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Love Happened
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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Friday Fun - Surya Kanthi Tales-1

The species under discussion is a Girl of around 26 years, A simple sober girl from AP, Down to earth, witty and very Jovial.. She is a friend of a friend G and hence I was introduced and became friends too.. Very helpful in nature (which gets her into trouble many a times).. Many guys (from AP) are Fida on her..not that she is a Sridevi or Shreya but for her Simplicity and her nature... 

If I start writing about her.. It will become a Book by itself. Here in SK Tales I am  going to scribble down her Dialogues(Witty Punch Lines)/Instances/Ideas/Thoughts/Imaginations which keeps me amused for sure!!

This may not be in the series of the events occured but defenetely the True Incidents..with little of my self prepared spicy Masala...

 Why Surya Kanthi??? Is it her name?? - Oh no no her Name is not SuryaKanthi, It was me and Friend G who named her "Surya Kanthi"

Does that name has any significance??

Oh Yes indeed it has!! Surya - Means Sun and Kanthi means Blossom..
Sunflower in Kannada is called Surya Kanthi, And this Girl is named SuryaKanthi coz

1. She loves to be in Sun.
2. She hates and just hates the cloudy/gloomy weather (which we call Romantic)
3. She loves to be exposed to sun and turns her head towards sun when we try to hide from the sun.
4. Her mood is cheerful when there it is Sunnny and gloomy when she cannot see her Sun.. Just like how the Sunflower fades when the sun sets and Blossoms and truns to face the Direction of the Sun..

One of her Colleagues lets say H came to her place and had some conversation with SK (SK will be surya Kanthi)
Immedietely SK gets tensed and calles up friend G who sites just diagonally opposite to her (same cubile) just coz she doesnt want anyone to hear her conversation. Here is how the conversation goes..

SK- Hey G you know what??????
G- SK??? (Confused) why are you calling me? you can just turn aorund and talk..
SK- Hey listen, I dont want anyone to hear our conversation.Ok
G- Ooooooooooooh OK OK Tell me
SK- You know H, he had come to my cubicle and he told me something yaar.
G- What happened what did he tell you... Did he propose you?? He is married na... (laughing)
SK - No yaar he said... Ayyo I dont know how to tell you..
G- Tell me its OK...
SK- He asked me If I can spend a Night in their house... If I can sleep in his house for one Night..
G- Almost Fainted!!! :)

G Fainted @ SK's commentzzz

Actual Conversation H did with SK was-

"Please can you sleep with my wife tonight as I will be out of station and my wife will be alone!! "

Ah ah see how our own SK has the ability to completely steer the conversation and give it a whole different meaning!!! G coudn't control her laugh and narrated me the entire story..

My Imagination became wild and I was just thinking how SK's mom would have reacted if she would tell her the same thing as she told G... Have a great time imagining...

This is just one of her Kaarnaama's there are many to follow... Keep watching this space for more!!


  1. Oh wow yaar !! what a nice way to express abt SK , i did liked it :). i am looking forward to catch some more Kaarnamaa's in this space very soon.

  2. I laughed and laughed reading this.Very well written :-)

  3. @G- I am glad I finally started penning abt the famous SK... I too would love writing abt her..

    @Garima- Glad you liked it!! You can keep looking for this space for more of SK tales... :)

  4. LOL!!
    She sounds very interesting!! :D
    Looking forward to reading about her karnaamas!! :D

  5. Yeps she is indeed a very interesting person!! Sometimes it is difficult to capture all her karnaamas u know.. :p

  6. Oh! I think I can guess who this is :-) Im sure its going to be fun reading it...

  7. I hope by knowing who it is u will defntly enjoy reading abt her kaarnaamas better!!