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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 26 September 2011


Continuation of our Nauk Jaunk after 1 year of our lives together as husband n Wife-

Recently I posted the following status in FB.. It may be just a Control C Control V from a friends post, Only because truly I meant every word in this... Hubby is been a sweetheart (Touch wood) very understanding, caring,co-operative...He is always there when I needed him... I just cudnt hv imagined my life without him..

"Happily married Husband and Wife Week-- If your spouse is still your best friend, works extremely hard, has been with you through triumphs and tragedies, who loves you when you're at your worst,you cant imagine your life without them, and whom you are PROUD to be married to, copy and paste this with the date you were married 05/09/2010......."

Enuf of the good stuff, now lemme start listing down the Crazy/Funny/Memorable moments/incidents of our life that can be shared in Public..

Family Extened!

Our Family extended by the introduction of 2 more kids... :( :) not sure which smiley to use...
Now not only I hv snowy n hubby to take care, I hv 2 mopre of snowy's friends, Naalu (puppy) n Moni (Monkey).Hubby is not only happy that snowy has friends to play with but has become a kid himself...
here are some snaps to witness the madness/kiddishness

3 Pranksters playing Cards
Moni n Nalu on the special stool

Night walking

Finally I persuaded hubby to take me to a night walk (after dinner). An achievement after 1 year of marriage.
It all lasted for 20 mins.. Felt very refreshing to unwind the day!! It all lasted for 1 day as of now coz daily there is something or the other, either I am tired or he is tired... 
Hopefully we resume n make it a tradition of night walking soon

Activa Incident

Hubby will kill me for revealing this in public...

On a Sunday hubby went with Honda Activa to get something Photocopied, he comes back v tired n angrily tells me - What is this, ur Activa key is not working at all, it doesnt get started"
Me - Y nothing is wrong it was all right, BTW how did u come then?
Hubby- I pushed it along all the while and till I reached home, I am so tired, Ok give me the other key
Me- well let me try...
I went and put the key in the key hole and soon realised that it was not my vehicle that was parked in front of the house...I looked at the number plate and was confirmed..
Me- Hey!!! This is not even my vehicle... wat hv u done?? U hv brought somebody Else's Activa...
Hubby(with a sheepish smile) - Ohhhh is it!!
Immediately he started speaking in his defence -Then how come it allowed me open the Lock
Me- (still ROFL) - I dont know that, You hv stolen somebodies Activa..
Hubby- I better go back n keep it where it was and bring back apna Activa...
Ha ha ha
From that day whenever I see a grey Activa I tell him- Look, Look apna activa go get it!! :) Poor hubby

To-Do-List n WFH
One fine day, actually night hubby declared that he shall WFH(Work from Home) tomorrow as there was not much work and he wanted to kind of rest
Pat came my reply, "Ok then if you are @ home then do Task1, Task2, Task3 and Task4....:p
Hubby- Oyyye Nahin Cahlega, I am WFH not working for home... Its better that I  go to office rather than doing ur To-Do-List ...
BTW, FYI Task 1 and 2 were to get himself a Haircut and a Shave!! :p

Not so Incredible choice!
Uffff I really did a BIG mistake by gifting hubby a "HTC Incredible S" mobile phone...
He hardly takes his eye/mind/attention out from his phone these days.
Leave abt initiating a talk, he hardly responds to me when busy with his phone...
Mummy hardly get to spend time with him (without a mobile phone in his hand/mind)

Not so Incredible choice isnt it... :p

Concentration n Multitasking
Who ever discovered that "Men are poor in Multitasking" is soooooooooo true!!
Hubby just cant multitask, if he is doing one task, be it as simple as going through a news paper, wiping his face, washing his hands, or be it anything under this earth.... he cannot do another task simultaneously at all....
I keep asking something repeatedly, and expect either a Yes or No answer but the answer I get instead is
"Wait I am concentrating on this task in hand"

Cant you talk while cutting a fruit, changing channels in a TV or checking an sms in mobile...Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Playing Cards
Can you believe it... He did not know how to play cards....I taught him to play rummy, taught him the basics that there are a pack of 52 cards 13 or each design... :)  He used to be very slow Zzzzz in playing cards.. sometimes I used to do my other works until he finishes his chance and finishes his turn :p

