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Love Happened
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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Yippie my First award and my First Tag..

Wow on 2 things...
1. For Pixie tagging me for this (Me being the first name in the blogger list, makes me feel special)
2. For Pixie inspired by my weekend post and restarting her weekend posts :) I am honoured!!

Well coming on to the Tag Lemme copy paste it from Pixie

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says:
Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers -
Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
Share 7 Random things about yourself -
Thank the Blogger who nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

Ufff, Nominate 15 bloggers? Isn't it too big a number for a naive blogger like me :(, Lemme still give it a try.

Only 7 Random things abt me?? Ok lemme list down 7 random as well as weird things about me which not
many might know.

OK Here I go.........

Sugar and Spice
Deepak Karthik

Sorry for breaking the rule I could manage only 10 nominations..

Now comes the Random, (and alsowierd) things about me-

  • I love to watch the cloud formations and Imagine various shapes, animals, people, scenery's and love to create my own story out of it..
  • When I am alone in Auto, I sit on the extreme left end, never relaxed,The first thing I look for is the Driver's License board, If it is not there I imagine that the driver is a Terrorist... Basically I will be sitting as if I am ready to Jump any moment.
  •  I love watching a Plane pass by especially in the night, which sometimes looks like a moving star.. When I see a plane from a small distance, I have this crazy feeling that it will explode now and I shall be able to witness the explosion..
  •  The First time I got to know about how babies were made, I felt Yuckzz about my Mom and Dad and every time I see a recently married couple, I have this strange imagination that they are soon going to have sex and that makes me feel more Yucks!!!
  •  I am a crazy BIG Fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and watch it repeatedly, When I watch it I will be so involved that I will be their 7th F.R.I.E.N.D. when I realise that I am not a part in reality I feel bad.
  •  I feel so uncomfortable when I am in a office bus returning back home and when I have something to eat, I am confused.. should I eat or not? What will people think? Should I offer my unknown neighbour or not? what will he/she think.. Finally my craving to eat increases so much that I don't care and just eat what I had bought..He he he
  •  I have 1000+ reasons to make up when I get up late.....My most commonly used reason is "Ayyyo I couldn't sleep entire Night" No matter how much ever I sleep I am just not Satisfied...
  •  My fav dialogue as a Kid if someone beats me was - "Ayyyo it was already paining there and you beat me there...:'( "  In Kannada it was precisely "Ayyyo nange alli modle novtha ithu, neev nange alle hoddri" he eh eh eh
 Ooooops I violated one more rule, its 8 not seven ...

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another Long Weekend!!

Holiday mood everywhere so here my weekend starts on Thursday this time...

Games Thursday
The entire first half went by planning for the Christmas games on the Floor, Unlike last time, this year I planned out for different games- Treasure hunt, Queen of Sheeba etc.. Read further to know more..

@ Sharp 3:00 PM I being the Master of Ceremony announced about the games on the floor.. Pulled out even the Managers/SPMs/GPMs and everyone was eager to Play...

Queen of Sheeba - Made one of my Co-worker Sheeba and made teams and started Announcing her demands.. People ran like mad cows to fetch the desired items and it was all fun.. At one point of time our Miss Sheeba was almost pushed and pulled... :) The manager's team qualified 2nd place... Not bad isnt it?

Dumb Charades- Second game was Miming Game where a Personality was to be Mimed (Dum Charades), I had relatively relatively easy clues to all and so the fun ended pretty soon too!

Pictionary - Third one was a game where in each team was given 1 sheet of paper 3 pens, and an English Alphabet, in 2 mins they have to draw objects starting from that Alphabet and the team with Max object wins!!
People went back to their childhood.. just like the scene in "Taare Zameen Par"

Clap Game- While a colleague R evaluated the results of Pictionary the enthu was built up and everyone wanted to play hence played a Clap game, where in the ppl stand in a Big Circle and start counting from 1. A clap instead of 3 and multiples of 3, a double clap instead of 5 and multiples of 5... Oooh it was fun watching people confused, I guess they could see stars over their heads... It was major fun and @ one time the group was unbeatable so I introduced a twist.. 4 and multiples of 4 has to be a Chitki...there ppl got more confused and we got our winner soon...

