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Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

World Cup Semis- India v/s Pak 2011

Oh wat a match wat a match!! Everyone is super excited, it seemed like a Final WC Match..

People running towards Home from Office, Big screen n super cheering @ Office cafeteria, Crowded buses, anxious people, screeming RJ's postponed appointments/meetings.. Thus was the scene when India was playing against Pak in the WC Semi's on 30th Mar 2011

Hurdles to watch the Match
  • Travelled to Home hence couldnt watch some 1 and half hrs of India Batting
  • Reached home @ 4:15 and had to go to Hospital with MIL hence missed watching the entire India batting...
  • All this while my HTC Dezire and Cricinfo gave me company... :)
  • Kaveri water filling @ home- another 15 mis lost...
  • To make up to it after Dinner @ 9:15 pm till end watched the match n cheered for Team India!! Bleed Blue
 Conversation/assumptions/imaginations while watching WC Semi's India and Pak with Hubby

While the players were shaking hands with Pak President Gilani, one of the players should stab the presi with Knife....
Possible coz even after tight security for many powerful people like Sonia, PM, Pressi etc no one shall check the security violation from the player .... Dont be angry this was hubby's imagination(Me pat pat he deserves to be my hubby in term sof imaginations,.... )

In case if India looses (which it obvs will not) then Indian PM Mr. Singh should take a Gun and shoot Mr Pak Pressi and say now its a Tie.... This is my imagination.... ha ha ha

Misbha (Pak Batsman) is definitely Match fixed, hubbys observation coz it seems that he is a good batsmen but has hardly played today... Not even given his wicket too....For all you know it may be true coz I could hear the commentator(Sunil Gavaskar) saying "Its a strange innings from Misbha"

I disagree Ashish Nehra when he said he was unsure whether the catch was a out or not...
Hubby's take- There is something called cric ethics n he did the right thing...
My Take- With Pak no ethics coz My personal feeling is that they do not deserve it....

For all the Hype and excitement finally India won against Pak in the WC Semi's 2011 played @ Mohali on 30th Mar 2011... Wat a Match!!!

*All the thoughts expressed in this post is completely based on personal opinion and no offenses meant to anyone...Aaaakhir there is  "Freedom of expression"

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finally here comes the most awaited Appreciation!!

Oh don’t think I am happy because I got an appreciation from my Client, this one is more difficult than the client appreciation.. Like I have mentioned sometime before my MIL doesn't express much n @ the same time I guess it is v difficult to impress her

There have been times where I used to prepare something Special/Nice which she would have neither prepared it herself nor tasted the dish before..I used to just wait n wait for a wee bit of feedback or an appreciation on that but Nope…
Unable to resist my anxiety I used to shamelessly ask "How is the dish come up??" and have always received 1 positive + 1 negative feedback..., I guess its like a Package you know… :)

From then I have realized and have stopped expecting, I know its very difficult to stop expecting.,. Especially for a person like me but I guess its better to stop expecting rather than getting hurt…
Yesterday without a grain of expectation I prepared a dish (usli topped with vegetables and curd and Sev learnt from Mommy) and served with dinner.

Actually Hubby loves to try new dishes, special food to be cooked @ home and relish the same…..., He is the reason why I would also love to try out new dishes especially the one which is not prepared @ home. But Since I am a veggie my dishes/inventions are restricted to vegetarian food… May be this is also one of the reasons why I cannot please/Impress my MIL, coz I don’t cook Non-Veg n may be for them Veg food is just ghaas Phoos(Has so many debates with hubby and Non-veg friends on this Ghaas phoos stuff that it can be a blog by itself)

Coming back to the topic Yesterday first time without asking, she herself said "The dish is come out well"
I was very happy coz I did not see this coming… :) soon she started saying "It is perfect for an evening snack not dinner, I am already feeling full, the sev is little oily" But I ignored all the other comments and also did no take it negatively (which I generally used to take) but just accepted her appreciation and went back smiling (inside not outside) I am patting myself for this acheivement and the quality to ignore (which hubby keeps on preaching)

It really Made my day, actually not day coz it was night… felt Nice!!! Thanks MIL

