Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Festivals n realisations

I am sure most of the gals agree with me coz I am sure they wud hv also experienced a similar thing one way or the other.... After marriage Roles change.. Not to argue that it is more after kids, but I was amazed by this change in role so soon in Life...

B4 marriage I was a carefree girl, never actually cooked in Kitchen, max was prepared coffee/Tea, helped mom at times by stirring the curry, preparing roti's etc.. but never actually fully cooking and giving her rest...
In occasions like festivals, Mom used to prepare almost 100% by waking up early in the morning (odd hrs like 4:00 am or so) taking bath.. getting all the pooja stuff ready, the food preparation ready to be offered to god n to us too :) and there I used to get up by 9:00 AM (that too when mom or dad woke me up)..
She used to ask me to get bath n ready soon so that we can start the pooja

I used to grumble, take my sweet time, go hv bath, n then sit for the ready made pooja..(ready made coz mom's done everything for u there) all I had to do was sit n do the pooja...

Now the role is reversed completely, I am the women of the house, I hv to get up, get ready, prepare all the pooja stuff, then I have to do the Pooja and also lead my Hubby too.. Thanks to Hubby who helps/assists me in it but I have to lead everything...

On the occasion of Nagarapanchami, I realized how much I missed her n How much I was used to her being around and doing things for me.. Although I am not a spoon fed kid unlike my bro, I did most of the things independently but in matters of pooja n stuff, Mom was the one!! All I used to do was to ride her down to the temple or Hold the pooja thali for her or help her fetch stuff while doing pooja..

Now hubby does all my roles n I hv to do MOM's role... oooooh All by myself? No help??
I kept on wondering abt what would mom do first?? in which order?? oh Mom if only I could hv given enough attention when u used to do it.. :'( Hey Mom I really missed doing pooja with u, u used to guide me, tell me what to do next... isn't it too much responsibility when u hv to do it all by urself.. actually MIL doesn't show much interest be it in Cooking or in Pooja so its all me now.. with frequent advice/updates from Mom..

The same holds good in cooking too, whenever I want something which mom used to prepare, I simply dial n ask her.. Sometimes dad tease me saying "It will cost u for the advice" Believe me dad its Priceless!

The timely advice, suggestion, keen interest, concern, Love n care Mom n dad gives/shows is really Priceless! Love you guys a lot! And I am glad that hubby also is a part of it n feels the same in every aspect!

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