Treasure Hunt- The last one was a Grand success.. Treasure hunt was very skillfully planned and executed too, thanks to my 2 colleagues R and S (Sheeba) it was well played and enjoyed.. Soon after the games many whom I met told me that it was very well organised and appreciated me :) :p

We all had great fun, enjoyed thoroughly and were happy,... It was already 5:00 and I rushed to catch my bus... Saw some colleagues smoking, I joined them and had a cup of Tea.. My throat was aching from anchoring all the games and needed something badly.. They all appreciated me and I felt nice... Just as I was having Tea there came a clan of Managers (the SPMs and GPM) They all praised me for the effort,plan and execution and was very happy about how it turned up...

On the way back home I flet contended to be have hosted the Christmas games twice in a row..I suddenly felt "Monica" inside me.. If u know what I mean, the Manica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where in she is the "Host" always, prepares food and invites her friends etc.... Though not in all her characters this was a striking character I felt as I LOVE hosting games be it in my cousins, Office or at parties.. I just love doing it!!

Silent Friday - Friday was a silent day... Many friends left soon to go to their natives for the upcoming Long weekends so not much happening on that day..Hubby's nephews were home for their Christmas Holidays and it was another running around with them day @ home..
I was mentally prepared for a hectic Saturday and a Kool relaxing Monday (Holiday) at Mom's house

Buzzing Saturday-

Clothes washed, Curtains washed and dried, House cleaning, making a shopping list, couriered hubbys PF form which was filled months ago and was not posted, bought many carpets for Mom, Had a simple Lunch and had bath and got ready to go to "Sai Baba Temple" at malleshwaram.. I had a Mannat that I would come and prepare some dish for Sai baba and distribute it to the.. Planned and planned and finally executed this Saturday.. We were told to be @ the temple @ 5:45.. With all the getting ready etc, buying some sweets we parked our car at 6:00 (The Aarti was @ 6:00) Me and hubby typically ran, I ran faster than him... I should say... My aim was to keep the Usli that I prepared in front of the god b4 arti...

Guess wat the Arti was in progress and I ran and on time my preparation was placed in front of the god!! I dont know how it means to others but it meant a lot to me...:) It was nice serving to all the people out there... I now really wanna do it one more time.. :) Guess wat we did, we headed straight to Sankey Tank park... It had been years since I had visited that place, as kids we used to go there as it is near to peddamma's house.. 
Took a stroll in the cool evening breeze and had Masala Puri, Churmuri, Boti Masala, Corn masala, Tomato masala etc.. Wat a foodie am I isn't it..

Later visited a skin specialist for hubby and went back home for dinner.

Fun Sunday 

Sunday after spending half day @ home, Washed heap full of vessels as the maid wasn't well... In the afternoon had some lunch @ the Fast food centre and headed to visit my Grandpa (Daada

Picked up my parents n bro to the Cinepolis @ Meenakshi mall to watch Don2, I had least expectations from the movie but for a change liked it... Yeah yeah I liked a SRK movie.. :P 
After movie went to Adigas and had dinner... Ooooh I loved the pani poori Yummm and returned back to Mom's house.. Stayed late till 1:00 AM in the night chatting... 

Foodie Monday

Can you believe, hubby also took a leave as it was my holiday... So we both stayed back @ mom's house and oh god.. How much did I eat.... OMG.... My Fav dosa and Hitikiro Avrekai poppu for breakfast Wow my fav... Hubby also liked it... Went to Metro cash and Carry and shopped a lot.. Dad was also astonished on how much we shopped.. he he he he...
Later went home for Lunch... Oh I n hubby again had 2 dosas each followed by Lemon saaru (My mom's recipe... Then slept off for an hour and then got ready and had Tea with French fries... he he yes we did have truck load of food @ Mom's house.. 

Left from mom's house and reached our home @ 8:00 pm.. The entire house was a disaster!! clothes spread out (thrown out everywhere) Oh god no energy to clean now... so Dozzzzzzed off after a Light dinner..

Hubby was teasing me that I had almost a truck load of food over the weekend and that I should not have food till next year... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to him on that..

