Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A life of imagination is much better than the life of Reality

All the fuss,the hue and cry, the excitement, the need to, the urge to-  wanting to hv STARBUCKS COFFEE now seems to be finished/over in one shot!!!

And is this wat I was expecting??? Oh I thought it wud be like this like that like anything,, Is this how it would end??

Oh yeah baby dats y ppl say the beauty, the feel the enjoyment of Imagination is much much better than what it is in reality....

When In London I used to love the Starbucks Hot chocolate with Hazelnut syrup.. I used to relish the taste so much that whenever in India @ the coffee shops I would try a HC and say "ummm ummm not like Star Bucks" 

As soon as I realised that I was travelling to Canada I imagined how I shall be having "Starbucks- HC with Hazelnut" I used to imagine n feel very excited n happy abt it... May look trivial to some but it was a big deal to me...

When I arrived here in Toronto and looked @ all the Starbucks shops I passed by, sometimes even turned back to peep a look.. but did not go inside to buy my Fav HC coz I wanted to hv it first time in Canada with Hubby..

Yesterday after shopping hubby remembered n took me to Starbucks, I had the same HC with Hazelnut,, Sat on a high stool holding it in my hand, ready to relish the first sip....I had it!!

Dats it??? Did I feel the same excitement as before? Nope it was all over so soon.. Is this what I was all super excited abt....

Ha ha ah may be dats wat life is all about, it made me realise how "The life of imagination, wanting to do something, wanting something so much, expectation is far far better than when it actually happens in reality.."

My Analysis and findings-  "In London I used to miss home, miss my hubby (then BF), get depressed and I am those ppl who prefer to eat when depressed... @ that time the Starbucks HC was my only company, a companion for the needy..." Now I have wat I was craving for, my hubby may be dats y the craving for the one time sweetheart/companion Starbucks Coffee is gone in the wind"

I guess I would apply the same rule when I read a fiction novel, I imagine the characters their appearance, their style, their performance all according to my wish and when I get to see a movie which is based on the novel that I have read all the excitement, imaginations are gone to drains... no matter how good they try to portray, no matter how good the movie is, it can never be as you hv ever imagined!!

Knowing this I would love to Imagine to my own glory and be with it!! not that I will not be expecting anything in reality but I will make sure I will stop comparing how the imagination was and how the reality is...

Oh I would still continue to look at the Starbucks whenever I pass by and will  grin @ it as if we share a secret!!!!

Niagara- Toronto

There are no words to describe how it was to watch the falls gush out in so much force n so much volume.. Was completely mesmerized with the beauty of the falls... It was awesome experience and had a lovely time..The "Maid of the Mist" boat ride took us more close to the lovely lady!!

Had never in my dreams thought that I would visit Niagara falls and that too with the person I love the most!!
This was like an experience by itself!!

When I was in London in my prev assignment B4 marriage I did not go to Switzerland when friends went n enjoyed!! I saw the snaps and felt bad that I cudnt experience all that... But I wanted to go to that place only with someone I love the most!! You may call me a looser for missing the opportunity of visiting such a lovely place when there was a chance, but this is how I am.. I know for sure I wouldn't enjoy myself there so no point going... Nope I m not a hermit or something but this is how I feel.. Not that I did not go anywhere, I did go to Italy and Venice the most romantic place, yes I missed him, but I wud love to go there again along wit Hubby again..In fact Europe trip would be my dream destination...
Thanks darling hubby for coming down to join me and be a part of this lovely experience!!

Ok now coming back to Niagara.. Aaaah no words again,.. especially ppl say that the view from Canada side is just awesome and it was in all so true!! Glad we did this trip together,,, :) Thanks god for the opportunity!!

Oh yeah there is a small city or should I call country side called Niagara-on-the-lake... wow the place was breathtaking... beautiful place with all the greenery n flowers.. may be the right season to hv noticed the natured beauty... was sad that we cudnt spend much time there as we had to explore another of the nature's beauty- Niagara.. but we did enjoy this place a lot.. this is one of those places where I would wanna settle down when retired :) given a chance even now.. why not?? he he

The visit to the wine yard on the way to Niagara was also very nice.. Wine tasting was great too!!

