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Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Yippie my First award and my First Tag..

Wow on 2 things...
1. For Pixie tagging me for this (Me being the first name in the blogger list, makes me feel special)
2. For Pixie inspired by my weekend post and restarting her weekend posts :) I am honoured!!

Well coming on to the Tag Lemme copy paste it from Pixie

The Rules for the Versatile Blogger Award says:
Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers -
Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
Share 7 Random things about yourself -
Thank the Blogger who nominated you
Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post

Ufff, Nominate 15 bloggers? Isn't it too big a number for a naive blogger like me :(, Lemme still give it a try.

Only 7 Random things abt me?? Ok lemme list down 7 random as well as weird things about me which not
many might know.

OK Here I go.........

Sugar and Spice
Deepak Karthik

Sorry for breaking the rule I could manage only 10 nominations..

Now comes the Random, (and alsowierd) things about me-

  • I love to watch the cloud formations and Imagine various shapes, animals, people, scenery's and love to create my own story out of it..
  • When I am alone in Auto, I sit on the extreme left end, never relaxed,The first thing I look for is the Driver's License board, If it is not there I imagine that the driver is a Terrorist... Basically I will be sitting as if I am ready to Jump any moment.
  •  I love watching a Plane pass by especially in the night, which sometimes looks like a moving star.. When I see a plane from a small distance, I have this crazy feeling that it will explode now and I shall be able to witness the explosion..
  •  The First time I got to know about how babies were made, I felt Yuckzz about my Mom and Dad and every time I see a recently married couple, I have this strange imagination that they are soon going to have sex and that makes me feel more Yucks!!!
  •  I am a crazy BIG Fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and watch it repeatedly, When I watch it I will be so involved that I will be their 7th F.R.I.E.N.D. when I realise that I am not a part in reality I feel bad.
  •  I feel so uncomfortable when I am in a office bus returning back home and when I have something to eat, I am confused.. should I eat or not? What will people think? Should I offer my unknown neighbour or not? what will he/she think.. Finally my craving to eat increases so much that I don't care and just eat what I had bought..He he he
  •  I have 1000+ reasons to make up when I get up late.....My most commonly used reason is "Ayyyo I couldn't sleep entire Night" No matter how much ever I sleep I am just not Satisfied...
  •  My fav dialogue as a Kid if someone beats me was - "Ayyyo it was already paining there and you beat me there...:'( "  In Kannada it was precisely "Ayyyo nange alli modle novtha ithu, neev nange alle hoddri" he eh eh eh
 Ooooops I violated one more rule, its 8 not seven ...


  1. Thank you deepsi for tagging me.Its first tag for me too,so same pinch to you on this :-)I so agree with you on point 7 :-) and partly agree on point 4...
    talk about similarity between teo people:-)
    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year:-)

  2. Good way of introducing your wierd things to fellow bloggers :)

  3. Ahem! Yuck and all huh?! That was the only thing that remained in memory :-D

    Knowing you and your love for 'late'... :-D

    Hey! Thanks for the tag.Need to *think* before putting it up - so give me some tips?

  4. Garima- will wait for ur post where u come up with 7 random things abt u...

    G- Thanks.. yeah for the matter of fact hubby was also not aware of som eof my weirdness...kool isn't it..

    RS- Will meet up so that I can give u tips for ur post.. he he eh

  5. Hi Deepsi.. Tag done -
    Thanks for the award!