Observations + Cafeteria

I am popular among friends for being a keen observer especially observing people and their behaviors.. This sometimes puts me in a fix situation coz I end up seeing + imagining things that make me laugh which others fail to watch/imagine…Sometimes I don’t do it intentionally but some crazy, stupid actions of people just catches my attention by itself, and when it happens I have no choice but to visualize as well as involuntarily my imagination triggers and just goes frenzy!! Since I commute a lot, I mean from Home to office and Vice versa this is my Nice timepaas.. I end up watching people, their behavior, dressing sense, spoken language etc etc.. Even without wanting to watch some people catch attention.
  • Be it their funny voice/Noise
  • Be it their funny dressing style
  • Be it their loud voice on mobile phones
  • Be it their singing when their headphones in On
  • Be it their funny conversations
I categories some people as "Attention seekers" and some characteristics of the AS are:
Speaking loudly over the phone abt GF/BF their achievements, their shopping trips (including the price tags) their salaries, work place etc…

Some random cafetaria observations

Yap Yap Sonu…
In Office cafeteria A guy, PD(who btw sings in the Office -------Band, yeah I agree he is a good singer, but definitely not Sonu Nigam) always sits with a bunch of gals (ONLY gals),may be coz guys cant bare him, keeps on yapping and yapping, be it his review on movies or opinion on some issue, knowledge on fashion/brand etc.. I call it non-stop nonsense/bakwaas… Blah Blah Blah… Poor gals who might have just encountered Monday blues… (This observation happened on a Monday so..) come to offc after a nice weekend, wanting to have a peaceful breakfast in the lovely weather, ends up with this yapping guy… I noticed that the gals were all silent, no one in the gang talks but this PD… I was sitting there watch the expression of the gals…. I imagine that these words will be constantly running in their minds:

"Cmmon man Give us a break dude!!, Stop it we are not interested!!" … :) :D :P

Feed me Baby
Offc Cafeteria a group of guys + gals, I am sure they are fresher's… I could see from Behind a gal is feeding food to the other… I was like eeeeeeek not here in Office dear…. Just informed a friend G and we both started looking at them… G asked me "who is it who fed just now??" I was about to say the gal I Brown salwaar and there she started feeding again and this time to a Guy…. Oh God!!!!!!! G exclaimed "Oh my God!!" we both stared at each other @ the same time…. Saying "Yeeeaaaaaaah" . Now we were anxious to see that gal who was feeding every random person in their group thinking.. Lets see how that gal looks like…. We both were like "Turn Turn Turn" …. I just recall the scene where SRK Says "Muuud Muuuud, Agar tum Mudhi toh tum muhjse pyaar karthin ho" to Kajol in one of my Fav movie DDLJ….. Ok coming back we were eager to see her face,,,, She turns and we were like eeeeeeeh
That actually meant that she was very ordinary to look at and nothing special then why did that guy (who was fed, infact another spiky but with Natural spikes) was very amused when he was fed…… Ok done with the feeding group… From that day till date the feeding lady + the natural Spiky is added to out Observation List….. :) :D :P

Bag Gang (Christened by friend L)
A group of around 5 to 6 gals, daily seen for breakfast and for Lunch always carry their bags with them…. Are they in a hurry to go anywhere after that?? Are they showing off their bags?? (Not that everyone ahs a nice handbag but yes 1 or 2 ladies have nice sexy totes…) Are they careful and not wanting to leave their handbags @ the work station??
Are they carrying any treasure??? (Here is where my Imagination ignitez…) Are they carrying missiles???? Haammmm I need to crack this someday….
Today L, known for her clumsiness had for some strange reason had got her Handbag to the Cafeteria for Bfast and when she saw the Bang gang she soon started saying "Oh No I also look like one member of the Bag Gang Today" Ha ha ha

wanna membership in Bag Gang?????????Log on to
Mandatory stuff: Handbag, any size any shape, willing to carry it always around the campus, failing to which will be charged with a punishment to carry everyone's bag in the gang for 2 days.. He he he crazy Gang I should say…

Shaakini and Dhaakini (Christened partly by G and Partly Me)
2 gals new to the Company entered the cafeteria while we were having Lunch. Everyone in the café started Turing and looking at the 2 gals. Both anorexic left their hair undone (I guess that’s fashion now…) one had a long wavy hair and the other short knotted in a crazy fashion.. Things that are common to both is the THICK kajal and Mascara… As soon as G saw them she blurted out "Shaakini" which is actually a name of a female demon in the Hindu mythology… I felt bad for the other and immediately added the rhyme "Dhaakini" for the other… :P...Day in and Day out their kajal kept on increasing by thickness and the waist kept on decreasing by millimeters… Soon they had welcomed few more members to the demons group and it became a ritual to watch them daily…

For the matter of fact L gave a suggestion that G also can join the gang… All she had to do was leave her hair down (which BTW she never does in Off but reserves it only for the weekends.. For the special few to see n enjoy :D) put lot of Kajal and maskara, the option is still open with G but G hesitates to go and join the Shak Dhak gang….