Will try and post some nice snaps of the Niagara soon!!

Friday, 24 June 2011

waiting for a phone call, waiting for you

It is indeed difficult to wait....

Each minute counts, each second counts....

Hubby's AI flight to Toronto from Delhi got delayed for 2:45 mins... first of all the flight duration is 15 hrs and a delay on top of it....
Thanks to technology I could track his flight and have learnt that it has landed 1 hr ago...
He has still undergo the emigration check and collect his baggage and give me a phone call that he is boarding a cab to reach me,,,, :) 

Waiting for that one call from him is soooo difficult.... :'(
Upma is getting ready, hotel room is getting cleaned, tea is ready to be prepared, I am about to go get bathed...
Oh multitasking.. Waiting...

When will you come??? When will you call?? Wait wait wait...

Oh no it is soooo difficult to wait..
I feel like I am waiting to see him for the first time.... Not hat I have seen him before, not that I have not held his hands before, not that I have given him a hug before but the wait is killing me...
Killing me to see him, receive him, hug him.... Oh when will u come hubby...

The clock is ticking too slow... something wrong with the clock?? something wrong with me??? :)
Oh God never knew waiting is so difficult!!

some soon baby!!!

Edited to Add- Finally hubby is come, he gave a call to tell me he is already int he hotel reception... :)
hurried out of the room to go down n receive him... Aaaaaaaah the elevator made me wait for another 5 mins to come to 25th floor, this wait seemed like a year :).. went down saw him and aaaaaaaah wat a bliss!!! immediately ran to Hug him... :)
Received him to the room, served him tea, called up both parents and informed them too..
After he got freshened up we both had upma with MIL made chakli :) 

While he had a  hot shower bath I tidied up a little n began to get ready to leave to office..
I was feeling like a small baby who refuses to go to school... :( I am not going..... I am not going..

He insisted that he will come and leave me till the subway, finally I returned to office while he is back to hotel room.. I hope he has a nice relaxed sleep which is badly needed! Looking frwd for this weekend!!
Hope it is sunny and we enjoy the most!!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Canada- Unexpected

Never eagerly wanted this opportunity and hence never thought I would visit this place too.
Mostly because I was not keen on onsite especially after marriage and when as personal life takes more priority. Also after seeing London (in my previous onsite assignment b4 marriage) was not very keen on the US side as I was and am completely mesmerised by UK and Europe..Oh I wud love to go there again

This assignment came to me like how they say "Ek chutki mein"  I was a backup resource in my team and there was a new Dev project expected and My mgr informed me that I am being considered for that
I was ok with it as far as the work was good, he also told me there may be a short term Onsite chances...This came to me as a surprise.

One day I asked hubby about this, immediately he said "Don't miss any opportunity you get, go ahead with it" to which I replied "I will go only if you will accompany me"
He thought for sometime and said "I guess I have a working from home facility n I can work from there too and said he would accompany me for a short period of time"

My SPM approached me one day and asked me if I was ready for a short term and since I had figured it out I said Yes!! I was asked to apply Visa(Business for short term) and was told to go as soon as the Visa comes.. Oh Here I was in a fix, we had to apply visa for hubby and also had come up with all the docs and that needed my Visa copy n my hotel acco

My visa ultimately came and mgr now said that he is waiting for response from Onsite mgr u and then said I can travel next to next weekend, On 6th June 2011 he asked me to travel on 18th
This was fine but I wanted hotel acco to apply for my Hubby's visa.. Somehow waited till 8th, 9th for ticket booking and finally after a long circus booked hotel on 9th 8:30 night.

