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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 29 August 2011

Hubby's B'day celebration!

This was hubby's First B'day after our marriage and I definitely wanted it to be special that he would remember it for the rest of his life... Finally after a lot of debate with hubby who constantly kept on changing his likes and finally denying.. I talked to his colleague and finally I bought a "HTC Incredible S" as his grand Gift and also bought him a Ferrari remote control car which I know he loves to have one!

Instead of just giving him his presents I decided I will do something special n hence thought of hiding his presents and asking him to find it, when I was discussing this wit Mom, she gave me a Idea "why dont u give him clues n play a treasure hunt" wow.. this was a great idea... hence There I started on....

Thankfully Saturday hubby had office to compensate the leave on 2nd Sep(to make it a long holiday), I was thankful coz I wanted to prepare n arrange his gifts... After a day long of chores, cleaning, washing I became free only @ around 3:00 pm, started packing his gifts n choosing a place to hide n started writing the clues in a post-it sticks... I totally had 7 gifts,hence chose 7 rooms of our home n wrote around 5-6 clues each for the 7 places... I myself was feeling excited to prepare all this n totally forgot that I was tired... When I was done I wrote a invitation letter explaining the rules of the game...It was 6:00 pm and I couldn't wait for 6 more hrs to play the game!!! "Gift Hunt"

Hubby reached home at around 8:30 pm, I was all excited to tell him but controlled my excitement n instead told him that I couldn't buy him anything on his B'day as it was a tiresome day...I also added saying that I was sorry I cudnt buy anything n we shall shop something tomorrow when we go out!!! When he was convinced I had this cunning smile which told me.. U will soon realise it ha ha ha .... :p

Both the SIL's had come home n their son's too, I had already ordered a cake with 2 names in it, one my hubby's n another my hubby's nephew whose B'day was long over but was pending celebration.... Actually even my name had to be included as we had decided long back that we shall celebrate mass B'days but how could I add my name myself while ordering?? .. so I dint.. I just included 2 names.. :)

After dinner at around 11:00 we came down to our "Home" n since we both were tired hubby said lets sleep off its ok no need to wait till 12:00 to wish... I was like wat????? hubby soon started asking I know u hv got me a cake isn't it... Yes I had bought a small Brownie!! at sharp 12:00 I made him cut Brownie and wished him Happy B'day....

I cudnt wait to give him the instruction card explaining the rules of the game, after reading he was super excited!!! I was ready with a camera in hand to capture his excitement n started clicking snaps!!!

There started the "Gift hunt" game... The first slip pointed to the Nintendo Wii which contained the CLUE 1 card...
Hubby found his first clue Slip

Hubby reading the Instruction sheet of the Game "Gift Hunt"

CLUE 1 - Hidden inside the Flower wase in the Drawing room which we had bought recently from he Flower show!!
GIFT 1-  A small cute little teddy saying "I Love you"

1st Gift.. Small teddy sayin "I Love you"

Found his 1st Gift in the flower pot

CLUE 2 - Hidden in the Books rack in the Guest Room
GIFT 2-  A CD which was helpful to reduce Hypertension 

Searching for his 2nd gift in the books rack

There he found the CD




CLUE 3 - Hidden in the Laundry Bag in our Bedroom
GIFT 3-  A cute little candle in a designer latern

3rd gift hidden inside the Laundry Bag

A candle inside the Latern!!

CLUE 4 - Supposed to be hv hidden in his actual CAR but I completely forgot to do so in his presence @ home... :(
GIFT 4-  A Ferrari remote control CAR
Cudnt hide his excitement seeing a Ferrari Car! :)
Like a small kid he started playing with the car

At this point he thought dats the end!! and he was more excited when I said "we are just Half way through"

CLUE 5 - In the Shoe Rack
GIFT 5-  The Most Awaited and the Grand gift!! HTC Incredible S 

He kind of had guessed it was a Mobile Phone!

Full smile after seeing the Mobile

CLUE 6 - Pooja Room
GIFT 6-  Greeting 

CLUE 7 - Kitchen
GIFT 7-  Greeting 
Reading the Greeting

All his 7 gifts after a sucessful Gift Hunt
By this time he was v excited n was
happy!!! He told me "This is the first time I hv received so many gifts" I also couldn't count the number of times he thanked me for this... 
Along came one more realisation to him that he hadn't given me a single gift for my first B'day after our marriage... He soon started asking sorry and that he would never repeat it in the future!! Yes we did take leave on my B'day and went out to a Movie and then Lunch, he did ask me that he will buy me gold n I denied it... But the entire day I was expecting that he shall give me something.. A small doll, A teddy bear, at least a Greeting but nothing happened and the day ended!! I shall probably remember this forever... Somethings cannot just be forgotten... Like my hubby shall remember this B'day forever.. :)

I for some reason wanted him to hv the best B'day ever n hope I was successful in the same...

Later in the day we celebrated his B'day by cutting cake with the family... It was a combined B'day with his nephew and I too joined the celebration as my B'day was also not celebrated!! It was fun time with family too!

B'day Cake!! Yummmy

Just B4 B'day celebration!!

Later in the night went to dine @ the Khansama, UB City, sat in the kool air while waiting for our reservations n then had a lovely,romantic dinner n came back home to watch the remaining part of the Cartoon movie "Tangled" and retired to bed!!

I really hope hubby enjoyed his big day to the fullest!!

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  1. Wow! Looks like he was more thrilled with the Ferrari car than the HTC! :-D And the cake looks yummyyyy!

    And you ensured that he will remember this Bday forever AND feel guilty that he didnt give you anything :-)