G's Crush
Wah she is so good looking!! Hey look at her dress/kurta/jeans top etc etc… Wah look @ her new Hair Cut, wah re she looks very cute… Good I am sitting her I can have a good view of her… You know what she comes in my Bus,…. Yaar I need to talk to her… I Need to ask where she buys her clothes from? where she got haircut from??

Don’t gemme wrong these are the words from G's mouth and that gal is occupied in G's mind not mine… How she stares @ her and never tires talking abt her haircut/ Clothes / Cute smile…. Me n L just keep mum when G starts praising her…

I cant deny coz she has a good taste, she dresses up real nice and carries it well, yes the haircut suits her tooo. But I dint find her very much attractive oh oh no.. Not that I am possessive abt G that she is eyeing on her… (Yeah we are good friends and our friend R(Guy) teases us both and says that I am the BF and G the GF etc etc..) But I feel that the G's current crush is lack of one thing and that one thing is the charm…. The smile the brightness.. She mostly looks little dull to me coz irrespective of all the good stuff she wears, good haircut and good face she lacks the charm coz she doesn’t smile much,… the much needed smile is missing in her face,.. I am sure she looks very very pretty of only she smiles a little… :)

On a 5:15 bus sms exchange between me and G
G- "Hey that gal is looking very pretty today"
Me- "Who dear"
G- I have told you na that haircut waali (drooling) she looks sakkath (slang in kannada for mast) I wanna talk to her..
Me- (Little J) Please go ahead, but don’t ditch me dear :(
G- I can never ditch you, this is just attraction u know.
Me- Then go ahead and Enjoy darling…
End of the sms conversation, I happily slept in the bus and I m sure G would be droooling over her Dress/Haircut etc…
P.S- Have fun G and don’t blame me for this post, I couldn’t resist but put this...

L's Fav- Spiky
I have already dedicated a Blog to Spiky "Its Ok No problem" here are some of his behaviors because of which he is featured here too…
I assume he is a fresher, at least as per L's observation he is a fresher, Loner, Crazy, eyes always searches for gals, a big wide smile on his face when he sees gals, smiles @ any random person (mostly gals), roams around alone, joins any random group for lunch and just watches everyone in the group and gives them a wide mouthed smile so that the onlooker thinks that he is one among them…

I had not noticed him until one day when we were 4 of us in a table having lunch and this spiky came in and asked if the chair was empty, Not realizing that he would typically sit there we said yes it is empty. We expected he would pull it and take it elsewhere but to my surprise he pulled and sat with us, and started staring @ L and G with a smile revealing his bunny teeth, I was shocked to see that neither G nor L smiled back but were frowning, later G whispered to me that this guy is crazy and stares and smiles @ any random gal…
From that day till now I love watching G's and L's reaction when spiky passes by, G just has a straight face and L blurts out "Oh no here come Mr. Skipy"..
Poor Spiky…. I guess he needs company, L would be a suitable one probably...

Monday, 28 March 2011

Its ok No Problem!

,,,One Morning in the offc cafeteria as usual me and my friend G went to have bfast. We decided that we both will have idli/vada and coffee.

Since I was standing in the Queue I bought the coupons together for us. The cashier gave me the coupon and I picked it up without realizing that I had also taken the coupon of the person XYZ who was just in front of me..
G and me proceeded to take our Idli/Vad, I had learnt from G that he is very crazy guy and that he keeps on looking @ any random gal in fact all the gals in the vicinity, sits alone for lunch/bfast/Tea, laughs to himself etc etc… We just happened to see him and G started telling "Oh God here comes Spiky!!"

Within no time Mr Spiky came to me and asked-
Spiky " Excuse me, plz can you check if you have taken my coupon by mistake?"
Me- Checking the coupons in my hand, realized that I haven taken his too by mistake "Oh yeah here it is"
Spiky- "I am very Sorry"
Me- Very proudly(I don’t know Y I did it "That’s Ok not a problem"
G was watching our conversation and pointed out saying "Instead of you asking sorry he asked, and you happily said No problem????"

That was when I realized...Oh  yeah… How stupid of me… Instead of being sorry how Proudly I said "That’s ok Not a problem"            I felt little embarrassed by my act but G and me both burst out laughing...

Till date whenever I see My Spiky I feel like telling.. Its ok not a problem… :) :D :P

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Our Baby!

I am very pleased to introduce our sweet little snowy who is an integral part of our lives, Yes it is none other than our very own SNOWYYY!!