On Friday the 10th went to Vfs global in Blore with all docs and waited for my chance, I had taken leave from office and hubby left me and went to office as he had some imp work
Finally my turn came and the lady accepted all the docs I had neatly got and said it would take 5-6 working days and I left from there fingers crossed

Finally the day arrived and in the night on Thursday 16th 12:00 pm me n hubby left to the airport with the luggage Thanks to hubby who helped me a lot in packing.. He dropped me off and there was a point after which he cudn't enter.. All of a sudden I realised that I have to make this journey all by myself alone...
Even tho I knew he will come and join me soon but, I suddenly felt lonely alone... :(

Yippie!!! After visiting the vfs site more than 10 times a day to check his visa status, keeping fingers crossed,praying to god,enquiring ppl abt visa approvals/rejections

Reading abt Visa rejections/delays and much deliberation finally yesterday hubby's visa was stamped and he is travelling today. I am glad I could help him in virtual packing, virtual because I was on skype and he was packing and I was asking, instructing and nodding and see him pack. Felt sad that I wasnt there to do it, but the joy of he coming here to me to spend 3 weekends (10 working days) is thrilling experience.
We both are so much looking forward for this experience...

Will try to post as much as I can about our experience and stay here!!

Chao for now..Just talked to him n he is in the Delhi airport about to get immigration cleared..

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Greedy me

  • Do you wanna show people how organised at the same time artistic while carrying your cosmetics etc?
  • Do you want people to notice you when you open your make up stuff in office Washroom/Airports?
  • Have you always considered yourself unluck just like me to not have won anything be it Lucky dip or any such event ?
  • Have you SMSed when you have heard a question in ur FM just to win a goodie and at the end felt helpless that you havent won it?

Your long long wait is now over as here you get to win sweet little goodies for yourself.
Check out this post - Simz Corner as she is being very generous by giving away 2 goodies to the 2 lucky winners

Oh how I wish it is me...
Ok here it is the deal , If by any chance I am the lucky winner then I shall also give away something nice so that it can go as a chain in the blogspot wat say?? Very tempting deal isnt it??

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dad's @ some age become unmanagable Kids!!

When I wanted to write about the conversation that I and Dad had on 3rd June( just one day before his Anniversary) over the phone I realised that I do not have any Blog dedicated to the most Important person in my life my here comes the first blog dedicated to Daddda n his demands..

Telephone conversation between Me n Dad today-

Me- Dad wats up??
Dad- Nothing was just relaxing..
Me- Where's Mom?
Dad- Oh your Mom, She is in some Important meeting
** Oh No no it is not the work related meeting, Mom is a Homemaker, but is a bundle of energy and is an active member in her club these days in their appartment **

FYI-  Mom n Dad's anniversary (32nd) is day after tomo, June 4th, Saturday... Me n hubby both were thinking as what to Gift them??

Sarees/Chuddidhaar/shirt/Pant(Clothes in general) - Nope, Bro gets them a lot..
Kitchen Items- Flooded @ Home n Mom is a tupperwear freak and herself a agent (:D)
Gold- I have already gifted them on my marraige n on dad's B'day earlier
Photo Frame- Yeah this is what I was Planning a Portait, but his needs preparation and a lot of time..
Calender- On New Year I presented a customised one from G K Vales.
Bed sheets/Duvets- There are in Plenty
Oh Oh
Me all confused decided to ask my dad myself

Phone conversation Contd.......
Me- Dad, tell me na what to gift you?? You guys have everything...
Phat comes the reply- "I need a Grandson"
Me all Blush, embarassed and not know what to say simply said Aaaaaaaaahh
Me- Oh dad leave that na tell me wat u want..
Dad- You tell me if you Can give me a grandson or not, If not then I will call up my Aliya(So in Law) and ask him...
Me more embarassed I wanted to say "Please goa head and talk to him and tell him to do it to get it" :D
Dad is Atkufied about his demand and is adamant this time..

Oh Dad just loves kids a lot and loves to spend his time with them, and @ his age his friends have grandchildren who go to schools already... I also wanna fufil my dad's wish and see him happy playing with my son/daughter

God, I hope you are listening to my sweet prayer!

A weekend to remember!

This is wat I call a perfect Weekend, A balance between both the families Mom's and In-laws comprising of a perfect blend of relaxation and work.