Scoreboard of our Rummy game

1. He doesn't like me teaching him and says, let me learn it myself
2. He cannot hold 13 cards in the hand int he design of a fan
3. He asks me questions like - "Can we do 6 triplets of same design" for which my answer will be- "We are playing in only 1 pack of cards how can you have the same card number same design" Grrrrr :p

These days he is become a genius, in the past few days he is been winning the games...
Oh BTW he doesn't even gives me credit for me who hv taught him ...
:( poor me
**Scoreboard of one of our rummy games where he Won**

Dad is the Best!

Any easy way to get things done from hubby is by saying "If it was my Dad, he would have done this/that, No one can be like my Dadda"
The Magic Worked!!!

Other day when I was returning from offc, I called up hubby and said "Oh my dad used to get me Masala Dosa/Sprite/a bar of Choc" or something to eat.. esp when I am unwell (when I get my P).. I am sure hubby wanted to prove that he is no less, so by the time I go home I see him in the Kitchen preparing Garam Garam Tea n French Fries!! Yippe the Magic Worked !!!

Chats/Yummy dishes @ home

Whenever we find time we sneak out n hv a Plate of Garam Garam Masala Puri n Pani Poori.... :p
One day after office we met directly met at the chat place, me in my Activa n hubby in his Car.. It was as though we were on a Date!! like those days b4 Marriage. The only difference is that this time we were both heading towards our Home...

Hubby loves home cooked special food, I too love preparing for him whenever I find time..
These days I m making a habbit to prepare one special food a week, already done with Paddu, Udina vada &  Pani pori.. I m hoping to share the recipie + photos in seperate blogs!


Hv I become Lazy??? Oh Yeah very much, how?? Influenced by my great hubby...

Demonstration of his laziness:
Give him a Chocolate, the the wrapper is on the floor/table
Give him a Towel to wipe, you find it  thrown on the bed,
He goes to hv bath n the tap is left half open n the entire floor is wet n the water is dripping everywhere
If he is the one who leaves home last, definitely one or the other light is kept ON.
And like always he blames Snowy for all his misdeeds...

Ah but 1 thing he remembers n always does it.. Give Snowy n his frnds a warm place to sit n either give them cards to play, cars to play, cartoon to watch or our warm bed to sleep cozily... Ufffffff


On a Lazy Sunday we played Antakshari.... After a very Long time we sang together... Played Rapid Anthakshari where we pick words form the opponents song n start a new one!! We had great fun!! at one point we felt the neighbours may throw stones too!!

2 realisations

1. I hv forgotten many songs/lyrics and my voice is gone for a TOSS
2. Hubby is too good in remembering old/new all kind of songs/lyrics n his voice is good too

Laptop n his work/concentration

I don't know how ppl WFH, I hate this concept, Home is a place for me to Relax n not work, work, work..
I hate is when he works in his laptop, I feel like talking to him more, asking him as soon as he hold his laptop... n haan when he has his laptop he doesn't respond.. How kool is that?? u keep talking, blabbering, shouting there is no response from the other side... Reason- he is busy concentrating..

Ask him what is he doing wit his laptop, here comes the response always- "I am looking" (Nodtha Iddini)
Arrey I know u are looking, but wat??? R u browsing for fun? Looking at some Info int he net? are hv u started working again!!!! well no response to this @ allll n I walk back fuming.....:(

Oh there are so many things that I wanna hang in our home, a custom made clock, paintings, photo frames etc... but no I hv still not put it.. why?? hubby had promised me he would put some nails on the wall n give me but some promises are just not kept.. not some there is a list of it though...
I tried it mself but cudnt do it, I also m scared of damaging the walls so gave up, I guess its time I hunt for a Carpenter

SMS/E-mail  and his spelling mistakes Ufffffffffff

Whenever I remember something to do, or hv encountered an interesting place/Thing/info that I hv either seen in the net/read in a blog I draft a big mail, hoping I get a response back...
Mostly there is no response/acknowledgement for the E-Mail and when I go home here is the conversation-
Me- Did u not receive my E-mail today? why there is no response?
Hubby- Ohhh u sent me a mail na, dint I respond??
Me- (Fuming) No Boss
Hubby- Ohhhhh actually I moved it to the ""personal"" folder to read it later" sorry I forgot
Me- I m sure u hv moved it to the Junk folder...
Hubby- No dear I haven't done that... believe me...

