Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Time to Relocate to wordpress

Finally after not blogging for a long time due to reasons mentioned in my prev post I have decided to relocate to Wordpress from Blogger...

A kind request to all my lovely readers.. Plz dont forget me I hv just moved... I am just a click away.,
Do visit me and pour in ur comments at the following link

Friday, 3 February 2012

Did anyone miss me here??

I m so not happy that I m unable to blog these days

Am I bored of blogging- oh no not at all
Am I lazy to blog- not really
Am I loaded @ work that I don't get enuf time - not really I hv time to read others blog n comment too
Am I out of topic to blog- not at all. I m just back from a wonderful trip and am dying to blog(inspired by travellouge by seema)

Then wats stopping me???

I hv 2 enemies

Did u say hubby?? Oh no he is a darling.. then who??

1. Blogger itself- since it has just upgraded my version of ie in offc doesn't support to post new blogs..
2. Broadband connection @ home is a disaster n hv to literally beg n plead the line man this weekend to get it repaired..

Oh BTW I hv my usual unending to-do-list lined up for my weekend, added to which my home is literally stinking n my face can imagine a list of activities/chores I hv to clean up the mess.. crossing my fingers that my lazy hubby will help me through....

So wat plans for ur weekend??? Hv a lovely weekend, hv fun..
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