"Lazy Bum, who always sleeps, gets angry when scolded, sleeps with Mamma, misses Dadda/pappa when he is late from Office, receives nice slaps from Dadda but still is a dad's fav, Doesn’t talk to mamma when she is busy and has ignored him,watches tv with us,gives all the funny expressions.."

Oh Oh wait don’t get me wrong Snowy is neither our Kid nor our Dog or cat but it is our very own Teddy whom my Hubby named as "Snowy" . Snowy was my Gift during our Courtship period, from my then Fiancée/Boy Friend who is now ma Hubby :)

P.S - Don't have an impressions that hubby is all romantic and gives me gifts in all occasions..coz he doesn’t gift me on occasions when I am expecting like a small kid, but randomly especially when there is no occasion to celebrate there he is with his surprise gifts!!! This was also one such gift where there was no occasion as such.. Now when I look back,gifting Snowy to me was itself a big occasion by itself!!!

Snowy, especially after our marriage has become an integral part of our Lives. We typically talk to him, care him, Hug him, love him, beat him up sometime (mostly my hubby n sometimes me too and the other protects him), complain to him about the other,watch tv with him, sleep with him and play with him too…

  • First encounter with Snowy I speaking terms-
I was too angry on my hubby and was complaining abt something which I don’t remember now, I was really upset and did not wanted to talk to him, as usual he started saying sorry and tried various tactics to make me talk, none worked..Finally not knowing what to do he shouted "Snooooowy". I was confused, coz we were sitting on the couch in the drawing room and poor guy snowy was in our bed room almost ready to sleep, then hubby started talking to snowy and told "Snowy see your Mamma is not listening to me…blah blah…" I couldn’t control my laugh but then making a serious face I said "Snowyyyyyy this that..blah blah blah" dat is when it all started….. Believe me it’s a stress buster, even when I am angry,upset,feeling blue the conversations with snowy and us relieves the stress and he is almost family now..
  • Easy Resort
When ever I asks my Hubby some questions esp the ones for which he doesn’t have answers or where he has failed to remember/do something I might have told, Snowy come for the easy resort.He just calls "Snowy wait I will come" or just "Snoooooooowwwwwwy" which in turn means
- Your mom killing me with Questions, I need a resort, I cant scold her coz its my mistake so lemme call you or threaten you or beat u up!! :)

When Hubby does all this, believe me he just looks like a kiddo who is passing the buck on others or simply running away from problems…Oh How much I love to see him like a Kiddoo always!! Frankly he just acts like a kidoo esp after marriage, when asked his reply was- "Yeah I am tension free now, You are with Me now, b4 there was a lot of tension to get settled soon, Now its over, You are Mine" Awwwwwww I am completely flattered to listen to this and just forget everything !!!

  • Men will be Men
One day when I entered home from Office @ around 7:00 Pm I found the following-
  1. Lights left without switching Off.
  2. Wet Towel on the Bed.
  3. Bed cover lying like an orphan unfolded.
  4. Snowy just lying on the floor.
  5. Tap dripping with water as it was not turned off properly.
  6. Geyser switch turned On.
  7. Dirty rotten smell, followed the smell and found out that it was the stale Boiled egg which I bought him to eat the last night….
Instead of getting angry there was a smile on my lips on each of my Hubby's deeds and kept on counting on his achievements, totally I found 8 of them..will update the 8th one as soon as I remember it.

On finding each of them I started talking to myself, picked up poor snowy and showed him all his Dadda's achievements,complained to him.. I actually felt snowy talking back to me, supporting me for the first time saying "Mamma you are right daddda is lazy, he beats me up when you are re not there,,, but soon after that he loves me n hugs me too!!"
Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I wrote a sweet letter to my Hubby by listing down all his above listed achievements :) kept the letter so that he picks it up easily!! Hubby returned from office, I offered him tea and showed him the letter and went away to kitchen to prepare dinner upstairs. I was busy preparing roti's hubby comes up to me after sometime and I ask him… so read about your achievements???? There was a plain and simple answer to it was  "I dint do anything that Bugger Snowy did it!!!!!!!!!!!!" easy resort haaaaaan.
  • Unconscious Snowy
The other day we were watching a Kannada movie "Pancharangi"! (after a very long time we were watching a kannada movie) my god, horrible experience, the hero Diganth using "galu" for every word he utters in the movie. "galu" is added to kannada words to make it plural especially on things, using "galu" in all the words in a sentence uttered sound crazy…we both were kind of fed up with his dialogues… Suddenly hubby realized that our Snowy has fallen down on the mattress flat on his back and hubby says "Poor Snowy fell unconscious listening to Diganth's dialogues" :) :p :D

  • Couldn't handle the stress
Yesterday me and Hubby watching India - Aussie Quarter finals match, nail biting situation, tension everywhere!!! Suddenly we see Snowy unconscious again. Hubby says" Poor fellow couldn't take the tension" and make him sleep on his laps…
We love you Snowy!

