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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 29 August 2011

Hubby's B'day celebration!

This was hubby's First B'day after our marriage and I definitely wanted it to be special that he would remember it for the rest of his life... Finally after a lot of debate with hubby who constantly kept on changing his likes and finally denying.. I talked to his colleague and finally I bought a "HTC Incredible S" as his grand Gift and also bought him a Ferrari remote control car which I know he loves to have one!

Instead of just giving him his presents I decided I will do something special n hence thought of hiding his presents and asking him to find it, when I was discussing this wit Mom, she gave me a Idea "why dont u give him clues n play a treasure hunt" wow.. this was a great idea... hence There I started on....

Thankfully Saturday hubby had office to compensate the leave on 2nd Sep(to make it a long holiday), I was thankful coz I wanted to prepare n arrange his gifts... After a day long of chores, cleaning, washing I became free only @ around 3:00 pm, started packing his gifts n choosing a place to hide n started writing the clues in a post-it sticks... I totally had 7 gifts,hence chose 7 rooms of our home n wrote around 5-6 clues each for the 7 places... I myself was feeling excited to prepare all this n totally forgot that I was tired... When I was done I wrote a invitation letter explaining the rules of the game...It was 6:00 pm and I couldn't wait for 6 more hrs to play the game!!! "Gift Hunt"

Hubby reached home at around 8:30 pm, I was all excited to tell him but controlled my excitement n instead told him that I couldn't buy him anything on his B'day as it was a tiresome day...I also added saying that I was sorry I cudnt buy anything n we shall shop something tomorrow when we go out!!! When he was convinced I had this cunning smile which told me.. U will soon realise it ha ha ha .... :p

Both the SIL's had come home n their son's too, I had already ordered a cake with 2 names in it, one my hubby's n another my hubby's nephew whose B'day was long over but was pending celebration.... Actually even my name had to be included as we had decided long back that we shall celebrate mass B'days but how could I add my name myself while ordering?? .. so I dint.. I just included 2 names.. :)

After dinner at around 11:00 we came down to our "Home" n since we both were tired hubby said lets sleep off its ok no need to wait till 12:00 to wish... I was like wat????? hubby soon started asking I know u hv got me a cake isn't it... Yes I had bought a small Brownie!! at sharp 12:00 I made him cut Brownie and wished him Happy B'day....

I cudnt wait to give him the instruction card explaining the rules of the game, after reading he was super excited!!! I was ready with a camera in hand to capture his excitement n started clicking snaps!!!

There started the "Gift hunt" game... The first slip pointed to the Nintendo Wii which contained the CLUE 1 card...
Hubby found his first clue Slip

Hubby reading the Instruction sheet of the Game "Gift Hunt"

CLUE 1 - Hidden inside the Flower wase in the Drawing room which we had bought recently from he Flower show!!
GIFT 1-  A small cute little teddy saying "I Love you"

1st Gift.. Small teddy sayin "I Love you"

Found his 1st Gift in the flower pot

CLUE 2 - Hidden in the Books rack in the Guest Room
GIFT 2-  A CD which was helpful to reduce Hypertension 

Searching for his 2nd gift in the books rack

There he found the CD




CLUE 3 - Hidden in the Laundry Bag in our Bedroom
GIFT 3-  A cute little candle in a designer latern

3rd gift hidden inside the Laundry Bag

A candle inside the Latern!!

CLUE 4 - Supposed to be hv hidden in his actual CAR but I completely forgot to do so in his presence @ home... :(
GIFT 4-  A Ferrari remote control CAR
Cudnt hide his excitement seeing a Ferrari Car! :)
Like a small kid he started playing with the car

At this point he thought dats the end!! and he was more excited when I said "we are just Half way through"

CLUE 5 - In the Shoe Rack
GIFT 5-  The Most Awaited and the Grand gift!! HTC Incredible S 

He kind of had guessed it was a Mobile Phone!

