Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Niagara- Toronto

There are no words to describe how it was to watch the falls gush out in so much force n so much volume.. Was completely mesmerized with the beauty of the falls... It was awesome experience and had a lovely time..The "Maid of the Mist" boat ride took us more close to the lovely lady!!

Had never in my dreams thought that I would visit Niagara falls and that too with the person I love the most!!
This was like an experience by itself!!

When I was in London in my prev assignment B4 marriage I did not go to Switzerland when friends went n enjoyed!! I saw the snaps and felt bad that I cudnt experience all that... But I wanted to go to that place only with someone I love the most!! You may call me a looser for missing the opportunity of visiting such a lovely place when there was a chance, but this is how I am.. I know for sure I wouldn't enjoy myself there so no point going... Nope I m not a hermit or something but this is how I feel.. Not that I did not go anywhere, I did go to Italy and Venice the most romantic place, yes I missed him, but I wud love to go there again along wit Hubby again..In fact Europe trip would be my dream destination...
Thanks darling hubby for coming down to join me and be a part of this lovely experience!!

Ok now coming back to Niagara.. Aaaah no words again,.. especially ppl say that the view from Canada side is just awesome and it was in all so true!! Glad we did this trip together,,, :) Thanks god for the opportunity!!

Oh yeah there is a small city or should I call country side called Niagara-on-the-lake... wow the place was breathtaking... beautiful place with all the greenery n flowers.. may be the right season to hv noticed the natured beauty... was sad that we cudnt spend much time there as we had to explore another of the nature's beauty- Niagara.. but we did enjoy this place a lot.. this is one of those places where I would wanna settle down when retired :) given a chance even now.. why not?? he he

The visit to the wine yard on the way to Niagara was also very nice.. Wine tasting was great too!!

Will try and post some nice snaps of the Niagara soon!!

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