to good use.. yes I m happy
  • Am independent n has good support from family.. yes I m happy
  • Husband n in laws support my decision to work.. yes I m happy
  • Got an onsite opportunity to Canada for a month n hubby agreed to give me company.. the 1 month onsite was like a pleasure trip, thanks to hubby.. yes I m happy
  • I m currently able to balance work n personal life (touch wood)

  • Travelling almost 2 to 3 hrs daily to work- not happy
  • The toll on my heath n my increased weight - not happy
  • Wat next?????
  • How will things be when I plan to hv a baby??
  • Will I be able to travel like this?
  • Will I be able to balance work n personal life??
  • Wat abt the growth?
  • Will I be doing the same thing day in day out??
  • For how many years to come??
  • Don't I wanna Change??
  • Change as in what??
  • Career change?
  • Don't I like to be a Entrepreneur?? Will this dream ever come true??
  • Isn't it risky??
  • After earning so much did I buy anything for myself? Oh leave out the clothes, perfumes,gadgets etc?? Hv I bought a home or a car for myself?? Nope..
  • Will I be able to own one in the future? Not sure
  Sometimes I feel I wanna break, yes I can always quit n stay back there is no force.. but I wanna break means hubby getting some onsite opportunity  n me following him by quitting my job... see I m so flexible.. but will this be possible? If yes when??

Ohh so many questions unanswered, so many uncertainties.. still life goes on...

Signing off with a positive note to expect a better tomorrow!!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend Khana Pakwaan -1

Weekend means cooking something special.. This time is was "Gajar ka halwa" n "Pani poori" Here is my recipe !!

Gajar ka Halwa-1
Gajar ka Halwa:
Grated carrots
Dry Fruits (Cashew n dry grapes)

Method: Boil milk in a vessel, add grated carrots n keep it in low flame until milk drains, keep stirring occasionally.. Once milk is drained add 3 spoons of Ghee n sugar as per ur taste and stirr.. add Kova n nuts which r previously fried in Ghee.. Serve either hot or cold.. can be served chill with ice cream too!!!
Paani Poori

 Pani poori
Pani poori masala powder (mdh)
Jalzeera powder (mdh)
Lion dates
Chopped Onion
Ginger garlic paste
Black chik peas

Method Paani - Mix pani poori masala powder n jalzeera to water, grind pudina n green chilli in mixer n mix the paste to paani.. add chopped coriander n paani is ready

Filling -Boil, peel n mash potatoes, mix ginger garlic paste, salt, pani poori masala powder n coriander.. can also add boiled chik peas if needed

Meetha- soak tamarind n dates in water separately n squeeze when soaked, boil it slightly in pan n add Jaggery to it. Meetha is ready Mix chopped onions to the filling n keep ready pooris, pani n Meetha in separate bowls n serve it!!! Yummy pani pooris r ready to eat

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mysore Dasara - 2011

Yes I wanted to go Visit Mysore with hubby and witness the Mysore Dasara and show him around Mysore which is like showing him Glimpses of my childhood days... Finally this year my dream came true!!

I am so Thankful,
Thanks to R maama and R Atta for the special invitation to us - "the newly weds" as mentioned in the mail :)
Thankful to hubby who agreed to take 2 days off from work
Thankful to Mom n Dad who agreed to join us on our first visit to Mysore after marriage

Even b4 we decided to go I had a list of places to go, list of things to do in Mysore, but knowing I cudnt cover all of them I kept on prioritizing the same again and again!!

On 6th Oct we got up @ 4:00 am and left our home to pick up Mom n Dad @ 5:30 AM  Had tea n breakfast @ Mom's house and left Blore by 7:00 AM. Enjoyed the drive in our car..I was busy chatting with Mom while hubby was busy chatting wit Dad and we did actually reached Mysore soon..

We were very warmly welcomed and the breakfast was served immediately, I was so glad it was hubby's fav- Idli Vada n sambaar... :) After breakfast my cousin R gave a tour of his house while R Maama gave us the tickets for the Dasara procession and the Torch light parade... He actually sponsored Torch light parade tickets to me n hubby :) We got ready and left to witness the Dasara procession from Mysore palace. somehow all of us (Hubby, me, mom and dad) got the best seats to sit, it also had a covering over the head like a tent so that we did not feel hot too!! after a long wait, the magnificant Mysore Dasara processions started!!!! I was seeing Dasara for the first time and that too with hubby wow!!

Elephants, horses, colourful decorations, dancers, dhol kunitha, dappa thale etc was the highlight of the procession,The famous Dasara Tableau's started to appear one after the other, I guess we saw around 50 colorful, cheerful meaningful Tableaux one after the other, each Tableaux represented a district in Karnataka and was decorated based on some famous personality or a event and the dancers, drummers etc in front of that Tableaux was also a representation of that place!! Each time a Tableaux appeared we were curious to know where it belonged to and what did the decoration meant! It was a exciting feeling... Clicked a lot of snaps and enjoyed the procession a lot!! Towards the end the "Ambari with Durga idol appeared on the elephant" to which the CM of Karnataka offered flowers!!

We headed home as soon as the function was over and had a late Lunch... within no time we had to proceed to the famous "Torch ligh Parade" (Panjina Kavayatthu). Again we all sat together and this time L odina n her son K accompanied us.. It was really a Thrilling experience.

