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Love Happened
Love Happened

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flower Show 2011

Being in Bangalore for so long, not even once I had been to the Flower show that happens in Lalbagh..
After a hectic Saturday filled with all the bank work/Repairs/Washing/Cleaning and a protesting hubby who refuses to work on Saturdays henceforth.. We planned a perfect Sunday. A morning Walk in Lalbagh followed by delicious breakfast n then the Flower Show..

Sunday Morning-
Poor hubby woke up at the first sound of the alarm set @ 6:00, took bath and had put water to me too.. Me like a lazy bum was still lying on the bed waiting for the already hot water to get more hot so that I could catch some more sleep… Zzzzz Finally we both left house @ around 8:20 AM, both wearing our New shoes got from Canada n I also wore the New GAP pullover too!!

Guess where did we stop first?? Oh the much awaited place to go I call it the "Land of Pigeons" just opp to the Vidhana soudha, in front of the High Court there is a spectacular vision of pigeons... People stop by just for the view, some come inside and feed too, We forgot to get the grains but were lucky to spend some quality time and managed to take some shots too amidst the shouting cop :P

Next we headed towards "Brahmins" for breakfast only to find it closed! Brahmins closed??? That too on a Sunday morning??? We stopped just in front of the closed shutters and I asked hubby to click a snap of the closed door, the onlookers were probably thinking that we were crazy... :)

We then headed to the next best breakfast spot in Jayanagar, Mayya's. After waiting for couple of mins we got our chance n had nice poori, vada, pongal n ended with Coffee!! Zooom we went to Lalbagh, parked our car and was very Happy to be in such a green lush in the awesome weather, no rain, no sun just the perfect amount of breeze..

As soon as we entered our camera's (digi cam + the mobile cam) kept on shooting pics of flowers..Visited the shops n made a mental note of what all to buy and added to the imaginary Shopping cart.. Roamed aimlessly in the greenery, climbed a tree, clicked some more snaps.. then headed towards the Glass house to witness the replica of the world-renowned Lotus Temple of the Bahai community in New Delhi, This was the 2011 special.. It was like a feast toour eyes.. Colorful display of floweres. . as though the entire glass house was cheering for someone!! We clicked snaps to the hearts content and proceeded further. There was a display of vegetables n fruits all grown in small pots. Veggies like pumpkins, tomatoes, chillies, varieties of Brinjals, fruits like Pineapple, grapes etc... It was fun to watch

Then we shopped for a flower pot + bright flowers, a Bonsai and a Urli. I picked up a smaller one so that I can place it on my table and decorate it with the pebbles or marbles OR make use of it as a Urli whenever needed.. Finally after a eventful, fun filled Sunday headed home for Lunch...

After Lunch we arranged the Flower pot with flowers and placed it next to the Tv  and the Bonsai had to sit out in the back Balcony as it needed sun and water.. The urli took over my table arranged with some pebbles bought from Canada and few handpicked pebbles from Andaman!
Flower Pot from Flower show 2011

Urli with pebbles from Canada n Andaman


Will find some time to post the rest of the Snaps..

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