These things although seems to be small and crazy for the readers/listeners, will always and forever remain in our memories!!! I know it may sound too trivial to some but Life consists of many such trivial things which make up a bundle of Joy!!

P.S- Impressed by us and Snowy a colleague of mine A(Guy) gifted her fiancée' a Teddy and probably named him "suuzu"

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Marriage and its Learnings

      Marriage does change so many things in a women's life….Everything fresh n new, It is like starting everything afresh from the scratch….
New environment, new people, new situation, new occasions, new ways of Living, eating habbits etc etc….

Adjustment, compromise,sacrifice are the top three things that come to my mind!!
                     Adjustments to new people, environment,circumstances.
                     Compromises in relationships, situation and thoughts.
                     Sacrificing your needs,desires and wants.

      The sweet sacrifices made, adjusting oneself to the family environment and compromising ones wishes and desires for the loved ones always tastes sweet and never as a burden!! The only thing that the newly wedded bride asks for or expects in turn is the Sweet acceptance and a little pat on the back which she treats it like an appreciation!
Is it too much to ask for????????

      The husband's house will become her home when people in that house treats her one among themselves and accept her..
I am also somones daughter, someones wife and someone's DIL, I also like other women have my own set of wises,desires and expectations in life.

      Adjustments, compromises and Sacrifises are not new to me. Like any other lady I have also been there and done it in my life and after marriage continuing to do it is not at all a big thing coz ultimately you find peace and satisfied coz you know you are with the one whom you always wanted to be with!!

      I always thought "Expressing oneself" is a default character that everyone peoccess and rarely gave a thought that it is indeed a very essential part in a person's life.May be because I come from a family where we express our thoughts, happiness and grief too.. I have defenetely come across people who have not expressed much be it gratitude or remorse.

      No matter how much I have got adjusted,sacrificed and compromised to make this my Home..there is no crumb of appreciation that comes out of my MIL or FIL. When people don’t express their feelings you really don’t know what is running in their minds, Are they happy? Sad? Do they have a problem with me? Are they unhappy with me? Are they pleased with me? Hundreds of such questions pop up in my mind and obviously more oriented towards the negative side. Ohh may be they are not happy with some or the other deed of mine… But which one? Did I commit any mistake? What is my mistake??? When I don’t have answers to this then I start feeling Sad, bad,frustated and finally give up!!

      I used to get up @ 5:30 am prepared breakfast, Pack lunch to Office & run to Office, then came back and prepared Dinner..
Prepared something special on weekends just so that they will be happy and appreciate me… I couldn’t believe how my life had changed after marriage…

      Friends used to enquire @ Offcie… Hey you have prepared this dish so well… Iam sure your In- Laws have appreciated a lot…. I used to just nod but think inside…
Appreciation??? Yeah I waited to hear just 2 words "Its Good" but never got to hear that… There are innumerable times where I have waited like a baby to be appriciated.
Shamelessly asked "How is the food today? Did u like it??? Like every cloud has a Silver lining, MIL's every compliment has a Underlined comment too..

Q- How was the curry did you like it??
Ans1- You could have added some ingredient XYZ…
Me thinking- Y dint you tell me before?
Ans2- Curry is good but the roti was little thick/rough/oily etc..….
Never a plain and simple "Yes is was Good"

         I have started to realise that some people are different and have accepted, but then why taunt when not needed…. Unecessary taunitng,commenting being sarcastic… Is it needed? Wont it hurt? And Why ALWAYS have BENCHMARK???? My daughter is like that, my daughter is like this….. OK well taken but why compare???? Any given situation if I mention- I will prepare this or I will do this… My daughter used to do this, My daughter does this….. God give me a Break!!!!

         FIL- My daughter goes to Bank, so much responsibilities, comes home cooks, takes care of everyone, husband, kids, cleaning, preapring food etc…
Excuse ME Your DIL also goes to job, it is equally stressful, infact travels like a pig, prepares food, takes care of hubby and In laws too,… Your daughter doesn’t even have In laws to be taken care of, Has a helpful hubby who helps her in each n every thing… They are flexible enough to eating, sometimes even walk out to have dinner outside or order something home…. Will you allow all this here??? Then why Compare?????

