Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Long Weekend (Long) Post!

Wondering why my Weekend post includes Friday's?? Oh yeah My Weekend starts on a Friday for sure!! TGIF U see...... Friday means pure fun, no work, No deadline nothing... I kinda get lil crazy on Friday's wudnt ask my team wat r they upto!1 Instead take things Lightly on Friday's.. My team used to tell me- "Aap na Friday pe bahuth ache lagthe ho..." Coz I dont leave any opportunity to pull ppl's legs.. !!

Few more things to remember- My hubby from now on will be references as 'A', our Punto Car as 'Buntu' and my Activa as 'Sweetu'

But....This Friday was v different from the Rest Coz it was a "Flop Friday"

Woke up @ 6:00 with oiled hair to be washed, Turned the Tap On while rubbing my eyes and proceeded to brush my teeth only to realise that there is no water in the tank...
Reason-The motor has been recently repaired n FIL switches OFF the motor (even though it is automatic) for the fear that it will get spoilt once again...

Result- I had to quickly wake up hubby to switch ON the motor for me while I changed over and went up and prepared Tea for us and Pack the Lunch.. No water int he Geyser tank too so I had to hv head bath in the Cold Cold Water in the Chill Chill Morning....

It was already Late and Sweetu my Activa refused to Start... 

Probable Reasons-

1. After almost 1 year + Sweetu was pampered with her Much needed Service, She was all Cute, Spic and Span, Clean and was looking Lovely
2. After writing and re-writing "Bike wash" in my ever increasing To-Do-List finally A agreed and took sweetu to pamper (Service)

Result- Sweetu became Lazy n refused to start... A came out and kicked on Sweetu's Ass to wake her up(Gave a Kick Start).. To take the Revenge Sweetu started shaking and shivering, when I was scolding her a passer by Aunty (In another Activa) told me that Sweetu had no Air in her Tyres.....
Grumbling.. I parked her near a park and ran to catch my office bus... Later called A and asked him to take sweetu to a Doctor (Automobile shop for repair) and asked him to be nice to her this time..

I was praying not to hv any more mishaps and in Office wanted to do something important only to realise that I did not hv access to it (Actually Late realisation)

Since Me and A both were lil upset about the recent turn of events and wanted to break free and hence did the following-
1. Instead of our usual Dosa joint we wanted to explore a new place and had Bad sad dosa :( Thank god we ordered only 1...
2. I demanded for a Cigarette and so he bought 2.. (I always wanted to smoke with hubby, was v curious to know how it feels to smoke.. Mom used to call me crazy but yes I am one)
3. Went to a Bakery and had Veg Puffs (was not great again)

Finally returned home and later finished dinner and came down!!

Can you guess wat I did??????

Finally one of my dream came true!! A dream of smoking a cigarette with the person I love the most!!
Aaaaaaaah 4 puffs of ciggi and I coughed n coughed followed by Puking!!!
I decided that enough for one time and I shall never smoke in Future!! You know "Smoking is Injurious to health and that marks FULLSTOP(.) to my curiosity" Amen!!

Decided to watch a Movie.. Crazy me not minding to find out the reviews had downloaded English Movie "Bad Teacher" Oh it was such a Bakwaaaaas movie ....We managed to watch only half no more!!

Shopping Spree Saturday -

The depressed me wanted lil Girlie time hence G and me decided to meet up @ commercials and go for a girlie shopping spree!

A and I left home by 10:30, A dropped me 2 Safina Plaza and continued as he had some work. G told me she was running lil late hence I decided to hunt for a nice shop to buy artificial jewellery, I spent almost 1 hr b4 she arrived and we both continued to hunt/dig out and purchased 1000/- worth artificial jewellery each...