Full smile after seeing the Mobile

CLUE 6 - Pooja Room
GIFT 6-  Greeting 

CLUE 7 - Kitchen
GIFT 7-  Greeting 
Reading the Greeting

All his 7 gifts after a sucessful Gift Hunt
By this time he was v excited n was
happy!!! He told me "This is the first time I hv received so many gifts" I also couldn't count the number of times he thanked me for this... 
Along came one more realisation to him that he hadn't given me a single gift for my first B'day after our marriage... He soon started asking sorry and that he would never repeat it in the future!! Yes we did take leave on my B'day and went out to a Movie and then Lunch, he did ask me that he will buy me gold n I denied it... But the entire day I was expecting that he shall give me something.. A small doll, A teddy bear, at least a Greeting but nothing happened and the day ended!! I shall probably remember this forever... Somethings cannot just be forgotten... Like my hubby shall remember this B'day forever.. :)

I for some reason wanted him to hv the best B'day ever n hope I was successful in the same...

Later in the day we celebrated his B'day by cutting cake with the family... It was a combined B'day with his nephew and I too joined the celebration as my B'day was also not celebrated!! It was fun time with family too!

B'day Cake!! Yummmy

Just B4 B'day celebration!!

Later in the night went to dine @ the Khansama, UB City, sat in the kool air while waiting for our reservations n then had a lovely,romantic dinner n came back home to watch the remaining part of the Cartoon movie "Tangled" and retired to bed!!

I really hope hubby enjoyed his big day to the fullest!!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Long Weekend n Visit to Mom's house

Long weekend all jam packed with loads of shopping, Mom's B'day celebration

Friday- 12th Aug 2011
  • Left office soon at around 3:30 to reach home soon in Volvo bus
  • Ordered for a nice cake fro Mom's B'day and picked up Laundry.
  • Visit to Peddamma's house on Friday on the occasions of Varamaha Lakshmi festival
  • Visit to Indu's house for the festival- I prepared Kheer n Bajji to all of us
  • Back home n prepared chapathi's for all n had a late Dinner n retired to sleep
Saturday- 13th Aug 2011
  • Weekend chores like cleaning, washing clothes followed by my Lappie repair
  • Had invited Babitha n her cute little daughter Ankita for Lunch
  • Prepared Lunch n served everyone
  • Rushed to get ready to leave to Mom's house
  • Reached Mom's house at 8:30 PM and had nice Pani puri to the hearts content
  • Celebrated Mom's B'day at sharp 12:00 by cutting Cake.. Put cream on Mom's face n she enjoyed it too!
  • Bro taught us to play Bridge, and we played till 1:00 pm n then went to Zzzzzzzzz
Sunday - 14th Aug 2011

  • Got up late... Sleeping without any plan, no alarm was so much relaxing by itself...
  • Got up at around 8:30.. with a steaming hot ginger tea in hand I sat wit dadda in the Balcony,...Hubby was still fast asleep n refused to get up.. Cook had prepared garam garam paranthas which was waiting for me..
  • I woke hubby up and gave him his fav bed tea... Then we both had Garam garam parantha's to the hearts content... :) then lazed around a bit...
  • Got ready and went to Shoppers Stop/Home stop, shopped a lot...
  • Ate Lunch 2 Garuda n resumed shopping again... Bro presented me a dress n hubby another..
  • After shopping so much we went to visit my Grandpa @ Uncle's house...
  • Felt nice meeting him after a long time... Tied Rakhi to my cousin Bro.. Spent sometime there and returned back home
  • Watched half of the Movie "Tourist" in the new Blue Ray DVD which bro bought home that day,, n went back to bed...
Monday 15th Aug-

Another Holiday!! thanks to Independence day I got to spend one more lovely day @ Mom's house..