** End of Conversation**
Send back a one liner mostly saying
"Yes Kanda lets do it"
"Yes sure"
or just a smile :) for the 2 page E-mail... Grrrrrr

Oh the standard response would be Ok, sure, or a smiley again
If he needs to send some SMS it will never be with correct spellings. Reason -Typed in hurry

Some recent examples-

Do you hv our luv numbers
Should Have been- Do you hv our LIC numbers...

Shall we take our Car to Dr maharaja today
Should be- Shall we take our car to RT Nagar today..

Now tell me how to crack this code???

Monday, 19 September 2011

Art Craft Painting.. Time Paaz

From my Childhood I have always seen my mom indulge in one or other hobby/art work- she has done a nib painting, some oil paintings, she loved to go to such classes where the devotional songs are taught, some art is taught, she has sewn a lot of wollen sweaters, topi's and phone covers in wool, she has prepared a telephone cover, a duvet etc in her old sarees... and wat not

All this was possible coz we were in a small town, If anything is new in the market for example a new trend, a new art, we used to witness it soon, there were group of people ready to learn it and would also look out for an expert who knows it any nook and corner and arrange for the learning classes...People used to attend it crazily and start preparing it and decorating their houses... 

Now when I come to think abt it mom was so lucky as she was a Housewife and had time for all this and defenetley she had a lucky husband and family who encouraged her to do all this...yeah n lucky children too u know... :p

And yes not that Mom never encouraged me in all this... she did infact she did her beast, may be I was not that girlie type who loved all this...May be I was too Tomboysih... I used to appreciate art etc but neither  had the interest nor patience to do it myself...

Few incidents where mom has tried to put me somewhere and the results-

Karate- I liked it a lot and was very keen to reach up to Black belt, thanks to my First time Periods that had to come in between, so discontinued for a month and never joined back. :'(
Singing- Oh not that Bollywood of filmi songs... She typically forced me to go and learn singing
"Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da ni Sa"... God heard my prayers and my Tutor one day told me that she is getting married and that we have to discontinue my classes (Actually my tutor was pretty old say around 30ish) I guess that day I was more happier than my Tutor... Thankfully more never found another tutor for me... :)
Knitting- Have always seen Mom Knit for me, Bro n Dad but my encounter to knitting was when it was introduced to us in the SUPW period in 10th , I loved doing it and have made telephone covers myself but nothing more...
Drawing/Painting- Was never a keen artist myself so no more than drawing pictures for my practical
record. Hey yeah Mom used to encourage and help me and Bro preapre Greeting cards ourselfs and post it to allt he Cousins... Those were the days I should say....

In my engineering days I could notice that many of my friends/cousins of my age who were either studying BSc, BCom or have finished their degrees and were at home were doing a lot more things in life like, learning to preapre Stuffed Toys, Prepare Flowers in Lux Soap, paintings etc... that is when I realised that I too wanted to do them all BUT the thing that stopped me then was TIME to do it... In my 12th all the TIME was consumed in going to college/Tutions and in B.E in Hostel/Semester/Internals and Exams... Where was the TIME to do all that I actually Liked doing.????

Even with this busy Schedule I had learnt 2 things-
1. Rangoli drawn on a Plate
2. To prepare flowers from a Soap (Thanks to Madhu Attige for teachig me this)

Now Hubby likes all the art/craft work and wants to do it all. He loves watching the MAD show in Pogo and he had helped his nephews and also himself created a doll in clay and presented it to me once...
He loves to Paint, draw, Gardening, to have dog and cats as Pets, he loves Aquarium.. His dream is to live i a farm house surrounded with greenary, trees, he wants to do gardening, grow plants etc... when he retires...:)

We have purchased so many things too like paint colors, brushes, drawing books, art stuff, some wodden animals on which u can paint. etc..etc..
 I too kind of developed the liking towards it more so coz he likes it... and believe me it gives you immense pleasure and happiness to do it...