Yes after a very long time, I actually enjoyed a whole Weekend :D I couldn’t have asked for more than this on a weekend

Friday 3rd June 2011 after Office
- Quickly gulped Vada pav from Goli (brought by Hubby)
- Rushed to Fun cinemas to enjoy the KFP-2, Kung Fu Panda- 2 3-D movie
- Pop corn and boiled corn with Pepsi
- A quick bite in Mc D for dinner ( I did not have anything)
- Returned home and had a good nights sleep Zzzzzzzzzz

Saturday 4th June 2011, Mom n Dad's 32nd Anniversary
- Planned to join them @ the Jynagar 4th block temple for pooja, but couldn’t make it as hubby was lil unwell (Cold)
- Hubby finally planned such that we visit Mom's house soon after lunch and stay over and come back next day
- Reached Mom's home by 4:00 pm with yummy Mangoes and Pulla reddy special sweets
- Went for a long walk with parents (this was really fun n nice)
- Had a chat wit Daddda
- Mango srikarni Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm
- Watched star cricket with Bro
- Ordered Papa John's Pizza's for dinner.
- Bro cntd watching cric while we both n parents started watching hindi movie "Udaan" 
- with mom moving around and dad sharing his own hostel experience we managed to watch only half the movie
- Dozed off Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I slept soooooooo comfortably after a long long time without having to worry abt anything)

Sunday 5th June 2011- My mind and body refused to get up knowing I was in Mom's house and I have the privilege to sleep to glory
- Really had a very good nights sleep without have to worry about getting up and preparing tea, worrying abt whether the cook came or not etc..
- Mom had to call me to remind me that I am @ their house and say Good morning @ 8:30, she woke me up coz younger SIL was calling continuously to hubby's phone…
- Hubby talked to her and she informed that she had pooja @ her new home and that everyone were present except us.
- Finally I woke up to have hot tea n snacks with hubby in the balcony
- Tasty mom made, Bisibele bath for breakfast
- Me lazed around and chatted  with Mom, while hubby was busily chatting n roaming around with dad
- Got our Car cleaned (the interiors was so dirty that the guy cleaned it for more than 2 hrs :D)
- Lunch time and hubby's fav Akki roti and Baigan ka barta which mom prepares Yummmiciously… finger licking.. :p
- Soon I realized that the lazy weekend is almost over and that I had to pack up and be ready to leave but there my hubby goes for what he calls a "Power nap" while I was still having Lunch with mom..
- Dad learnt that my hubby was sleeping n refused to wake him up and warned me that I don’t disturb him
- I went n slept with dad in my old room and was chatting this n that..
- Woke him up @ 3:30 pm as it would be too late otherwise..
- Packed my stuff and finally loaded our car with mom's n dad's specially packed carton boxes with loads of eatables :)
- Drived down with a heavy heart to our home after good byes..
- Reached home and both the SIL's were there and one of them was about to leave, had tea together and gave gifts to SIL's and kids and said good bye to elder SIL
- Got ready and visited new home of younger SIL to which everyone had been for pooja the same day morning..
- I did light the diya and did pooja too @ her home..
- Returned back to our home (home sweet home) and when we relaxing Hubby told something that made my day
"Hey I am missing your Mom and Dad" - Cook did not turn up so I prepared few Pulka's and garam garam Upma for me n hubby (as it was NV special for others)
- Had nice upma and returned back downstairs to our home…
- Watched the rest of the Movie "Udaan" it was already 12:00 and went back to bed to face another Monday morning!!!
- The entire weekend was so much filled with fun, family, relaxation and pampering.. And hubby's statement Just made my day.

This is what I was expecting and getting worried b4 marriage, Hubby's acceptance into the family,… Now I cannot ask for more..
Parents take v good care of Hubby and Hubby loves spending time with them too….
"Thanks Mom n dad n hubby for making this weekend a wonderful one to cherish!!"

With fingers crossed I pray to god to retain the same relationship forever n ever!! Amen!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Feeling Guilt

These days since I have become a Lazy Bum... My bum refused to get up in the morning... My mind refuses to accept that I need to get ready to office... I feel lethargic :'(

Also sine I know if I miss my usual 6:45 AM cab to office my sweet hubby will drop me, either to a nearest bus stop or to the Office directly depending on the situation and time.This has made me more and more Lazier.... I have been doing like this since a month now...