  • Same routine, chai then garam garam Naastha n today we encountered to Meenakshi mall, Bannergatta
  • Again shopped a lot, gifted mom a VIP luggage which she wanted badly..
  • Ate Lunch @ McD, shopped and then ate an Ice cream too.. 
  • It was already 5:30 PM, hence had to go to a colleague's house (My Friend from Prev company)... Hubby so much wanted to spend more time with my parents, I.e His In-laws that he refused to come :)
  • Had a nice High-Tea at friends house, it was a good gathering after a long time n Yummmy Foood... :)
  • Unexpectedly I received a "F.R.I.E.N.D.S" book from that friend n felt very very Nice... :)
  • Hurriedly we returned back to Mom's house as we had to leave to our home..
  • While we were on the way, dad called and insisted we stay back tonight..
  • As soon as we entered home, mom was almost in tears saying she was missing us and Mom, dad n Bro all insisted that we stay back n leave to office early morning tomo from here.. Finally hubby agreed and we stayed back... felt nice n very relaxed
 All in all It was a very nice weekend as a whole.. Next day morning got up and left Mom's house with lots of happy memories to our respective Offices... Wat a weekend to remember!! Thanks Mom, dad, bro n Hubby for such lovely times!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Smelly n Khadoos Co-passanger

This blog is dedicated to my encounter with a Smelly and a khadoos Co-passenger..

It was like any other day, I went soon to catch a good place in my 5:15 bus, sky looked clear, no signs of rain, rain means leakage in the window seat.. So I decided to hold a window seat in my office bus enroute to home.. A friend S had said she would come.. but finally did not turn up..

I generally prefer to sit alone, this was not true before marriage coz me n Friend G used to go in the same route, same bus and all the time just chat chat n chat...Any amount of time was just not enough for us.. The same doesn't hold good anymore as our routs hv changed n I prefer solitude to unwind my day... I either read a book or doze off depending on the mood..

Today was one such day where I decided to read my newly picked "The Man in the Brown Coat" by Agatha Christie... The bus was not full and hence no one came next to me.. I had a smile in my face just imagining the whole 2 seats to myself hammmm... just when the bus was about to start there came 3- 4 people running towards our bus... The smile faded as I saw a Man who came to sit next to me.. I was unhappy coz I couldn't hv 2 seats to myself anymore...

Oh did I tell you there is a cute little angel in our bus, A very cute baby whose mom keeps her in the crush in office and they come daily in our bus.. The doll is very cute and looks at everyone in the bus and grabs the attention especially to boys and gives them a sweet smile..

As soon as the bus started I realized some stinking foul smell, first I thought may be something from outside then I realized that it was the sweat smell coming from the guy sitting next to me... Aaaaaaaaagrrrr..
It was so string that I felt pukish.. I cudnt resist but opened the window completely, tried to concentrate elsewhere, started reading my nivel, did everything that I could do to distract myself but the odor was so strong and my nostrils so sharp that I immediately started frowning n sulking..

I even stared at him several times more so he lowers his hands but in vain,, how could I have said?
Mr Foul Smell keep ur hand down? or
Stop smelling You smelly Moron?  or
Why dont you use a Deodorant

Upon that friend G smsed me saying "There is a Handsome guy in the bus Very Cute smile"
Oh No not now..... especially when I am suffering here... :'(
I looked at the man's face to see if he was handsome, he was fair, bearded, expressionless face. He did not seemed handsome to me for all the foul smell he was generating.. He was kind of holding his breath too.. I was worried where his breath also imparts some more foul smell... Mummmmyyyyy save me
I smsed back saying I was stuck in this situation for which she replied back saying "Enjoy" Grrrrr

I said "khadoos" because the cute angel got up from her nap and started looking around for the familiar faces to receive attention, other passengers smiled back at her, some even started playing with her, soon her attention caught this man who was sitting next to me.. I could see how she started staring at him for a long time...
She first had an expression which said "Who are you? Are u new to this bus??"
No change in expression in that man's face after looking at the doll
Next she started making sounds looking at him, as if saying "Ok hello how are u new guy in the bus"
No change in Expression
She gave a nice sweet smile making sounds still smiling still staring for a long long time sitting very close by that man...
Still no expression change in him...
Does Kadoos sound right now??

I was like- "How come someone not smile back at a cute sweet smiling baby who is kept on staring at you"?? Thanks god my journey ended with this smelly khadoos stranger..

Monday, 8 August 2011

I Hate Monday's

I am not sure wats with me today, Early morning when the Alarm rang I refused to acknowledge that it was 6:00 AM as it was too dark to be 6:00 as I recalled I had just checked the time sometime back and it showed 4:00 AM giving me 2 more hrs to sleep..Zzzzzzzzz

Later I rode with hubby, dropped him off to the Bus stop and proceeded to my bike stop to catch my bus... In the bus when we reached office, I refused to budge out of the bus wanting to sleep more...

