Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A life of imagination is much better than the life of Reality

All the fuss,the hue and cry, the excitement, the need to, the urge to-  wanting to hv STARBUCKS COFFEE now seems to be finished/over in one shot!!!

And is this wat I was expecting??? Oh I thought it wud be like this like that like anything,, Is this how it would end??

Oh yeah baby dats y ppl say the beauty, the feel the enjoyment of Imagination is much much better than what it is in reality....

When In London I used to love the Starbucks Hot chocolate with Hazelnut syrup.. I used to relish the taste so much that whenever in India @ the coffee shops I would try a HC and say "ummm ummm not like Star Bucks" 

As soon as I realised that I was travelling to Canada I imagined how I shall be having "Starbucks- HC with Hazelnut" I used to imagine n feel very excited n happy abt it... May look trivial to some but it was a big deal to me...

When I arrived here in Toronto and looked @ all the Starbucks shops I passed by, sometimes even turned back to peep a look.. but did not go inside to buy my Fav HC coz I wanted to hv it first time in Canada with Hubby..

Yesterday after shopping hubby remembered n took me to Starbucks, I had the same HC with Hazelnut,, Sat on a high stool holding it in my hand, ready to relish the first sip....I had it!!

Dats it??? Did I feel the same excitement as before? Nope it was all over so soon.. Is this what I was all super excited abt....

Ha ha ah may be dats wat life is all about, it made me realise how "The life of imagination, wanting to do something, wanting something so much, expectation is far far better than when it actually happens in reality.."

My Analysis and findings-  "In London I used to miss home, miss my hubby (then BF), get depressed and I am those ppl who prefer to eat when depressed... @ that time the Starbucks HC was my only company, a companion for the needy..." Now I have wat I was craving for, my hubby may be dats y the craving for the one time sweetheart/companion Starbucks Coffee is gone in the wind"

I guess I would apply the same rule when I read a fiction novel, I imagine the characters their appearance, their style, their performance all according to my wish and when I get to see a movie which is based on the novel that I have read all the excitement, imaginations are gone to drains... no matter how good they try to portray, no matter how good the movie is, it can never be as you hv ever imagined!!

Knowing this I would love to Imagine to my own glory and be with it!! not that I will not be expecting anything in reality but I will make sure I will stop comparing how the imagination was and how the reality is...

Oh I would still continue to look at the Starbucks whenever I pass by and will  grin @ it as if we share a secret!!!!

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