Proceeded further.. Bags, Jeans, Tops, Slippers,Bangles, Clothes  u name it we shopped it!! In between had a not so nice meal (snack) in one of my ex-fav place- Woody's, yes the quality of food is reduced so is the Quantity..
Heard from hubby and he came to pick me up, we dropped G to a bus stop and proceeded further, completely engrossed with his work A hadn't had Lunch till 6:00 pm Grrrrr
We did not bother about the Lunar Eclipse and instead he had Dosa and I had Pani puri.. Had a nice Coffee and went back home...Both the SILs n their sons had come home as we had to leave to Madurai on Sunday to see the gal whom BIL had fallen in love with.. Had dinner together n went down to pack our stuff.. Instead of getting up sooooon + Having head bath  + getting ready we decided to hv bath in the night n sleep

Travel + Meeting Sunday-

Left Blr at 7:00 AM and travelled to Dindigal, near Madhurai to meet my future SIL's family.. Entire Hubby's side family (10 ppl) travelled in a Tempo traveller. Played games, talked n had fun especially with hubby's nephews Chintoo and Mintoo.. Reached their home @ around 3:00 and stayed there till 6:00 PM.. Later proceeded to Madurai and took a Lodge, First time ever I shared a room with hubby + the 2 kids.. Had dinner (Not so good dinner) and watched some TV and Slept Off Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Temple + Travel Monday-

Early morning got up and got ready to visit the Famous Madurai Meenaksi Temple @ 5:30 am. In the huge temple A, myself and kids lost the others and hence did all the dharshanam ourselves... Actually we 4 of us have fun.. With kids me n A both act like kids and do all nautankis :P I feel v comfortable with them.. believe me kids r the best, no ego, no J no hassles... We skipped the queues and got a very good dharshanam.. Later got united with family and proceeded to some more temples.. In the afternoon we were dog tired and were sweating.. decided to go back to the Lodge and pack n leave back to Blr..Namma Bangalooru... :)
The journey till Lunch was good as we played many games and had awesome Lunch in a good restaurant and we all dozed off.. The journey seemed to be never ending, we were all tired and wanted to reach home soon!! Reached Blr soon but took a long time to reach home...

At 10:30 PM reached home and cooked hot hot Upma for all and had dinner and retired to Bed Zzzzzzzz

Some Learning from the weekend!!

1. Keep lots of Tissues
2. Carry a small water bottle that fits in the handbag (BTW carry a small handbag)
3. Google the place of ur Visit n keep the story Handy 
4. Keep Loads of stories ready to tell Hubby n the Kids... :)
5. Know the History of the pace you Visit
6. Carry some Chocs.. which I did not this time.. :(
7. Learn to keep my mouth shut and instead watch in Silence (Now this is difficult for a person like me)
8. Hv Loads of fun (Like we did)
9. Keep a Translator Book so that you can speak basic sentences in the Local Languages (Highly  Imp in Tamil Nadu)
10. Never try to Smoke again... Or if you wanna Puke then Smoke!!

Signing Off for the Day...


  1. wow what a jam-packed long weekend you had..Glad you enjoyed and had fun.
    True na kids are better thean grown ups.BTW fagging really causes puking,how do guys enjoy it then..**thinking**

  2. @Garima- Yes it was indeed Jam-packed wit fun unlimited!!

    From that day whenever I look @ someone smoking I keep wondering how do they "Feel Relaxed" when you feel like swallowing the fire... Yeeeeach bad feeling :'(

  3. Wow! So many things accomplished over the weekend! :-) And hey! Even I want to try smoking once but after reading yours-I will give it some thought :-)

    More when we talk...

  4. Yes yes it was a Loooooon weeekend, thats the reason I hv become a Lazy bum this week, coming Laaaate to offc Zzzz..
    U havent tried even once?? Ooh u should try it, experience it and then post it!!, Like I just did... :) :p :D

    Sure we shud catch up!!

  5. I haven't smoked a ciggy either! Somehow the smell puts me off even though I'm curious...

    Your weekend sounds eventful!

  6. Hey Pixie if u haven't tried till now then deftly u should try n see how it feels!!

    yes yes the weekend was jam packed n very eventful!!