Friday, 23 December 2011

How has 2011 been??

Well good would hv been better, but def not the BEST

Lemme make a list to see how has it been -

Hubby became comfortable with my paternal as well as maternal cousins/relatives... Touchwood

Got a great chance to go to Canada along with hubby too... wow

We organised and executed first of a kind family outing to golden temple n had fun... pat on the back

Lost my pinnaya(dad's brother) in a accident..shocking
  Lost my ajji(Daadi)..unexpected

Expected that my bro would be married in 2011.. unfortunate

Heath was not that great..(was recommended bed rest for 3 days due to acute low back pain)... needs improvement

Travelled (Visited places).. not as much as planned

Was pathetic in meeting up friends over weekends etc.... grrr

Shopped- oh yeah...crossed budget.. did we even put up a budget.. no wayy ;)

Food- eat outs - yes
Romantic dinners... sorry did u say romance?? Searching dictionary...
Cooked variety @ home - satisfactory
Hubby cooked- can I count tea..

Hubby helped?? - I will go to hell if I say no.. he did he was there when I needed him..ummmah to that..*anti jinx*

Hobbies- yes we kept our art alive n kicking...3 cheers to it

Jagda's- no thrill in life without Jagda so... no comments

Felt bad - many times, mostly when not needed or not required to be... key improvement area

Laughed enough- oh yes with others n on us too.... good keep going

Fitness- is the spelling correct?? I don't find it in my dictionary... shut up dude its no JOKE u ass ;(
Editied to Add- This post was accidently posted from my Moblie.. I will leave it as is but amend it as and when needed as the 2011 is still nor over!! :) 

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Whatta Wednesday- 7

This time it is all about Boys- Gals,  Men-Women..Picked them up from FB.. Hope u like it!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Eventful Weekend!!

Saturday was a very Eventful day as all the pending works were carried out..n equally tiresome too!!
Clothes Washed- Tick
Clothes Dried- Tick
Hubbys shoes Washed- Tick
Home Cleaning- Tick
New dress- Salt wash- Tick
My dirty bag washed- Tick

Finally with the help of the Carpenter the Bathroom door can now be Locked and the much needed nails were put up on the walls wherever I needed
Check out how our walls look now...
Inspired by Seema's blog -  and after learning here sent hubby to get some materials to a stationary Shop. Guess wat??? Hubby bought me 2 gifts!! Yeah yes it was a surprise...(U see Nagging Helps sometimes)
He bought me a 2012 Diary and a cute pink purse to stuff my cosmetics!!

Instead of sleeping in the afternoon hubby took me to Art exhibition along on our Sweetu (Our Activa)
We bought Stole for me, a Handloom Cotton Bed sheet, a Painting and ordered for a much awaited Bean Bag(Hubby's fav)

Guess wat we ate Bun-Butter-Gulkhand, supposed to be hubbys fav not mine, but I ended up liking it too, it was yumicious!! In the night we watched Dirty Picture! I liked Vidya Balan's acting, very Bold and yet nice! I am sure she will sweep a award this time for sure!! She is proved to be a versatile actress!! 

Sunday- Relaaaaaaaxing Day

Literally did not do anything..After a hectic Saturday just decided to be laaazy, I was literally praying that the maid turns up as there was heap of vessels to wash n our home needed to be mopped too! On weekends you can see a satisfactory smile on my face when I spot the maid turn up!! I was so happy she came...
Got the house cleaned, moped.. The home now looked clean n nice!! Bean Bag made an entry to our home!! Yeah now we can simply retire on the beanbag n watch movies....

Everyone in the home left to a relatives house except me n hubby.. I wanted to cook something simple but hubby out-rightly refused and instead insisted we take complete rest and hence ordered Pizza... Had yummy Pizzaz and cudnt resist but slept off.. Zzzzzzzzzz

Evening after nice Ginger Tea me n hubby spent sometime with our ArtTime....came up with our twisted version of the flower n this is how it looks..

Later had simple dinner and struggled to sleep as we had a nice sleep in the evening...

Oh god, I shall never sleep in the afternoon during the weekends coz pushing my Bum out of the bed on Monday Mornings is a Paiiiiiin!!