Lessons Learnt-

  • Daughter-In-Law, no matter how adjusting she is, will remain a Daughter in Law but can never be a Daughter..So, Dont expect Much just perfrom yur duties and be happy
  • We cannot please everybody..Certain people have few things set in mind and no one can beat the already set Benchmark.... When compared dont loose your temper and mind too.
  • There is a saying which goes. "If you want to please everyone, you will please none" so why try to??

Monday, 21 March 2011

Flash Back (1 year)

Just in the morning received a mail from the Hr on successfully Completing 1 year in the present Company!. Can’t believe that it is already a  year!!!

After spending almost 5 and half years in my First Company in the same Project for the same client, it started to feel like a family.
I used to feel like a Veteran who has served many years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stint in my first Company, gained a lot of knowledge, experience, confidence and not to forget that I also made good friends too.

But then there was a time when I felt saturated and there was nothing new to learn and hence needed a change badly. A change could have been a change in the project in the same company but then I thought why not change for better I mean in terms of salary etc and why work for the same salary in the same company. Since I had spent so much time in that company I had a fear in me, Fear of getting adapted to the new company, new work culture, new environment and new people, Although I get adapted pretty soon but I always experienced a initial inertia.

My Hubby(then BF) kept on pushing me for a change but I kept on postponing giving crazy reasons… One fine day I made up my mind.
Actually there was something I was waiting for and when I realized that it will not happen soon then I decided to go for a change..
Started giving interview calls and got 2 offers in hand. At that point I realized how difficult it was to make a choice, finally selected Comp1 over Comp2 weighing a lot of parameters. Personal stuff was also not getting settled hence I badly needed a change and this was a very welcome change in my life.

On March 5th 2010 served last day in my First company and bid good bye to all the colleagues, Friends and was ready to embark on my new journey. I took a break of 15 days before joining the second company as I felt I need some time to just relax…

A year back on the same day I.e. on Mar 22nd 2010 I entered this Company and had travelled for almost an hour to the office in a Volvo Bus.
While travelling I was just looking out of the window, watching people, buildings the route etc coz everything was promisingly new to me. I was wearing a White and a Black mix Kutra on a Black Leggings. This dress had proved to be a lucky dress recently hence chose to wear the same on the First day in my new Company. In the entrance gate I could see that people had queued up to finish up the entrance formalities and there I joined in and just noticed one girl standing just in front of me.. Thought twice before I could say a "Hi" but then as usual I don’t need much time to talk to a stranger so said a "Hi" and received a warm response from her. Let me call her G. We exchanged some pleasantries as we proceeded towards the entrance.

Waited in the gate for some more time in the Sun for a HR to accompany us to a room, In there I was watching the Infrastructure of this company and was not much pleased as my first company cant be beat in all these terms and was also annoyed that the HR who was supposed to accompany never turned up and instead a facility guy came and just walked us like a herd of sheep :)

We were taken into one of the conf rooms, I couldn’t control but immediately at all convenient occasions started my comparison with my X company and this existing Company, I guess this is very common. Me and G settled in the First bench of the room which I usually do not prefer to as I am a Last bencher in my life, another gal S accompanied us. She turned out to be too silent and a MBA grad too. I and G kind of jelled very well although G really spoke less but there was a good response from her.

Finished some document filling and some introductions etc… we 3 went to Lunch together and soon after Lunch G wanted to meet her friend in this company L. I also went along with G to meet L. The 2 gals were old friends and started talking like old buddies in their local NK Language.. I felt a lil J as I did not have any friend here… I also talked to L and she introduced me to R who was in the same technology as I was, but did not get a good response from R and I did not care much. We again went back to the session after Lunch.. The day soon ended and went back Home with a whole new feeling, fresh and was ready to explore!!

Today when I look back G has really become a very close friend whom I can have shared so much stuff. She was a cushion when I needed a shoulder. We have had good times teasing, sharing and gossiping. L is also a good friend of mine, poor L I pull her legs so much together we 3 have great fun.
In fact we 3 along with L 's friend R are my Breakfast and Lunch mates…With them I feel more young @ heart.

I am glad about 2 things (apart from work) on joining this new company, First - Met very good friends and second - my marriage took place almost 6 almost after joining this company. I think I should admit that no matter how many complaints I have about this Company it has definitely proved me Lucky!!

Uncertainty and its Outcome!

