Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 8 August 2011

I Hate Monday's

I am not sure wats with me today, Early morning when the Alarm rang I refused to acknowledge that it was 6:00 AM as it was too dark to be 6:00 as I recalled I had just checked the time sometime back and it showed 4:00 AM giving me 2 more hrs to sleep..Zzzzzzzzz

Later I rode with hubby, dropped him off to the Bus stop and proceeded to my bike stop to catch my bus... In the bus when we reached office, I refused to budge out of the bus wanting to sleep more...

As soon as I was out digged (as my hubby calls it) into my bottomless bag :) to find my ID card and found none.. Friend S was ready to sign on my behalf and was enquiring on where I had kept my ID Card, My mind completely refused to react..Like "Battery Low" it said "Sleep Low, need more sleep to start working"
I took the temporary pass and proceeded to the washroom, washed my face so that the eyes will pop up but nooo, then went to the security to get another temporary ODC pass.. Learnt that a good friend G was not coming soon to office, dat itself made me more sad. coz No G for breakfast means no Unwinding the Weekend properly.. :(

Went to breakfast with Friend L and was mostly silent, when I was talking I did not hv control over me, Sleep n the dullness in the weather was singing a Lullaby to me...

Came back to my place to realize no mails from Onsite which meant no work!! Aggggh No work means all sleepy and that too on a horrible Monday of all..

Empty mind is a devil's workshop, started getting worried about hubby's health as in the weekend his Blood pressure showed 130/90 once and 120/90 one more time.. Doc has strictly asked for a lifestyle change.. I am getting all scared, nervous about his health.. Instead of helping him cope up stress, I am getting more stressed thinking about it....

Later came along friend G and we went for Lunch n tried to catch up on weekend amidst L's ajeeb aur gareeb activities/reactions/state of mind.. Was so confused wat to hv for a drink after lunch for the first time n simply had a Lime juice... we exchanged the Friendship bands and were back to work..

Blogged about the weekend outing to Flower show and also created my wordpress blog for a backup or a migration in the future -

In the middle of my blogging, browsing I realized I am feeling cold.. Started frantically searching for my jacket to realize that I have lost it!! I was all freaked coz it was my new TH (Tommy Hilfighter) jacket from Canada, ran to the washroom to see if it was still there.. next headed to the Security guy to enquire.. Quick came his reaction " He pulled a drawer and handed over maaaaaa Jacket!! Yippie

Crazy me n my Monday mood... Hope the rest of the day will go well!!
Is there anybody on the planet who wants to eliminate Monday from the Calendar??? Or is it "Just Meeee"??

Edited to add the proceedings of the rest of the day-
Hubby reached home by 6:15 which is unusual and I was stuck in Bad, mad traffic (due to rain in Blr) and managed to reach by 8:00 PM, The best part is that I slept very well in the bus and felt refreshed when I reached home..

In order to compensate for all the things that happened in the day, I went intot he kitchen to add my style to the food n the Dinner menu contained-
Palak Parantha, Paneer Mutter sabzi, Rice and Kadi (this is MIL's new invention)
Served hot hot Paranthas to hubby who happily had a stumptious meal :)
Ended the day by watching some serials/browsing and then a good nights Sleep Zzzz..

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