How was ur weekend? Hope u had fun too!!

Here are some of the snaps of how our walls look now and our Art work! Do lemme know
how u like it!

A gift on our Marriage

Glowing Ganesh

 A Radha Krishna and a Ganesha Wall Hanging presented on our Marriage.

Another Marriage Gift from a Friend

Shoe Key Chain

Shoe Key Chain which I had bought from London..It has a Clock too..

A painting bought @ the Art Muesuem

 A Painting bought @ the Art exhibition on the weekend

Our Art- A Paper Flower

White Board for To-Do and to stick

A White Board to list down the To-do List and the side board to stick, pin stuff..

Our New Bean Bag!!

Customized Clock

Our Drawing Room Hall- Customized Clock, Our Flower Art and our New Painting.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday Fun- Surya Kanthi Tales - II

The one where SK Does once in 2 years...

SK was not keeping well and hence did not turn up on Monday, When she returned back on Tuesday she talked to G over the phone that she shall join us for Lunch. G informed me that SK was unwell and was sounding very low!! (A usually bright n chirpy gal feeling low) Hmmmmmmmm

We met for Lunch and this is how I can describe SK

Current state of our own SK
Face fullu Sadu Sadu....
Ears stuffed with Cotton..
Nose fullu water water....
She was sounding Dullu....

Kanthi Kanthi... Surya Kanthi... 
Show us some Kanthi...

When every Tom Dick and Harry has their own version of Kollavari D then my character SK shall also hv one!! Plz forgive this Naive poet/Lyricist :D :P :)

Me- Why SK what Happened to you?
SK- Ayyo I am not well da..
Me- Oh, but this is not a season to fall ill isnt it?
SK- Ayyo this happens to me once in 2 years..... and kind of was blushing...

G and Me are well known for Imagining what we shouldn't and our Jaw dropped when we both told in Unision "Ayyo you get this once in every 2 years?? Ayyo why do you Do ONLY once in 2 years then...

Me- You just do ONCE in 2 years dats it?? Ohhhhhh
G and Me were on same page by now... I hope you understood what I mean...

G- Is it enough JUST Once in 2 years, see what haalath you have made of yourselves..
SK was all confused and tired by now.. Understood what we meant and said.."Chi I dint say that...I did not do anything" 

G- You look as if you have really done THAT once in 2 years.... ha ha ha poor gal was first of all unwell and she had to hear our nonsense jokes...

Sorry, cudnt gather much of SK as she was unwell!! dont worry she will definitely come back with a BANG!!Until then keep watching this space for more of SK tales!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whatta Wednesday - 6


A man found a cocoon of a butterfly. One day a small opening appeared on the cocoon. He sat and watched the butterfly for several hours as it struggled to force its body through that little hole. Then it seemed to stop making any progress. It appeared as if it had gotten as far as it could, and it could go no further. So the man decided to help the butterfly.

 He took a pair of scissors and snipped off the remaining bit of the cocoon. The butterfly then emerged easily. But it had a swollen body and small, shriveled wings. The man continued to watch the butterfly because he expected that, at any moment, the wings would enlarge and the butterfly would be able to fly and also support the body, which would contract in time. Neither happened! In fact, the butterfly spent the rest of its life crawling around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It never was able to fly.
What the man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand was that the restricting  cocoon and the struggle required for the butterfly to get through the tiny opening were God's way of forcing fluid from the body of the butterfly into its wings so that it would be ready for flight once it achieved its freedom from the cocoon.

Moral: Sometimes struggles are exactly what we need in our lives. If God allowed us to go through our lives without any obstacles, it would cripple us. We would not be as strong as what we could have been and we could never fly!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Long Weekend (Long) Post!

Wondering why my Weekend post includes Friday's?? Oh yeah My Weekend starts on a Friday for sure!! TGIF U see...... Friday means pure fun, no work, No deadline nothing... I kinda get lil crazy on Friday's wudnt ask my team wat r they upto!1 Instead take things Lightly on Friday's.. My team used to tell me- "Aap na Friday pe bahuth ache lagthe ho..." Coz I dont leave any opportunity to pull ppl's legs.. !!