 ~ There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing. ~                                                     - Robert Burns
                   No matter how much you plan, Uncertainty always creeps in. Life always surprises you with the monster called "Uncertainty"  I hate this word Uncertainty coz no matter how much you have Plan A and Plan B in place it just comes uninvited!!!  Someone has rightly said that ''You cannot be certain about uncertainty.''
Few classic examples of such unexpected events that has occurred in the recent past is when Mom was unwell almost 15 days after my marriage, Lost my Uncle in a gruesome accident and my Aunt and her daughter was admitted to the hospital, On the next weekend Granny had a fracture and was operated, Later Mom had a leg fracture and in all these occasions I had to go to Mom's house to accompany and be there!! Also heard that another Aunt was also hospitalized and a Cousin Sis was diagnosed for Cancer and her Thyroid was removed. One more such week was when FIL was admitted to the hospital and before that my BIL underwent surgery for his Fracture…

                   Was talking to a cousin about all these events and heard that her family also had series of such sufferings.. That’s when we both suddenly realized how much less control we have on our lives! I started having a feeling that enuf of all these Hospitals and doctors… Let me live my life how I feel coz you never know what life has to offer you tomorrow!! Eat wat you like, do what you want and stop worrying abt what might happen tomorrow coz You never know what Life offers you in the very next moment! Life is all about uncertainties and causalities that forces you to believe that life is a short journey!

                  I guess dats y there is a saying "Live Life King size!!" This reminds me of a very meaningful song that suits the situation from the Movie "Kal Ho Na Ho"

Har Ghadi Badal Raha Hai Roop Zindagi
Chaav Hai Kahhi Hai Dhoop Zidnagi
Har Pal Yahan
Jee Bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama
Kal Ho Na Ho
Har Ghadi Badal Raha Hai Roop Zindagi
Chaav Hai Kahhi Hai Dhoop Zidnagi
Har Pal Yahan
Jee Bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama
Kal Ho Na Ho

Chaahe Jo Tumhe Poore Dil Se
Milta Hai Woh Mushkil Se
Aisa Jo Koi Kahin Hai
Bas Vahi Sabse Hasin Hai
Us Haath Ko Tum Thaam Lo
Woh Meherbaan Kal Ho Na Ho
Har Pal Yahan
Jee Bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama
Kal Ho Na Ho

Palko Ke Leke Saaye
Paas Koi Jo Aaye
Lakh Sambhalo Paagal Dil Ko
Dil Dhadke Hi Jaaye
Par Sochlo Is Pal Hai Jo
Woh Dastan Kal Ho Na Ho
Har Pal Yahan
Jee Bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama
Kal Ho Na Ho
Har Pal Yahan
Jee Bhar Jiyo Jo Hai Sama
Kal Ho Na Ho

On a much smaller scale - Just when I thought creeps in that the week was hectic and I need a relaxing weekend something or the other happens that also needs immediate attention, may be in a much smaller scale- The maid takes a leave just when you don’t have mood to clean the house, The cook doesn’t turn up just when you feel like cooking something special for everyone!! Agggggh You feel so frustrated and angry yet helpless!!

                 Experienced one such situatuion last weekend but Thanks to my Hubby who took me out on Sunday even though there was a cricket Match where India was playing against WI( World Cup 2011). The maid and the cook disappointed me But my Hubby did not :)
                 Went out to a nice restaurant suggested by a Cousin Bro "The Egg Factory" for Lunch n then had Hot chocolate @ "The Chocolate Factory" filled up ourselves with lotzz of Calories and returned home forgetting abt all the worries and undone work.
                 Had a nice nap after I returned where in Hubby indulged in watching cricket. Got up and was in full mood to prepare something special than the usual Roti + Sabzi… Prepared garam garam Aloo paranthas blended with Butter milk! Discharged ourselves by watching MTV Rodies audition just b4 bed to wake up to a New fresh Monday Morning ready to rush to work!!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Movies n Masti

Movies… I Just love watching movies…. Romance, Drama, Comedy, Animated, Action (But not too much of Dushum dushum types…) The only Languages that I can watch is English, Hindi, Telgu and Kannnada. Although almost everyone, Mom, Dad, Brother, Friends, Colleagues and finally my Hubby too, says "You do not know to speak any Language Properly!!!" "Kya Karein Confuse aguthe.. Yem Chesedi "…..