As soon as I was out digged (as my hubby calls it) into my bottomless bag :) to find my ID card and found none.. Friend S was ready to sign on my behalf and was enquiring on where I had kept my ID Card, My mind completely refused to react..Like "Battery Low" it said "Sleep Low, need more sleep to start working"
I took the temporary pass and proceeded to the washroom, washed my face so that the eyes will pop up but nooo, then went to the security to get another temporary ODC pass.. Learnt that a good friend G was not coming soon to office, dat itself made me more sad. coz No G for breakfast means no Unwinding the Weekend properly.. :(

Went to breakfast with Friend L and was mostly silent, when I was talking I did not hv control over me, Sleep n the dullness in the weather was singing a Lullaby to me...

Came back to my place to realize no mails from Onsite which meant no work!! Aggggh No work means all sleepy and that too on a horrible Monday of all..

Empty mind is a devil's workshop, started getting worried about hubby's health as in the weekend his Blood pressure showed 130/90 once and 120/90 one more time.. Doc has strictly asked for a lifestyle change.. I am getting all scared, nervous about his health.. Instead of helping him cope up stress, I am getting more stressed thinking about it....

Later came along friend G and we went for Lunch n tried to catch up on weekend amidst L's ajeeb aur gareeb activities/reactions/state of mind.. Was so confused wat to hv for a drink after lunch for the first time n simply had a Lime juice... we exchanged the Friendship bands and were back to work..

Blogged about the weekend outing to Flower show and also created my wordpress blog for a backup or a migration in the future -

In the middle of my blogging, browsing I realized I am feeling cold.. Started frantically searching for my jacket to realize that I have lost it!! I was all freaked coz it was my new TH (Tommy Hilfighter) jacket from Canada, ran to the washroom to see if it was still there.. next headed to the Security guy to enquire.. Quick came his reaction " He pulled a drawer and handed over maaaaaa Jacket!! Yippie

Crazy me n my Monday mood... Hope the rest of the day will go well!!
Is there anybody on the planet who wants to eliminate Monday from the Calendar??? Or is it "Just Meeee"??

Edited to add the proceedings of the rest of the day-
Hubby reached home by 6:15 which is unusual and I was stuck in Bad, mad traffic (due to rain in Blr) and managed to reach by 8:00 PM, The best part is that I slept very well in the bus and felt refreshed when I reached home..

In order to compensate for all the things that happened in the day, I went intot he kitchen to add my style to the food n the Dinner menu contained-
Palak Parantha, Paneer Mutter sabzi, Rice and Kadi (this is MIL's new invention)
Served hot hot Paranthas to hubby who happily had a stumptious meal :)
Ended the day by watching some serials/browsing and then a good nights Sleep Zzzz..

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flower Show 2011

Being in Bangalore for so long, not even once I had been to the Flower show that happens in Lalbagh..
After a hectic Saturday filled with all the bank work/Repairs/Washing/Cleaning and a protesting hubby who refuses to work on Saturdays henceforth.. We planned a perfect Sunday. A morning Walk in Lalbagh followed by delicious breakfast n then the Flower Show..

Sunday Morning-
Poor hubby woke up at the first sound of the alarm set @ 6:00, took bath and had put water to me too.. Me like a lazy bum was still lying on the bed waiting for the already hot water to get more hot so that I could catch some more sleep… Zzzzz Finally we both left house @ around 8:20 AM, both wearing our New shoes got from Canada n I also wore the New GAP pullover too!!

Guess where did we stop first?? Oh the much awaited place to go I call it the "Land of Pigeons" just opp to the Vidhana soudha, in front of the High Court there is a spectacular vision of pigeons... People stop by just for the view, some come inside and feed too, We forgot to get the grains but were lucky to spend some quality time and managed to take some shots too amidst the shouting cop :P

Next we headed towards "Brahmins" for breakfast only to find it closed! Brahmins closed??? That too on a Sunday morning??? We stopped just in front of the closed shutters and I asked hubby to click a snap of the closed door, the onlookers were probably thinking that we were crazy... :)

We then headed to the next best breakfast spot in Jayanagar, Mayya's. After waiting for couple of mins we got our chance n had nice poori, vada, pongal n ended with Coffee!! Zooom we went to Lalbagh, parked our car and was very Happy to be in such a green lush in the awesome weather, no rain, no sun just the perfect amount of breeze..

