Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

completed 7 full years in IT industry

Today I complete 7 yrs in IT industry. Changed just 1 company n I m a Team Leader in a reputed organisation .. But many people ask me "Are you Happy??" 

Well, let me think abt it...

  • When I was jobless n looking for a job, when my friends got into v small jobs, with limited scope for IP, industrial n production engg guys, I got selected for a company like Infosys.. Yes I m happy

  • I got job on my own, without any help of others ( influence or money).. yes I feel proud
  • I started earning n was able to contribute my earnings to my family..yes I m happy
  • Got an onsite opportunity for 14 months to London.. yes I m happy
  • Saved money n put it to good use.. yes I m happy
  • Am independent n has good support from family.. yes I m happy
  • Husband n in laws support my decision to work.. yes I m happy
  • Got an onsite opportunity to Canada for a month n hubby agreed to give me company.. the 1 month onsite was like a pleasure trip, thanks to hubby.. yes I m happy
  • I m currently able to balance work n personal life (touch wood)

  • Travelling almost 2 to 3 hrs daily to work- not happy
  • The toll on my heath n my increased weight - not happy
  • Wat next?????
  • How will things be when I plan to hv a baby??
  • Will I be able to travel like this?
  • Will I be able to balance work n personal life??
  • Wat abt the growth?
  • Will I be doing the same thing day in day out??
  • For how many years to come??
  • Don't I wanna Change??
  • Change as in what??
  • Career change?
  • Don't I like to be a Entrepreneur?? Will this dream ever come true??
  • Isn't it risky??
  • After earning so much did I buy anything for myself? Oh leave out the clothes, perfumes,gadgets etc?? Hv I bought a home or a car for myself?? Nope..
  • Will I be able to own one in the future? Not sure
  Sometimes I feel I wanna break, yes I can always quit n stay back there is no force.. but I wanna break means hubby getting some onsite opportunity  n me following him by quitting my job... see I m so flexible.. but will this be possible? If yes when??

Ohh so many questions unanswered, so many uncertainties.. still life goes on...

Signing off with a positive note to expect a better tomorrow!!


  1. All things which u said above r like genuine and acceptable, Eventho i am nt married yet I do face some questions askin abt my career after marriage and how wil i manage etc etc..I wil think in mind that let it be..wil think tat time :P Aft reading ur post ur in tat same situation and til planning for a baby there wont be any much change, so be cool and let it be :) wil see tat time :)

  2. Thanks Rev, Yes its true. I guess I just hv to leave it as is and think abt it when it comes..