Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Only Time will Tell

When In Canada B4 hubby joined started reading this book and the pace was good enough but couldn't touch it again when he was around (obvsly he took more priority here :))

In QMO trip in between Hubby's snoring I managed to read this book completely... Completely is not the word coz it is just first part of the 5 Clifton Chronicles . this is just a comma..

My Take on this -

Good start and has shown the same story in many people's perspective.. Did not like the part where Harry n Emma get so close to each other and their so called biological parents keep mum!! Hats off to Old Jack Tarr!!

The last part where Harry went to the sea become lil boring!! All in all its ok compared to Jeffrey's standards.. Still awaiting for his next book to see how he ends it

Waiting for his next book -"Sins of the father"

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