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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 6 June 2011

Feeling Guilt

These days since I have become a Lazy Bum... My bum refused to get up in the morning... My mind refuses to accept that I need to get ready to office... I feel lethargic :'(

Also sine I know if I miss my usual 6:45 AM cab to office my sweet hubby will drop me, either to a nearest bus stop or to the Office directly depending on the situation and time.This has made me more and more Lazier.... I have been doing like this since a month now...

Today being Monday was one of those days where my Bum refused to raise from the Bed, my body refused to get up as it needed more sleep... I aksed hubby dear and he promised me to drop... Overcome by the joy of sleeping more I overslept and woke up very late that hubby had to drop me to Office (Plz note there is no direct bus to office and it I dont reach by 11:00 AM, I cannot leave office by the 5:15 bus, 25 kms to office and 6 hrs work is manditory,grrrrrrrrrrr)

Got up late, had quick shower, performed pooja and ran upstairs to prepare our Morning tea and to collect our Dabba's. Since weekend was lil hectic couldnt arrange my bag too, In a hurry to leave I just shoved my handbag and our lunchboxes to the car and completely forgot abt hubby's stuff..

Filled diesel enroute to office and ate dosa's on the way... When I was 2 mins away from Office, poor hubby realised that he has forgotten his Laptop Bag... Guilt rushed inside me as I could have taken care that it was kept in the car... How could I be so mean???? Couldnt I have remembered or atleast reminded him?? Poor hubby had to go back home and call offc leave as it would take another 30-40 kms and 2 hrs to go home collect lappie and reach office.

I am deeply feeling bad and Gulit for this act of mine... :( Sorry Hubby for all the pain

Moral of the Story- Stop being Lazy and push ur Bum out of the bed as soon as the alarm rings... STOP taking for granted that huby will drop you to office, accept that there is no option but to catch ur Office bus @ 6:45 AM  ***Amen!!***

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  1. Oh Dont worry! It was probably a good break for him too :-) And Moral of the story - You should be on time and He shouldnt expect you to take care of everything!