Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Smelly n Khadoos Co-passanger

This blog is dedicated to my encounter with a Smelly and a khadoos Co-passenger..

It was like any other day, I went soon to catch a good place in my 5:15 bus, sky looked clear, no signs of rain, rain means leakage in the window seat.. So I decided to hold a window seat in my office bus enroute to home.. A friend S had said she would come.. but finally did not turn up..

I generally prefer to sit alone, this was not true before marriage coz me n Friend G used to go in the same route, same bus and all the time just chat chat n chat...Any amount of time was just not enough for us.. The same doesn't hold good anymore as our routs hv changed n I prefer solitude to unwind my day... I either read a book or doze off depending on the mood..

Today was one such day where I decided to read my newly picked "The Man in the Brown Coat" by Agatha Christie... The bus was not full and hence no one came next to me.. I had a smile in my face just imagining the whole 2 seats to myself hammmm... just when the bus was about to start there came 3- 4 people running towards our bus... The smile faded as I saw a Man who came to sit next to me.. I was unhappy coz I couldn't hv 2 seats to myself anymore...

Oh did I tell you there is a cute little angel in our bus, A very cute baby whose mom keeps her in the crush in office and they come daily in our bus.. The doll is very cute and looks at everyone in the bus and grabs the attention especially to boys and gives them a sweet smile..

As soon as the bus started I realized some stinking foul smell, first I thought may be something from outside then I realized that it was the sweat smell coming from the guy sitting next to me... Aaaaaaaaagrrrr..
It was so string that I felt pukish.. I cudnt resist but opened the window completely, tried to concentrate elsewhere, started reading my nivel, did everything that I could do to distract myself but the odor was so strong and my nostrils so sharp that I immediately started frowning n sulking..

I even stared at him several times more so he lowers his hands but in vain,, how could I have said?
Mr Foul Smell keep ur hand down? or
Stop smelling You smelly Moron?  or
Why dont you use a Deodorant

Upon that friend G smsed me saying "There is a Handsome guy in the bus Very Cute smile"
Oh No not now..... especially when I am suffering here... :'(
I looked at the man's face to see if he was handsome, he was fair, bearded, expressionless face. He did not seemed handsome to me for all the foul smell he was generating.. He was kind of holding his breath too.. I was worried where his breath also imparts some more foul smell... Mummmmyyyyy save me
I smsed back saying I was stuck in this situation for which she replied back saying "Enjoy" Grrrrr

I said "khadoos" because the cute angel got up from her nap and started looking around for the familiar faces to receive attention, other passengers smiled back at her, some even started playing with her, soon her attention caught this man who was sitting next to me.. I could see how she started staring at him for a long time...
She first had an expression which said "Who are you? Are u new to this bus??"
No change in expression in that man's face after looking at the doll
Next she started making sounds looking at him, as if saying "Ok hello how are u new guy in the bus"
No change in Expression
She gave a nice sweet smile making sounds still smiling still staring for a long long time sitting very close by that man...
Still no expression change in him...
Does Kadoos sound right now??

I was like- "How come someone not smile back at a cute sweet smiling baby who is kept on staring at you"?? Thanks god my journey ended with this smelly khadoos stranger..

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