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Love Happened
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Not Just another Frwd Mail, It is the harsh truth but very sweetly said

Received this fwd mail from a friend L and is really worth a blog by itself..
Chetan Bhagat's Article in today's TOI : Specially for Indian Women.... Do Read it girls...
"Alright, this is not cool at all. A recent survey by Nielsen has revealed that Indian women are the most stressed out in the world: 87% of our women feel stressed out most of the time. This statistic alone has caused me to stress out. Even in workaholic America, only 53% women feel stressed.

What are we doing to our women? I'm biased, but Indian women are the most beautiful in the world. As mothers, sisters, daughters, colleagues, wives and girlfriends - we love them. Can you imagine life without the ladies?

One, Don't ever think you are without power. Give it back to that mother-in-law. Be who you are, someone she wished you would be. She doesn't like you? That's her problem.
Two, If you are doing a good job at work and your boss doesn't value you - tell him that, or quit. Talented, hard-working people are much in demand.
Three, Educate yourself, learn skills, network - figure out ways to be economically independent. So next time your husband tells you that you are not a good enough wife, mother or daughter-in-law, you can tell him to take a hike.
Four, Do not ever feel stressed about having a dual responsibility of family and work. It is difficult, but not impossible. The trick is not to expect an A+ in every aspect of your life. You are not taking an exam, and you frankly can't score cent per cent (unless you are in SRCC, of course). It is okay if you don't make four dishes for lunch, one can fill their stomach with one. It is okay if you don't work until midnight and don't get a promotion. Nobody remembers their job designation on their dying day.
Five, most important, don't get competitive with other women. Someone will make a better scrapbook for her school project than you. Another will lose more weight with a better diet. Your neighbour may make a six-dabba tiffin for her husband, you don't - big deal. Do your best, but don't keep looking out for the report card, and definitely don't expect to top the class.

There is no ideal woman in this world, and if you strive to become one, there will be only one thing you will achieve for certain - "STRESS".
So breathe, chill, relax. Tell yourself you are beautiful, do your best and deserve a peaceful life. Anybody trying to take that away from you is making a mistake, not you. Your purpose of coming to this earth is not to please everyone. Your purpose is to offer what you have to the world, and have a good life in return.
The next time this survey comes, I don't want to see Indian women on top of the list. I want them to be the happiest women in the world. Now smile, before your mother-in-law shouts at you for wasting your time reading the newspaper. "
You have one life to live, so Live it!!!.......

The first thing I did after receiving this mail was Hugged my Friend L and informed G to also read it and we all promised that we should apply this in Life rather than just reading it as any other forward..  I also Frwded this mail to all my Girl Friends coz I loved it..

A simple message yet said in a very effective way.. In one way or the other I am also one among the women who contributed to that 87%....

  • The constant effort to please people, be it your MIL, be it your boss, be it @ work or be it to ur hubby,
  • Increasing chores/Responsibilities/demands from Family/boss/In-laws/Boss and reducing Physical strength
  • Office commuting/pressure/work/survival/politics
  • The need or want of finishing/Ticking as many tasks as possible in the ever growing "To-Do-List"
  • The constant irking guilt of not giving my 100% either @ home/Office/Relationship
  • A teeny weeny hope to please my hard to please MIL by my deeds
 All this in vain just adds to one unwanted, uninvited Guest called "STRESS"

Hubby keeps saying - " Start Ignoring, Take things cooly, calm down, Breath" All in vain.....

Hope some words of wisdom from "Chethan Baba " will ease/reduce the constant accumulated Unwanted Guest called "Stress"
For now, i want to give Indian women five suggestions to reduce their stress levels.

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