Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A weekend to remember!

This is wat I call a perfect Weekend, A balance between both the families Mom's and In-laws comprising of a perfect blend of relaxation and work.

Yes after a very long time, I actually enjoyed a whole Weekend :D I couldn’t have asked for more than this on a weekend

Friday 3rd June 2011 after Office
- Quickly gulped Vada pav from Goli (brought by Hubby)
- Rushed to Fun cinemas to enjoy the KFP-2, Kung Fu Panda- 2 3-D movie
- Pop corn and boiled corn with Pepsi
- A quick bite in Mc D for dinner ( I did not have anything)
- Returned home and had a good nights sleep Zzzzzzzzzz

Saturday 4th June 2011, Mom n Dad's 32nd Anniversary
- Planned to join them @ the Jynagar 4th block temple for pooja, but couldn’t make it as hubby was lil unwell (Cold)
- Hubby finally planned such that we visit Mom's house soon after lunch and stay over and come back next day
- Reached Mom's home by 4:00 pm with yummy Mangoes and Pulla reddy special sweets
- Went for a long walk with parents (this was really fun n nice)
- Had a chat wit Daddda
- Mango srikarni Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmm
- Watched star cricket with Bro
- Ordered Papa John's Pizza's for dinner.
- Bro cntd watching cric while we both n parents started watching hindi movie "Udaan" 
- with mom moving around and dad sharing his own hostel experience we managed to watch only half the movie
- Dozed off Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (I slept soooooooo comfortably after a long long time without having to worry abt anything)

Sunday 5th June 2011- My mind and body refused to get up knowing I was in Mom's house and I have the privilege to sleep to glory
- Really had a very good nights sleep without have to worry about getting up and preparing tea, worrying abt whether the cook came or not etc..
- Mom had to call me to remind me that I am @ their house and say Good morning @ 8:30, she woke me up coz younger SIL was calling continuously to hubby's phone…
- Hubby talked to her and she informed that she had pooja @ her new home and that everyone were present except us.
- Finally I woke up to have hot tea n snacks with hubby in the balcony
- Tasty mom made, Bisibele bath for breakfast
- Me lazed around and chatted  with Mom, while hubby was busily chatting n roaming around with dad
- Got our Car cleaned (the interiors was so dirty that the guy cleaned it for more than 2 hrs :D)
- Lunch time and hubby's fav Akki roti and Baigan ka barta which mom prepares Yummmiciously… finger licking.. :p
- Soon I realized that the lazy weekend is almost over and that I had to pack up and be ready to leave but there my hubby goes for what he calls a "Power nap" while I was still having Lunch with mom..
- Dad learnt that my hubby was sleeping n refused to wake him up and warned me that I don’t disturb him
- I went n slept with dad in my old room and was chatting this n that..
- Woke him up @ 3:30 pm as it would be too late otherwise..
- Packed my stuff and finally loaded our car with mom's n dad's specially packed carton boxes with loads of eatables :)
- Drived down with a heavy heart to our home after good byes..
- Reached home and both the SIL's were there and one of them was about to leave, had tea together and gave gifts to SIL's and kids and said good bye to elder SIL
- Got ready and visited new home of younger SIL to which everyone had been for pooja the same day morning..
- I did light the diya and did pooja too @ her home..
- Returned back to our home (home sweet home) and when we relaxing Hubby told something that made my day
"Hey I am missing your Mom and Dad" - Cook did not turn up so I prepared few Pulka's and garam garam Upma for me n hubby (as it was NV special for others)
- Had nice upma and returned back downstairs to our home…
- Watched the rest of the Movie "Udaan" it was already 12:00 and went back to bed to face another Monday morning!!!
- The entire weekend was so much filled with fun, family, relaxation and pampering.. And hubby's statement Just made my day.

This is what I was expecting and getting worried b4 marriage, Hubby's acceptance into the family,… Now I cannot ask for more..
Parents take v good care of Hubby and Hubby loves spending time with them too….
"Thanks Mom n dad n hubby for making this weekend a wonderful one to cherish!!"

With fingers crossed I pray to god to retain the same relationship forever n ever!! Amen!

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