As soon as we entered our camera's (digi cam + the mobile cam) kept on shooting pics of flowers..Visited the shops n made a mental note of what all to buy and added to the imaginary Shopping cart.. Roamed aimlessly in the greenery, climbed a tree, clicked some more snaps.. then headed towards the Glass house to witness the replica of the world-renowned Lotus Temple of the Bahai community in New Delhi, This was the 2011 special.. It was like a feast toour eyes.. Colorful display of floweres. . as though the entire glass house was cheering for someone!! We clicked snaps to the hearts content and proceeded further. There was a display of vegetables n fruits all grown in small pots. Veggies like pumpkins, tomatoes, chillies, varieties of Brinjals, fruits like Pineapple, grapes etc... It was fun to watch

Then we shopped for a flower pot + bright flowers, a Bonsai and a Urli. I picked up a smaller one so that I can place it on my table and decorate it with the pebbles or marbles OR make use of it as a Urli whenever needed.. Finally after a eventful, fun filled Sunday headed home for Lunch...

After Lunch we arranged the Flower pot with flowers and placed it next to the Tv  and the Bonsai had to sit out in the back Balcony as it needed sun and water.. The urli took over my table arranged with some pebbles bought from Canada and few handpicked pebbles from Andaman!
Flower Pot from Flower show 2011

Urli with pebbles from Canada n Andaman


Will find some time to post the rest of the Snaps..

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Festivals n realisations

I am sure most of the gals agree with me coz I am sure they wud hv also experienced a similar thing one way or the other.... After marriage Roles change.. Not to argue that it is more after kids, but I was amazed by this change in role so soon in Life...

B4 marriage I was a carefree girl, never actually cooked in Kitchen, max was prepared coffee/Tea, helped mom at times by stirring the curry, preparing roti's etc.. but never actually fully cooking and giving her rest...
In occasions like festivals, Mom used to prepare almost 100% by waking up early in the morning (odd hrs like 4:00 am or so) taking bath.. getting all the pooja stuff ready, the food preparation ready to be offered to god n to us too :) and there I used to get up by 9:00 AM (that too when mom or dad woke me up)..
She used to ask me to get bath n ready soon so that we can start the pooja

I used to grumble, take my sweet time, go hv bath, n then sit for the ready made pooja..(ready made coz mom's done everything for u there) all I had to do was sit n do the pooja...

Now the role is reversed completely, I am the women of the house, I hv to get up, get ready, prepare all the pooja stuff, then I have to do the Pooja and also lead my Hubby too.. Thanks to Hubby who helps/assists me in it but I have to lead everything...

On the occasion of Nagarapanchami, I realized how much I missed her n How much I was used to her being around and doing things for me.. Although I am not a spoon fed kid unlike my bro, I did most of the things independently but in matters of pooja n stuff, Mom was the one!! All I used to do was to ride her down to the temple or Hold the pooja thali for her or help her fetch stuff while doing pooja..

Now hubby does all my roles n I hv to do MOM's role... oooooh All by myself? No help??
I kept on wondering abt what would mom do first?? in which order?? oh Mom if only I could hv given enough attention when u used to do it.. :'( Hey Mom I really missed doing pooja with u, u used to guide me, tell me what to do next... isn't it too much responsibility when u hv to do it all by urself.. actually MIL doesn't show much interest be it in Cooking or in Pooja so its all me now.. with frequent advice/updates from Mom..

The same holds good in cooking too, whenever I want something which mom used to prepare, I simply dial n ask her.. Sometimes dad tease me saying "It will cost u for the advice" Believe me dad its Priceless!

The timely advice, suggestion, keen interest, concern, Love n care Mom n dad gives/shows is really Priceless! Love you guys a lot! And I am glad that hubby also is a part of it n feels the same in every aspect!