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Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Another Long Weekend!!

Holiday mood everywhere so here my weekend starts on Thursday this time...

Games Thursday
The entire first half went by planning for the Christmas games on the Floor, Unlike last time, this year I planned out for different games- Treasure hunt, Queen of Sheeba etc.. Read further to know more..

@ Sharp 3:00 PM I being the Master of Ceremony announced about the games on the floor.. Pulled out even the Managers/SPMs/GPMs and everyone was eager to Play...

Queen of Sheeba - Made one of my Co-worker Sheeba and made teams and started Announcing her demands.. People ran like mad cows to fetch the desired items and it was all fun.. At one point of time our Miss Sheeba was almost pushed and pulled... :) The manager's team qualified 2nd place... Not bad isnt it?

Dumb Charades- Second game was Miming Game where a Personality was to be Mimed (Dum Charades), I had relatively relatively easy clues to all and so the fun ended pretty soon too!

Pictionary - Third one was a game where in each team was given 1 sheet of paper 3 pens, and an English Alphabet, in 2 mins they have to draw objects starting from that Alphabet and the team with Max object wins!!
People went back to their childhood.. just like the scene in "Taare Zameen Par"

Clap Game- While a colleague R evaluated the results of Pictionary the enthu was built up and everyone wanted to play hence played a Clap game, where in the ppl stand in a Big Circle and start counting from 1. A clap instead of 3 and multiples of 3, a double clap instead of 5 and multiples of 5... Oooh it was fun watching people confused, I guess they could see stars over their heads... It was major fun and @ one time the group was unbeatable so I introduced a twist.. 4 and multiples of 4 has to be a Chitki...there ppl got more confused and we got our winner soon...

Treasure Hunt- The last one was a Grand success.. Treasure hunt was very skillfully planned and executed too, thanks to my 2 colleagues R and S (Sheeba) it was well played and enjoyed.. Soon after the games many whom I met told me that it was very well organised and appreciated me :) :p

We all had great fun, enjoyed thoroughly and were happy,... It was already 5:00 and I rushed to catch my bus... Saw some colleagues smoking, I joined them and had a cup of Tea.. My throat was aching from anchoring all the games and needed something badly.. They all appreciated me and I felt nice... Just as I was having Tea there came a clan of Managers (the SPMs and GPM) They all praised me for the effort,plan and execution and was very happy about how it turned up...

On the way back home I flet contended to be have hosted the Christmas games twice in a row..I suddenly felt "Monica" inside me.. If u know what I mean, the Manica of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where in she is the "Host" always, prepares food and invites her friends etc.... Though not in all her characters this was a striking character I felt as I LOVE hosting games be it in my cousins, Office or at parties.. I just love doing it!!

Silent Friday - Friday was a silent day... Many friends left soon to go to their natives for the upcoming Long weekends so not much happening on that day..Hubby's nephews were home for their Christmas Holidays and it was another running around with them day @ home..
I was mentally prepared for a hectic Saturday and a Kool relaxing Monday (Holiday) at Mom's house

Buzzing Saturday-

Clothes washed, Curtains washed and dried, House cleaning, making a shopping list, couriered hubbys PF form which was filled months ago and was not posted, bought many carpets for Mom, Had a simple Lunch and had bath and got ready to go to "Sai Baba Temple" at malleshwaram.. I had a Mannat that I would come and prepare some dish for Sai baba and distribute it to the.. Planned and planned and finally executed this Saturday.. We were told to be @ the temple @ 5:45.. With all the getting ready etc, buying some sweets we parked our car at 6:00 (The Aarti was @ 6:00) Me and hubby typically ran, I ran faster than him... I should say... My aim was to keep the Usli that I prepared in front of the god b4 arti...

Guess wat the Arti was in progress and I ran and on time my preparation was placed in front of the god!! I dont know how it means to others but it meant a lot to me...:) It was nice serving to all the people out there... I now really wanna do it one more time.. :) Guess wat we did, we headed straight to Sankey Tank park... It had been years since I had visited that place, as kids we used to go there as it is near to peddamma's house.. 
Took a stroll in the cool evening breeze and had Masala Puri, Churmuri, Boti Masala, Corn masala, Tomato masala etc.. Wat a foodie am I isn't it..

Later visited a skin specialist for hubby and went back home for dinner.

Fun Sunday 

Sunday after spending half day @ home, Washed heap full of vessels as the maid wasn't well... In the afternoon had some lunch @ the Fast food centre and headed to visit my Grandpa (Daada

Picked up my parents n bro to the Cinepolis @ Meenakshi mall to watch Don2, I had least expectations from the movie but for a change liked it... Yeah yeah I liked a SRK movie.. :P 
After movie went to Adigas and had dinner... Ooooh I loved the pani poori Yummm and returned back to Mom's house.. Stayed late till 1:00 AM in the night chatting... 

Foodie Monday

Can you believe, hubby also took a leave as it was my holiday... So we both stayed back @ mom's house and oh god.. How much did I eat.... OMG.... My Fav dosa and Hitikiro Avrekai poppu for breakfast Wow my fav... Hubby also liked it... Went to Metro cash and Carry and shopped a lot.. Dad was also astonished on how much we shopped.. he he he he...
Later went home for Lunch... Oh I n hubby again had 2 dosas each followed by Lemon saaru (My mom's recipe... Then slept off for an hour and then got ready and had Tea with French fries... he he yes we did have truck load of food @ Mom's house.. 

Left from mom's house and reached our home @ 8:00 pm.. The entire house was a disaster!! clothes spread out (thrown out everywhere) Oh god no energy to clean now... so Dozzzzzzed off after a Light dinner..

Hubby was teasing me that I had almost a truck load of food over the weekend and that I should not have food till next year... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to him on that..


  1. I so envy you...first you had off on monday and second and most important you have your parents staying in the same town as you...whenever my parents come to blore we make sure to visit this sai baba temple in malleshwaram,we get some peace and self satisfaction there...gr8 you managed to make prasad for everyone that too early morning .

  2. Yes Yes agreed that there is some kind od peace in that Malleshwaram Sai Mandir.. :) and BTW I am not privillaged to stay @ MOm's house for more than 2 nights like how ppl take Longgggggg leaves n go.. but yes I try to visit her whenever I find time but short visits.. :)

    Oooh small consusion here, we went to the temple in the evening not morning... he he

  3. Looks like a food filled weekend was had :-D

  4. I wonder how can u pen down all those tiny thoughts in blog really kool yaar !! :)

  5. I have come to love your weekend posts.. and I'm going to do weekend posts as well from now on! :)
    I used to before, but gradually stopped...

    Im so glad you were able to keep the Usli in front of God during Arti time!!

    The games sound like such fun! :)
    And all that food just made me hungry!! ;)

    Avarekai - sigh! I miss avarekai!

  6. Hey I am Impressed, thanks Pixie...

    Oh yes I had to run like crazy just so that I am on time... It is such a contended feeling to have made it..Like winning a marathon.. :)

    Well now I am thinking of making a list of dishes with Avarekai, Just for u darling.. he he just kiding.. hugs dear for that.. BTW u know wat hubby calls it.. Oh forget it will not mention here.. Will be eagerly waiting for ur weekend posts from now on..