Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 24 June 2011

waiting for a phone call, waiting for you

It is indeed difficult to wait....

Each minute counts, each second counts....

Hubby's AI flight to Toronto from Delhi got delayed for 2:45 mins... first of all the flight duration is 15 hrs and a delay on top of it....
Thanks to technology I could track his flight and have learnt that it has landed 1 hr ago...
He has still undergo the emigration check and collect his baggage and give me a phone call that he is boarding a cab to reach me,,,, :) 

Waiting for that one call from him is soooo difficult.... :'(
Upma is getting ready, hotel room is getting cleaned, tea is ready to be prepared, I am about to go get bathed...
Oh multitasking.. Waiting...

When will you come??? When will you call?? Wait wait wait...

Oh no it is soooo difficult to wait..
I feel like I am waiting to see him for the first time.... Not hat I have seen him before, not that I have not held his hands before, not that I have given him a hug before but the wait is killing me...
Killing me to see him, receive him, hug him.... Oh when will u come hubby...

The clock is ticking too slow... something wrong with the clock?? something wrong with me??? :)
Oh God never knew waiting is so difficult!!

some soon baby!!!

Edited to Add- Finally hubby is come, he gave a call to tell me he is already int he hotel reception... :)
hurried out of the room to go down n receive him... Aaaaaaaah the elevator made me wait for another 5 mins to come to 25th floor, this wait seemed like a year :).. went down saw him and aaaaaaaah wat a bliss!!! immediately ran to Hug him... :)
Received him to the room, served him tea, called up both parents and informed them too..
After he got freshened up we both had upma with MIL made chakli :) 

While he had a  hot shower bath I tidied up a little n began to get ready to leave to office..
I was feeling like a small baby who refuses to go to school... :( I am not going..... I am not going..

He insisted that he will come and leave me till the subway, finally I returned to office while he is back to hotel room.. I hope he has a nice relaxed sleep which is badly needed! Looking frwd for this weekend!!
Hope it is sunny and we enjoy the most!!

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