Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Taking time for Myself

Gotten lil busy from the time I have returned from Canada...

Returned back on 16th July (Sunday), Took nice rest whole day + washing n cleaning...
Monday First day after returning back was fun, meeting frnds, sharing my exp, giving chocs to frnds etc..
Tuesday to Friday Office, Jet lag was still there and work too, got myself a new place to sit which is much more silent than how it used to be before, but I guess I enjoy the silence to an extent(For a Change)  Getting to know the difference in my energy levels from how it used to be in Canada n here...

There I used to get up soon, cook, pack, walk to subway, catch train, walk to office, office work, back to hotel, cook again for dinner, sometimes roam around too, browse the net, watch something over net/TV, pack for tomo lunch n plan for tomo breakfast, I still had time n energy n again go to bed early too..

Here, I felt my energy levels hv definitely gone down, commuting is consuming all the TIME+ ENERGY leaving me lethargic n adding up STRESS!! :'( Is there a escape to this???

Hubby n me proposed that we should go to a family trip to Vellore, with no much preparation we (10 ppl- MIL, FIL, Elder SIL Family (3), Younger SIL(2), BIL and us) embarked on the Weekend trip to vellore, golden temple on Saturday morning and returned back late Sunday night..
(The Golden temple trip itself deserves a separate blog)

Monday, unable to get up and forced by hubby took leave and stayed back to tidy up stuff @ home, cleaning, unpacking and unwinding... :)
Again back to office Tuesday with more work load and lil more energy..

Thursday went to Herbs n Spices, Whitefield with new team (around 18ppl) for lunch n had fun..  Missed my old team for sure.. but change is the only constant thing isnt it!
A long pending task of cleaning god's idols was accomplished followed by a Bhaktiful pooja to god from hubby n me.

Events lined up to look froward to :

Today, Friday- going to a Lunch party with friends L n G, It is G's B'day treat to Rajdhani @ Whitefield..
(after planning for a long long time we are finally going now (Fingers crossed))

How cud I say No when G commented - "Chalo Chalo lets go this Friday I can imagine the big Thali of Rajdhani right here in front of me" and when L has lost her mind completely as she is now officially jobless (actually serving notice period) she is the perfect eg of "Idle mind is a devil's workshop"

Later in the night- 9:50 pm ZNMD movie with hubby @ Fun cinemas, Cunningham..
Saturday - Relaxing + ticking off priority items in the To-do List
Sunday- Looking frwd for parents visiting us, Bro cannot make it as he is on a trip this weekend!
Actually Sunday is Hubby's B'day day if you go by Hindu Calendar too..

August 12th-  My First Varamahalakshmi Festival.
Aug 13- 15th-  Long weekend, Hubby is pressing to go to Pondi, but I am pressing to stay back n relax @ home... TBD
Aug 14th-  Mom's B'day- I guess she will be in their planned trip to Vellore as it is a Long weekend
Aug 28th- Hubby's B'day, looking frwd to it!!

Sept 1- Holiday n Ganesh Chathurthi, my First Ganesh Chathurthi @ home here as I was at parents for the first time..
Sept 5-  Big day for us!! Not Teacher's day but our Anniversary!! Is it already a year that I am married?? OMG.. Time flies!!

Oct 3- Bro's B'day.. I really hope n wish he gets a girl of his choice soon n gets settled soon too..
Oct 20th- Our Love Anniversary...The day I said, "I do"
          Family to approach BIL's GF's family on their marriage talks, hope they settle soon

Nov-  B'days in our family are lined up... MIL, Mintoo, BIL .. Last year we had celebrated all the B'day's together n had fun!

Dec- Nothing particular till now.. May be saying good Bye to the lovely 2011 and welcoming another year of joy, peace n happiness!!

I now truly understand the phrase "Having short term goals, happiness, hopes gives so much pleasure to self"

I just pray to god to shower his blessing on us forever and fill our lives with joy n happiness along with good health n wealth 

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