Few more things to remember- My hubby from now on will be references as 'A', our Punto Car as 'Buntu' and my Activa as 'Sweetu'

But....This Friday was v different from the Rest Coz it was a "Flop Friday"

Woke up @ 6:00 with oiled hair to be washed, Turned the Tap On while rubbing my eyes and proceeded to brush my teeth only to realise that there is no water in the tank...
Reason-The motor has been recently repaired n FIL switches OFF the motor (even though it is automatic) for the fear that it will get spoilt once again...

Result- I had to quickly wake up hubby to switch ON the motor for me while I changed over and went up and prepared Tea for us and Pack the Lunch.. No water int he Geyser tank too so I had to hv head bath in the Cold Cold Water in the Chill Chill Morning....

It was already Late and Sweetu my Activa refused to Start... 

Probable Reasons-

1. After almost 1 year + Sweetu was pampered with her Much needed Service, She was all Cute, Spic and Span, Clean and was looking Lovely
2. After writing and re-writing "Bike wash" in my ever increasing To-Do-List finally A agreed and took sweetu to pamper (Service)

Result- Sweetu became Lazy n refused to start... A came out and kicked on Sweetu's Ass to wake her up(Gave a Kick Start).. To take the Revenge Sweetu started shaking and shivering, when I was scolding her a passer by Aunty (In another Activa) told me that Sweetu had no Air in her Tyres.....
Grumbling.. I parked her near a park and ran to catch my office bus... Later called A and asked him to take sweetu to a Doctor (Automobile shop for repair) and asked him to be nice to her this time..

I was praying not to hv any more mishaps and in Office wanted to do something important only to realise that I did not hv access to it (Actually Late realisation)

Since Me and A both were lil upset about the recent turn of events and wanted to break free and hence did the following-
1. Instead of our usual Dosa joint we wanted to explore a new place and had Bad sad dosa :( Thank god we ordered only 1...
2. I demanded for a Cigarette and so he bought 2.. (I always wanted to smoke with hubby, was v curious to know how it feels to smoke.. Mom used to call me crazy but yes I am one)
3. Went to a Bakery and had Veg Puffs (was not great again)

Finally returned home and later finished dinner and came down!!

Can you guess wat I did??????

Finally one of my dream came true!! A dream of smoking a cigarette with the person I love the most!!
Aaaaaaaah 4 puffs of ciggi and I coughed n coughed followed by Puking!!!
I decided that enough for one time and I shall never smoke in Future!! You know "Smoking is Injurious to health and that marks FULLSTOP(.) to my curiosity" Amen!!

Decided to watch a Movie.. Crazy me not minding to find out the reviews had downloaded English Movie "Bad Teacher" Oh it was such a Bakwaaaaas movie ....We managed to watch only half no more!!

Shopping Spree Saturday -

The depressed me wanted lil Girlie time hence G and me decided to meet up @ commercials and go for a girlie shopping spree!

A and I left home by 10:30, A dropped me 2 Safina Plaza and continued as he had some work. G told me she was running lil late hence I decided to hunt for a nice shop to buy artificial jewellery, I spent almost 1 hr b4 she arrived and we both continued to hunt/dig out and purchased 1000/- worth artificial jewellery each...

Proceeded further.. Bags, Jeans, Tops, Slippers,Bangles, Clothes  u name it we shopped it!! In between had a not so nice meal (snack) in one of my ex-fav place- Woody's, yes the quality of food is reduced so is the Quantity..
Heard from hubby and he came to pick me up, we dropped G to a bus stop and proceeded further, completely engrossed with his work A hadn't had Lunch till 6:00 pm Grrrrr
We did not bother about the Lunar Eclipse and instead he had Dosa and I had Pani puri.. Had a nice Coffee and went back home...Both the SILs n their sons had come home as we had to leave to Madurai on Sunday to see the gal whom BIL had fallen in love with.. Had dinner together n went down to pack our stuff.. Instead of getting up sooooon + Having head bath  + getting ready we decided to hv bath in the night n sleep

