Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Canada- Unexpected

Never eagerly wanted this opportunity and hence never thought I would visit this place too.
Mostly because I was not keen on onsite especially after marriage and when as personal life takes more priority. Also after seeing London (in my previous onsite assignment b4 marriage) was not very keen on the US side as I was and am completely mesmerised by UK and Europe..Oh I wud love to go there again

This assignment came to me like how they say "Ek chutki mein"  I was a backup resource in my team and there was a new Dev project expected and My mgr informed me that I am being considered for that
I was ok with it as far as the work was good, he also told me there may be a short term Onsite chances...This came to me as a surprise.

One day I asked hubby about this, immediately he said "Don't miss any opportunity you get, go ahead with it" to which I replied "I will go only if you will accompany me"
He thought for sometime and said "I guess I have a working from home facility n I can work from there too and said he would accompany me for a short period of time"

My SPM approached me one day and asked me if I was ready for a short term and since I had figured it out I said Yes!! I was asked to apply Visa(Business for short term) and was told to go as soon as the Visa comes.. Oh Here I was in a fix, we had to apply visa for hubby and also had come up with all the docs and that needed my Visa copy n my hotel acco

My visa ultimately came and mgr now said that he is waiting for response from Onsite mgr u and then said I can travel next to next weekend, On 6th June 2011 he asked me to travel on 18th
This was fine but I wanted hotel acco to apply for my Hubby's visa.. Somehow waited till 8th, 9th for ticket booking and finally after a long circus booked hotel on 9th 8:30 night.

On Friday the 10th went to Vfs global in Blore with all docs and waited for my chance, I had taken leave from office and hubby left me and went to office as he had some imp work
Finally my turn came and the lady accepted all the docs I had neatly got and said it would take 5-6 working days and I left from there fingers crossed

Finally the day arrived and in the night on Thursday 16th 12:00 pm me n hubby left to the airport with the luggage Thanks to hubby who helped me a lot in packing.. He dropped me off and there was a point after which he cudn't enter.. All of a sudden I realised that I have to make this journey all by myself alone...
Even tho I knew he will come and join me soon but, I suddenly felt lonely alone... :(

Yippie!!! After visiting the vfs site more than 10 times a day to check his visa status, keeping fingers crossed,praying to god,enquiring ppl abt visa approvals/rejections

Reading abt Visa rejections/delays and much deliberation finally yesterday hubby's visa was stamped and he is travelling today. I am glad I could help him in virtual packing, virtual because I was on skype and he was packing and I was asking, instructing and nodding and see him pack. Felt sad that I wasnt there to do it, but the joy of he coming here to me to spend 3 weekends (10 working days) is thrilling experience.
We both are so much looking forward for this experience...

Will try to post as much as I can about our experience and stay here!!

Chao for now..Just talked to him n he is in the Delhi airport about to get immigration cleared..

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