The parade began with Karnataka Governor Hansraj Bharadwaj taking the Guard of Honour followed by march past and later troupes exhibited their talent holding natural torches and conducting various exercises.The motorcycle-borne acrobatics enthralled by security personnel was a great show. The tent pegging event  The lazer show, sound and music show, the cultural programmes....Then the traditional torches forming different formations like "Happy Dasara-401" "Palace" "Jai Karnataka" "Jai Hind" and "See You in 2012"

The highlight of the Torch light parade was the "Sky Laterns" or "Akash Butti" which was first time introduced in Torch Ligh parade was amazingly amazing!!! It seems it is a tradition in Thailand to release the light so that it carries a message to the gods!! It was truly awesome n I have no words to express the same!! It was as though the stars was floating and taking a message to the gods above!! wow!!

Me n hubby had recently watched the cartoon movie  "Tangled" where similar "sky lanterns" were relased on the Birthday of their daughter... we both were mesmerised to see the beauty in the movie and were still more thrilled to witness the same event here in Torch light parade!!! It soon followed by the traditional fireworks!!! witch added to the night beauty!!  The sky never looked more beautiful to me :)

Later that night after dinner, we all played Housie Housie and guess wat hubby won full house!!! yippee!! Then we all chatted n chatted till 2:00 am and finally retired to bed!!

7th Oct 2011 - Friday

After breakfast went to Visit the interiors of Mysore Palace, Mom was full enthu to explain everything she had known abt Mysore Palace and was virtually a Guide to us, Hubby enjoyed all the stories told by his MIL... :) Soon after that we headed to R Maama's shop, I bought a razai n a bed sheet from his shop. Mysore I should say was very Hot so wanted to eat Ice-Cream R Maama joined us and we all went to Nalapak to have Yummy Gad Bad Ice creams...
Later on the way back to Home we went in a Tonga.... Yippie!!! It was so much fun!! 

After Lunch took some rest and again left to Chamundi hills, wanted to cover the Palace illumination too but cudn't, but I am gald we saw the illumination from the top of the hill. Since it was Friday and that too Dasara time the temple was too crowded, but gald we had a nice dharshanam of Devi and returned back home..

Moon light Dinner was something that I wanted hubby to experience, coz as kids we used to love to go to terrace, had our dinner, played games like pick n speak, Pick and act, Chaar Patthar, Tug of war, play skits, dance shows etc.... Thanks to R maama who understood my desires and Since the dinner was Chappati's we cudnt hv dinner in the terrace but still managed to go to the terrace post Dinner I already had the game "2  Lies and 1 truth" ready!! We had a nice time playing that game, and Cousin R managed to bluff the others by hiding his true statement and won the game!!

Next was another game from R Atta - "Krishna" - a lovely game which involves everyone's attention and participation and brings smile in everyone's face!!! Then we continued to play few more games and chatted and ate peanuts n sweets n went down to play rummy cards.... Hubby being a naive in this did not give up and soon scored highest points, where as He should hv scored less to win :)) :) he said he wanted to learn the game and not give up just
After all this and some more gossiping and chatting we retired to bed @ around 4:00AM

8th Oct 2011- Saturday

I had asked R atta not to prepare anything so that we all can go to Mylari Hotel and eat Dosas,, at 10:30 am we all went and had the famous Mylari Dosa... Yummmmm!! out next destination for the day was Nanjungudi, but since we heard it was crowded we decided to go there in the evening and hence went to shop saree for my MIL instead... Bought a nice Mysore Silk saree and again went to R maama's shop to take him to another
Ice cream parlour "Dolphin" but this time we paid the bill and aslo took Ice cream home for all!!

In the evening after a power nap went to Nanjungud Temple at around 6:30 PM. Had a very nice dharshana of God shiva, I had promised that I would come there with hubby after our marriage and kept up my promise!! Thanked god for the blessings he has showered and asked him to keep showering the same on us forever!

Enroute home, we went to yet another of my fav destination, clock tower and "Churmmuri"... Ate yummy mysore special churmuri and parcelled some home too!!
After Dinner in the night, was not in mood to play cards hence was just sat and chatted for a while. R atta was showing us her Jewellery shopping from Dubai and was sharing her experience of Dubai visit! and went to bed at around 1:30 AM

9th Oct 2011- Sunday

Our tour to Mysore kind of ended here!! Was happy n sad too!!

After breakfast we left to Bangalore with a heavy heart. 3 days of full fun and we were heading back to reality!! but yes with a happy heart and lotz of memories!!

Stopped @ CCD and Kamat for coffee and Lunch, had also taken Grandma with us
Dropped off Mom n dad and had Tea at their house and was stuck in rain  + traffic en route to drop off Avva to S peddamma's house @ Sadashiv Nagar
Finally after dropping off we Reached home @ around 7:30 PM

Blore welcomed us with lots of rain, traffic jam and no power @ home... as though telling us "Back to reality dude!!" 

Had a wonderful time, the memories of which will cherish forever!! I am looking forward for many more such gatherings!!
Some snaps of our Mysore tour
Mysore Palace Dasara- 2011


Keel Kudure

Another Tableaux
Dappa Thale

Tableaux of Mysore

Ambari on which Durga idol is palced

Mesmerizing Sky Laterns

Fireworks + Sky Laterns

Some more fireworks

Inside the Mysore Palace

Maharaja's Throne on Display

Wow wish I cud hv one in my home...

Tonga Ride with Hubby

Night view of Mysore as seen from Chamundi Hill top

Mahishasura Statue @ Chamundi Hill

Yummmy Ice-creams @ Dolphin

Nanjungud Temple Entrance