Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Every day is a new learning experience!

Lessons Learnt- Give More and expect Less!!

Life teaches us so many lessons (Valuable lessons) through very small incidents :)

Give more!!

It feels so nice to help someone, the feeling is great especially when you do it unconditionally without any expectation in you..  I learnt that my Manager's FIL was admitted to Hosmat as he met with a accident while getting down the train and got his legs fractured.
That day I was commuting late to office and I had to pass the hospital enroute office, Suddenly a thought came to me that I should call up my Mgr and ask him how the operation went, learnt from him that the operation was postponed and that they now needed Platelets etc and he was travelling to office and the wife was in the hospital. I immediately without thinking offered him that I shall go to the hospital and meet his wife and see what can be done.

Firstly they were from a different state and did not have any relatives here in Blore and secondly they cannot communicate in the local language which is sometimes a important especially when in such cases.... I offered her (mgr's wife) to go by myself and fetch the samples but she just wanted me to accompany her to the Blood bank to get the platelets while the doctors promised to start the operation immediately. I also learnt that she hadn't eaten anything and hence while waiting for the samples took her to the nearest restaurant and made her eat something while I sipped a cup of tea…
Without remembering the innumerable times the same Mgr has talked bad about me behind me and in front of the entire team consisting even freshers, the innumerable times where I had fought with him due to his indecisive nature, the not so good ratings he gave me.. Without any such thing in mind I pitched in and helped him only because of the humanity consideration and the helping nature that I have… It felt so nice to help someone even though it is a very minor contribution from my side!! Alilu seva in kannada..

Expect Less!!

I was again on leave no this time not a back pain (Touchwood) but it was diarrhea, Not sure when and what I ate or drank that caused me bowel infection and I was like a dead meat on Monday..Weekend was too hectic, packing, cleaning, cooking (absence of cook) and so on and so forth that I had very little rest. On the way to office on Monday in Volvo bus I was sleeeping like a dead pig, felt vomiting sensation, giddy and my entire body went cold, thankfully nothing happened till I reached office, went back home and did not go upstairs as I was completely lacking the energy and wanted rest badly.

Hubby came home soon and picked me up and we took Idli's parcel to home.Hubby went up and informed his parents that I was unwell. @ around 8:00 both my IN-laws came down to see me and talk to me and enquire how I was. They were very much concerned and asked me to go to a doc and also take rest.. This was not at all expected and I felt very very good about their gesture.. I always used to think that they do not know how to show love/Concern and I was proved so wrong..

These small happiness makes life much sweeter especially when you are not expecting...

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