Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Dad's @ some age become unmanagable Kids!!

When I wanted to write about the conversation that I and Dad had on 3rd June( just one day before his Anniversary) over the phone I realised that I do not have any Blog dedicated to the most Important person in my life my here comes the first blog dedicated to Daddda n his demands..

Telephone conversation between Me n Dad today-

Me- Dad wats up??
Dad- Nothing was just relaxing..
Me- Where's Mom?
Dad- Oh your Mom, She is in some Important meeting
** Oh No no it is not the work related meeting, Mom is a Homemaker, but is a bundle of energy and is an active member in her club these days in their appartment **

FYI-  Mom n Dad's anniversary (32nd) is day after tomo, June 4th, Saturday... Me n hubby both were thinking as what to Gift them??

Sarees/Chuddidhaar/shirt/Pant(Clothes in general) - Nope, Bro gets them a lot..
Kitchen Items- Flooded @ Home n Mom is a tupperwear freak and herself a agent (:D)
Gold- I have already gifted them on my marraige n on dad's B'day earlier
Photo Frame- Yeah this is what I was Planning a Portait, but his needs preparation and a lot of time..
Calender- On New Year I presented a customised one from G K Vales.
Bed sheets/Duvets- There are in Plenty
Oh Oh
Me all confused decided to ask my dad myself

Phone conversation Contd.......
Me- Dad, tell me na what to gift you?? You guys have everything...
Phat comes the reply- "I need a Grandson"
Me all Blush, embarassed and not know what to say simply said Aaaaaaaaahh
Me- Oh dad leave that na tell me wat u want..
Dad- You tell me if you Can give me a grandson or not, If not then I will call up my Aliya(So in Law) and ask him...
Me more embarassed I wanted to say "Please goa head and talk to him and tell him to do it to get it" :D
Dad is Atkufied about his demand and is adamant this time..

Oh Dad just loves kids a lot and loves to spend his time with them, and @ his age his friends have grandchildren who go to schools already... I also wanna fufil my dad's wish and see him happy playing with my son/daughter

God, I hope you are listening to my sweet prayer!

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