Travel + Meeting Sunday-

Left Blr at 7:00 AM and travelled to Dindigal, near Madhurai to meet my future SIL's family.. Entire Hubby's side family (10 ppl) travelled in a Tempo traveller. Played games, talked n had fun especially with hubby's nephews Chintoo and Mintoo.. Reached their home @ around 3:00 and stayed there till 6:00 PM.. Later proceeded to Madurai and took a Lodge, First time ever I shared a room with hubby + the 2 kids.. Had dinner (Not so good dinner) and watched some TV and Slept Off Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Temple + Travel Monday-

Early morning got up and got ready to visit the Famous Madurai Meenaksi Temple @ 5:30 am. In the huge temple A, myself and kids lost the others and hence did all the dharshanam ourselves... Actually we 4 of us have fun.. With kids me n A both act like kids and do all nautankis :P I feel v comfortable with them.. believe me kids r the best, no ego, no J no hassles... We skipped the queues and got a very good dharshanam.. Later got united with family and proceeded to some more temples.. In the afternoon we were dog tired and were sweating.. decided to go back to the Lodge and pack n leave back to Blr..Namma Bangalooru... :)
The journey till Lunch was good as we played many games and had awesome Lunch in a good restaurant and we all dozed off.. The journey seemed to be never ending, we were all tired and wanted to reach home soon!! Reached Blr soon but took a long time to reach home...

At 10:30 PM reached home and cooked hot hot Upma for all and had dinner and retired to Bed Zzzzzzzz

Some Learning from the weekend!!

1. Keep lots of Tissues
2. Carry a small water bottle that fits in the handbag (BTW carry a small handbag)
3. Google the place of ur Visit n keep the story Handy 
4. Keep Loads of stories ready to tell Hubby n the Kids... :)
5. Know the History of the pace you Visit
6. Carry some Chocs.. which I did not this time.. :(
7. Learn to keep my mouth shut and instead watch in Silence (Now this is difficult for a person like me)
8. Hv Loads of fun (Like we did)
9. Keep a Translator Book so that you can speak basic sentences in the Local Languages (Highly  Imp in Tamil Nadu)
10. Never try to Smoke again... Or if you wanna Puke then Smoke!!

Signing Off for the Day...

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Friday Fun - Surya Kanthi Tales-1

The species under discussion is a Girl of around 26 years, A simple sober girl from AP, Down to earth, witty and very Jovial.. She is a friend of a friend G and hence I was introduced and became friends too.. Very helpful in nature (which gets her into trouble many a times).. Many guys (from AP) are Fida on her..not that she is a Sridevi or Shreya but for her Simplicity and her nature... 

If I start writing about her.. It will become a Book by itself. Here in SK Tales I am  going to scribble down her Dialogues(Witty Punch Lines)/Instances/Ideas/Thoughts/Imaginations which keeps me amused for sure!!

This may not be in the series of the events occured but defenetely the True Incidents..with little of my self prepared spicy Masala...

 Why Surya Kanthi??? Is it her name?? - Oh no no her Name is not SuryaKanthi, It was me and Friend G who named her "Surya Kanthi"

Does that name has any significance??

Oh Yes indeed it has!! Surya - Means Sun and Kanthi means Blossom..
Sunflower in Kannada is called Surya Kanthi, And this Girl is named SuryaKanthi coz

1. She loves to be in Sun.
2. She hates and just hates the cloudy/gloomy weather (which we call Romantic)
3. She loves to be exposed to sun and turns her head towards sun when we try to hide from the sun.
4. Her mood is cheerful when there it is Sunnny and gloomy when she cannot see her Sun.. Just like how the Sunflower fades when the sun sets and Blossoms and truns to face the Direction of the Sun..

One of her Colleagues lets say H came to her place and had some conversation with SK (SK will be surya Kanthi)
Immedietely SK gets tensed and calles up friend G who sites just diagonally opposite to her (same cubile) just coz she doesnt want anyone to hear her conversation. Here is how the conversation goes..