Our first Art (if you can call it so) was Painting on the wooden animal cut outs... Will post the photo later..

Recently we both got together n did this a Flower pot wit one Flower and instead of leaves it was Peacock Feature...:) and guess where we sticked it?? In our Bedroom
Here is the snap...

I just loved the Red color on our Green walls

We love to see it the first thing when we wake up

Monday, 12 September 2011

I just finished my 50th Post Yippie!!

Oooh I just realised that my previous post was 50th and it had to be not so good one!! :'(
Hope not to hv ANY such post/incident in life...!!! and wishing, hoping and praying that all my future posts AND LIFE be filled with happiness n joy and PEACE of Mind!! :)

I am enjoying this new hobby of blogging so much!! It gives me a place to vent out my feelings!!
I know I don't hv much readers who respond to as soon as I post but probably that will be my next target, to hunt out fellow bloggers n make new friends via Blogs!!

Am I going Nuts or it is that the World n people around me are driving me Crazy?

Gone are those days where weekends was fun.. I mean just 2 weekends back it was all good..

Just my prev Blogs says how weekends were... I guess it is all jinxed now..
Starting from our Long weekend Anniv ..

Our first Anniversary was on 5th Sept (Monday) we had taken leaves on 2nd(Friday) and Monday and Planned/Booked/Packed to go to Pondi... which was cancelled as hubby was too unwell (Cold n cough n fever) Next we planned at least for Mysore 1 night stay trip which was again cancelled... Next was at least a whole day outing in the "Guhanthara Resort" which again did not happen as we got up lazily late and Finally hubby took me to a Temple +Breakfast and then took me to Mom's house where it was good, we talked, had fun, shopped a bit and int he night went to Bar-B-Que Nation (a long awaited pending treat to my parents)

After this flop long weekend came another one..
My Thought- we need to balance between both the sides, We had given a nice treat to parents on Anniv we should do something here too..
I suggested we go to a Hotel for either Lunch/Dinner with family mostly Bar-B-Que again as they would enjoy the Non-Veg food, Hubby suggested why not a resort instead where we can spend more time and play too. finally we thought the best place would be to the "Innovative film city" I was all excited, Anniv plans was a complete Flop so there was something to look forward too, This also came as a super flop... Reason- SIL had come home last sunday (after FIL forcing them like anything) so they had some errands to run hence couldn't come.. We decided we can plan out something else...

This was one such day where nothing was planned hence I asked hubby to take me to "Soul Santhe" @ Palace grounds which was an exhibition of art/pottery/jewellery etc...
This time we both were in good health n I wanted my hubby completely for myself, Is this too much to ask for???
There came his fav nephew, and one more joined too.. they demanded McD, I instantly agreed and after Lunch @ McD we went to Soul Santhe... I was happy to see the wide range of displayed jewelery/bags/stuff.. I did also buy one pair of jewellery for myself... The kids + hubby started getting bored as they couldn't find anything interesting for themselves... One small comment made by hubby's nephew kind of irritated me,, I hoped hubby would come for rescue but alas nothing like that happened and I was hurt..
Hurt coz he is the only one whom I do expect from and when it doesn't turn out as expected it hurts!! When I demanded explanation he was irritated and in anger we came back home... I so much wanted to explore the exhibition but allas that did not happen!!

I was all frustrated, angry, depressed.... came back home and I wanted to avoid any further fights I was also tired from hand washing 2 full buckets of clothes in the weekend immediately changed n went to bed, hubby followed me but did not even utter a single word but happily slept to his glory...Moreover he also went to leave his nephew in the evening which left me all alone to myself which increased the loneliness in me.. I so much wanted to talk to my mom, I missed her so much but did not call her.. Instead was very silent the entire day...

Dont we women have feelings? dont we get hurt? don't we have mood swings? Cant Men understand the meaning of Hormonal changes???? Is it so difficult to cope up with us after one year of marriage??

How can someone expect you to be happy, smiling all the time????????