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Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Greedy me

  • Do you wanna show people how organised at the same time artistic while carrying your cosmetics etc?
  • Do you want people to notice you when you open your make up stuff in office Washroom/Airports?
  • Have you always considered yourself unluck just like me to not have won anything be it Lucky dip or any such event ?
  • Have you SMSed when you have heard a question in ur FM just to win a goodie and at the end felt helpless that you havent won it?

Your long long wait is now over as here you get to win sweet little goodies for yourself.
Check out this post - Simz Corner as she is being very generous by giving away 2 goodies to the 2 lucky winners

Oh how I wish it is me...
Ok here it is the deal , If by any chance I am the lucky winner then I shall also give away something nice so that it can go as a chain in the blogspot wat say?? Very tempting deal isnt it??

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the lovely words and spreading the info across blogland Deepsi!! :) Quite a tempting offer you have there too ;)