              At one point of time especially when I was in London I used to visit this website called and watch all nonsensical movies….I guess dats how I used to pass time coz we did not have TV in our house there… Now I wonder How I survived without a TV… anyhow I guess my lappie was always on my Lappy!!
              As much as I Love watching Movies I forget the Climax of the movies watched, I know it may sound crazy… I remember most of the scenes, dialogues, Songs everything except the Climax…

              Any guess on which Movie me n my Hubby(actually then he was my BF) first watched?? No you will not get any Goodies for guessing it right coz and moreover one can guess it!! Its neither a romantic movie nor a Comedy movie it was in fact a Horror flick which was a random pick. Yeah it is "KAAL" a multi starrer Hindi Movie in the Rex theater in Bangalore around 2005.. I remember how I was scared firstly, that someone will see us together n secondly some plots in the movie were little scary.. How I held his hand when I was scared (Obvsly I just wanted a reason to do so). The memories of First Movie is still lingering in my mind…And the first movie in a theatre of course after our marriage is "Anjaana Anjaaani" another Hindi romantic movie, Ranbir is one of my favs and Piggy chops is ok too.. It was a whole new exp to watch a movie with ur Hubby no matter u hv watched "n" number of movies wit him as a GF :)
              Kaal was just a beginning of the Movie marathon. One after the other, one weekend after the next we started our marathon race… Infact I have now lost the count of the number of movies watched together…. The other day I was making a list of the same in my small Pink book of memories n I have exceeded 2 pages of it… I am sure I cannot recall all of them now… Wish I could have made a note of it somewhere… :(
             Together we have watched some really good movies n some really stupid movies.More than movie it was the company I enjoyed the most… As usual I used to talk a lot even in the theatre coz I like commenting while watching.. But my hubby (Then BF) used to tease me "You need to talk here too" but dats how I am….I like it that way, I like to watch the expression on his face, the smile on his face and especially love watching him when there is a comedy movie going on coz he looks very sweet when he laughs….Just like a Kiddo..
             Oh Ok concentrating on my Blog on Movies there is a huge list of some Stupidest movies that I have watched which I feel is worth a mention here. 
  • Venkata in Sankata - Kannada movie watched with my Hubby, it was his choice as he wanted to watch some comedy movie that day
  • Dakota Express - Another Kannada movie watched with Engg friends, When one of the semester results were out all our batch girls in the LH(Ladies hostel) had passed in exams and we wanted to treat ourselves. Believe me it was a experience by itself… :) LOL
  • Love Kichidi- Hindi supposed to be comedy movie… Yeah it was my choice as I did not have any other option.
  • Jo Bole So Nihaal- Our 2nd movie together which was a complete disaster.
  • Apne- Watched with Office colleagues in London… Baap re Baap
I guess these are the top 5 worst movies ever watched by me in Theatres..
                These days esp after marriage and after we have welcomed Samsung 40 Inch LED TV home it is a Bliss to watch movies @ Home, lying on the mattress or sitting on the sofa with legs on Centre table munching some snacks…. Also the movies played on TV is now recorded on our Tata sky Plus and watch Movies by forwarding all the unnecessary Advertisements… Watching movies is a pleasure some experience… In the last 2 days we watched Cars(animated movie) and Obsessed (English) both were good!

               Hey forgot to mention the last Hindi movie which we really enjoyed was Baand Baaja Baarath… awesome movie, nicely taken kool peppy songs.. New comer Ranveer is really Kool and not to forget good acting from Anushka too..

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Like Mom Like Daughter

I m so glad that I am dedicating my First ever e-Blog to none other than the person whom we love as soon as we enter this world!! Yes you got it right its for none other than my "MOM"

The reason I mention e-Blog is coz I have never blogged in the internet earlier, my thoughts were always confined to my Diary… Only recently I felt why not blog stuff rather than confining my thoughts in a Diary and here I am with my first ever e-Blog…

I was always a keen observer and have seen the selflessness, Patience, dedication, Helping nature, making others happy, Hard work in Mom and thought "Oh!! No way I can never be like her"…Whenever I used to see her I used to feel " I can never become her"

Well I deserve a Pat on my back, thanks to the genes, I see myself so much like my mom…may be not fully like here but definitely I have gained some qualities of her… but way to go to reach up to her level…
I guess that is the reason Mom's are really so special.

Mom has always been nice to people in all possible ways, helps them, talks to them nicely, takes care of them n try not to hurt them… These r the qualities I have acquired from her. I have realized it all lately esp after my marriage.. It seems like I portray my MOM in my house n feel very proud!!

But yes there are a lot of places where I feel that Needs Improvement (NI) oh god I suddenly remember the appraisals that take place in Corporate world, When some one says u are rated NI it feels like you are good for nothing… Oh No.!!!!! Oh btw the NI component is the "Patience"

People say "When you start your own family you will def have it" This is true as I see that my Patience level has def gone up but yeah it NI :) Let me wait n watch when can I get to hear this from others- "Like Mom Like daughter" ....