Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 28 March 2011

Its ok No Problem!

,,,One Morning in the offc cafeteria as usual me and my friend G went to have bfast. We decided that we both will have idli/vada and coffee.

Since I was standing in the Queue I bought the coupons together for us. The cashier gave me the coupon and I picked it up without realizing that I had also taken the coupon of the person XYZ who was just in front of me..
G and me proceeded to take our Idli/Vad, I had learnt from G that he is very crazy guy and that he keeps on looking @ any random gal in fact all the gals in the vicinity, sits alone for lunch/bfast/Tea, laughs to himself etc etc… We just happened to see him and G started telling "Oh God here comes Spiky!!"

Within no time Mr Spiky came to me and asked-
Spiky " Excuse me, plz can you check if you have taken my coupon by mistake?"
Me- Checking the coupons in my hand, realized that I haven taken his too by mistake "Oh yeah here it is"
Spiky- "I am very Sorry"
Me- Very proudly(I don’t know Y I did it "That’s Ok not a problem"
G was watching our conversation and pointed out saying "Instead of you asking sorry he asked, and you happily said No problem????"

That was when I realized...Oh  yeah… How stupid of me… Instead of being sorry how Proudly I said "That’s ok Not a problem"            I felt little embarrassed by my act but G and me both burst out laughing...

Till date whenever I see My Spiky I feel like telling.. Its ok not a problem… :) :D :P

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