Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 19 December 2011

Eventful Weekend!!

Saturday was a very Eventful day as all the pending works were carried out..n equally tiresome too!!
Clothes Washed- Tick
Clothes Dried- Tick
Hubbys shoes Washed- Tick
Home Cleaning- Tick
New dress- Salt wash- Tick
My dirty bag washed- Tick

Finally with the help of the Carpenter the Bathroom door can now be Locked and the much needed nails were put up on the walls wherever I needed
Check out how our walls look now...
Inspired by Seema's blog -  and after learning here sent hubby to get some materials to a stationary Shop. Guess wat??? Hubby bought me 2 gifts!! Yeah yes it was a surprise...(U see Nagging Helps sometimes)
He bought me a 2012 Diary and a cute pink purse to stuff my cosmetics!!

Instead of sleeping in the afternoon hubby took me to Art exhibition along on our Sweetu (Our Activa)
We bought Stole for me, a Handloom Cotton Bed sheet, a Painting and ordered for a much awaited Bean Bag(Hubby's fav)

Guess wat we ate Bun-Butter-Gulkhand, supposed to be hubbys fav not mine, but I ended up liking it too, it was yumicious!! In the night we watched Dirty Picture! I liked Vidya Balan's acting, very Bold and yet nice! I am sure she will sweep a award this time for sure!! She is proved to be a versatile actress!! 

Sunday- Relaaaaaaaxing Day

Literally did not do anything..After a hectic Saturday just decided to be laaazy, I was literally praying that the maid turns up as there was heap of vessels to wash n our home needed to be mopped too! On weekends you can see a satisfactory smile on my face when I spot the maid turn up!! I was so happy she came...
Got the house cleaned, moped.. The home now looked clean n nice!! Bean Bag made an entry to our home!! Yeah now we can simply retire on the beanbag n watch movies....

Everyone in the home left to a relatives house except me n hubby.. I wanted to cook something simple but hubby out-rightly refused and instead insisted we take complete rest and hence ordered Pizza... Had yummy Pizzaz and cudnt resist but slept off.. Zzzzzzzzzz

Evening after nice Ginger Tea me n hubby spent sometime with our ArtTime....came up with our twisted version of the flower n this is how it looks..

Later had simple dinner and struggled to sleep as we had a nice sleep in the evening...

Oh god, I shall never sleep in the afternoon during the weekends coz pushing my Bum out of the bed on Monday Mornings is a Paiiiiiin!!

How was ur weekend? Hope u had fun too!!

Here are some of the snaps of how our walls look now and our Art work! Do lemme know
how u like it!

A gift on our Marriage

Glowing Ganesh

 A Radha Krishna and a Ganesha Wall Hanging presented on our Marriage.

Another Marriage Gift from a Friend

Shoe Key Chain

Shoe Key Chain which I had bought from London..It has a Clock too..

A painting bought @ the Art Muesuem

 A Painting bought @ the Art exhibition on the weekend

Our Art- A Paper Flower

White Board for To-Do and to stick

A White Board to list down the To-do List and the side board to stick, pin stuff..

Our New Bean Bag!!

Customized Clock

Our Drawing Room Hall- Customized Clock, Our Flower Art and our New Painting.


  1. See even your husband knows to surprise you so well :-)So thoughtful oh him to get a pink purse..And wow what a weekend you had food,exhibition,movie,bean bag..superb!!!
    Btw can you plz tell me the venue for this exhibition..

  2. You sure had an eventful weekend :)
    Surprise gifts are a welcome at anytime of the year :)
    Loved the look of your hall and that paper artwork and the painting are looking gorgeous :)

  3. Yeah Garima, finally he gave me a surprise!! My Santa u know..Yep yep all jam packed in one weekend.. Had fun!! BTW the art exhibition was at Palace Grounds.. but not that great compared to the one we attended at Chitrakala Parishath (Kumarakrupa Road)..

  4. Thanks My Era for liking my art work n the painting.. :) It feels so nice to hear good about our work!! Mission Accomplished :p

  5. Oh ok thanks for the info :-)
    And I must say I am impressed, the walls looks looks fabulous :-)

  6. Oh nps dear.. I am gald u liked our walls!! :)

  7. The walls look lovely Deeps! you just reminded me that we need to hang up the little art we have here soon!! :D

    nice to know you got surprise gifts!! :)

  8. Ah! Gifts finally. And the walls look suuper. That personalised clock idea is something I really liked, Where did you get that clock?

  9. Thanks Pixie!! Oh yes plz go ahead n hang ur art!! It would be lovely.. Hey do u n hubby both to art together?? If not try one, it will be fun!!

    Oh yes finally my hubby (My Santa) gave me surprise gift!!! Yeah...

  10. Hey Rs- Glad u liked our walls.. Oh yes the personalized clock is from GK Vale, I customised it and ordered it Online @ Try out it will be memorable one!!

  11. ooops RS its