Today being Monday was one of those days where my Bum refused to raise from the Bed, my body refused to get up as it needed more sleep... I aksed hubby dear and he promised me to drop... Overcome by the joy of sleeping more I overslept and woke up very late that hubby had to drop me to Office (Plz note there is no direct bus to office and it I dont reach by 11:00 AM, I cannot leave office by the 5:15 bus, 25 kms to office and 6 hrs work is manditory,grrrrrrrrrrr)

Got up late, had quick shower, performed pooja and ran upstairs to prepare our Morning tea and to collect our Dabba's. Since weekend was lil hectic couldnt arrange my bag too, In a hurry to leave I just shoved my handbag and our lunchboxes to the car and completely forgot abt hubby's stuff..

Filled diesel enroute to office and ate dosa's on the way... When I was 2 mins away from Office, poor hubby realised that he has forgotten his Laptop Bag... Guilt rushed inside me as I could have taken care that it was kept in the car... How could I be so mean???? Couldnt I have remembered or atleast reminded him?? Poor hubby had to go back home and call offc leave as it would take another 30-40 kms and 2 hrs to go home collect lappie and reach office.

I am deeply feeling bad and Gulit for this act of mine... :( Sorry Hubby for all the pain

Moral of the Story- Stop being Lazy and push ur Bum out of the bed as soon as the alarm rings... STOP taking for granted that huby will drop you to office, accept that there is no option but to catch ur Office bus @ 6:45 AM  ***Amen!!***

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Every day is a new learning experience!

Lessons Learnt- Give More and expect Less!!

Life teaches us so many lessons (Valuable lessons) through very small incidents :)

Give more!!

It feels so nice to help someone, the feeling is great especially when you do it unconditionally without any expectation in you..  I learnt that my Manager's FIL was admitted to Hosmat as he met with a accident while getting down the train and got his legs fractured.
That day I was commuting late to office and I had to pass the hospital enroute office, Suddenly a thought came to me that I should call up my Mgr and ask him how the operation went, learnt from him that the operation was postponed and that they now needed Platelets etc and he was travelling to office and the wife was in the hospital. I immediately without thinking offered him that I shall go to the hospital and meet his wife and see what can be done.

Firstly they were from a different state and did not have any relatives here in Blore and secondly they cannot communicate in the local language which is sometimes a important especially when in such cases.... I offered her (mgr's wife) to go by myself and fetch the samples but she just wanted me to accompany her to the Blood bank to get the platelets while the doctors promised to start the operation immediately. I also learnt that she hadn't eaten anything and hence while waiting for the samples took her to the nearest restaurant and made her eat something while I sipped a cup of tea…
Without remembering the innumerable times the same Mgr has talked bad about me behind me and in front of the entire team consisting even freshers, the innumerable times where I had fought with him due to his indecisive nature, the not so good ratings he gave me.. Without any such thing in mind I pitched in and helped him only because of the humanity consideration and the helping nature that I have… It felt so nice to help someone even though it is a very minor contribution from my side!! Alilu seva in kannada..

Expect Less!!

I was again on leave no this time not a back pain (Touchwood) but it was diarrhea, Not sure when and what I ate or drank that caused me bowel infection and I was like a dead meat on Monday..Weekend was too hectic, packing, cleaning, cooking (absence of cook) and so on and so forth that I had very little rest. On the way to office on Monday in Volvo bus I was sleeeping like a dead pig, felt vomiting sensation, giddy and my entire body went cold, thankfully nothing happened till I reached office, went back home and did not go upstairs as I was completely lacking the energy and wanted rest badly.

Hubby came home soon and picked me up and we took Idli's parcel to home.Hubby went up and informed his parents that I was unwell. @ around 8:00 both my IN-laws came down to see me and talk to me and enquire how I was. They were very much concerned and asked me to go to a doc and also take rest.. This was not at all expected and I felt very very good about their gesture.. I always used to think that they do not know how to show love/Concern and I was proved so wrong..

These small happiness makes life much sweeter especially when you are not expecting...