SK- Hey G you know what??????
G- SK??? (Confused) why are you calling me? you can just turn aorund and talk..
SK- Hey listen, I dont want anyone to hear our conversation.Ok
G- Ooooooooooooh OK OK Tell me
SK- You know H, he had come to my cubicle and he told me something yaar.
G- What happened what did he tell you... Did he propose you?? He is married na... (laughing)
SK - No yaar he said... Ayyo I dont know how to tell you..
G- Tell me its OK...
SK- He asked me If I can spend a Night in their house... If I can sleep in his house for one Night..
G- Almost Fainted!!! :)

G Fainted @ SK's commentzzz

Actual Conversation H did with SK was-

"Please can you sleep with my wife tonight as I will be out of station and my wife will be alone!! "

Ah ah see how our own SK has the ability to completely steer the conversation and give it a whole different meaning!!! G coudn't control her laugh and narrated me the entire story..

My Imagination became wild and I was just thinking how SK's mom would have reacted if she would tell her the same thing as she told G... Have a great time imagining...

This is just one of her Kaarnaama's there are many to follow... Keep watching this space for more!!

Whatta Wednesday - 5

The Farmer and The Sparrows
Once there was a farmer, he worked from dawn to dusk in his field.

Amidst the crops in the field, a sparrow had built a nest. She roosted in the nest and got two children. The little sparrows lived with their mother happily.

Days passed by and the harvesting season fast approached. The corns were ripe. And everywhere people started their harvests.

The little sparrows said to their mother, "Mummy! We will have to fly away now as the farmer will start harvesting".

The mother sparrow replied, “Not so soon babies! The farmer is not ready.

One day, they heard the farmer saying "I must call my neighbors and make them do the harvest.”

The little sparrows said, “Mummy, tonight we shall fly away.” The mother said, “Not so soon babies. The farmer won’t make it.” The words of the mother came true. The neighbors did not turn up the next day.

The farmer was heard saying, "I will call my relatives and make them do the harvest".

This time also the little ones wanted to flyaway. But the mother asked them to relax. Once again, the words of the mother came true.

Now, they heard the farmer saying "Tomorrow I will do the harvest myself”. On hearing these words, the mother said, “Come my children. It is time for us to leave this field".
MORAL: Self-help is always respected

Monday, 5 December 2011

Who is to blame??

At 1:00 pm after clocking half day in offc left to attend sister's marriage function...Was in a Volvo bus, roads were pretty empty..An incident occurred that left me thinking...

One of the Volvo bus stopped just to the entrance of a flyover blocking other vehicles to pass..the Volvo that I was travelling tried to pass through but cudnt n hence blocked all the other vehicles... there was a guy in car who cud hv passed but coz of this Volvo it was blocked too n the driver looked restless n honked n honked..

Then when the way was cleared he overtook the bus n kind of blocked the way by purpose.. now my Volvo driver was no less he honked n honked, the guy in the car refused to leave any space n instead "showed fingeres" several times

The Volvo bus driver + conductor both were furious n overtook him by speeding up like mad..zipped zipped, some passengers were kinda toppled ;) now he successfully blocked the car completely n got down in the middle of the road...

So the scene is that a Volvo bus in the middle of the road blocked a car, driver + conductor got down n started shouting to the driver. Ppl on streets or on the other bus were enjoying the scene complty..

Now who is to blame for this shame game???

1. The other Volvo bus that had blocked initially?
2. Our Volvo driver who blocked completely n sped like crazy just to satisfy his ego?
3. The car driver who was impatient n showed his fingers??
The topic is open for discussion...
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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Down! Down! Under!

After a week long (4 day half day) session, Today being a friday I wanted to relax, enjoy and hv fun Instead....

I am very sad today...Feeling Upset, feeling down! 

Is it the Harmones? Nope..
Did I have a fight with Hubby? Oooh Noooooo way, he is been a darling..
Did Someone scold me? Naah
Did Someone talk about me (badly) - Frankly I dont care..

Still I am sad, Upset over some issues that has happened.. Oh No I am not going to disclose wat it is.. It is way too Personal ..I just hope god gives us enough strength to face this issue..

I know I have been talking about being positive, Optimistic etc.. but some things are better said than done! No I wanna prove this wrong and also be strong!

God please gimme the strength to face it and rise above!! Just like the Coffee beans example mentioned in my Whatta wednesday-4 here

Give me some Sunshine, Give me some rays!!
Give me another chance, I wanna grow up once Again!!