Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Long weekend in Toronto! QMO

Long weekend in Toronto was like placing a perfect cherry on the already delicious piece of cake!

Wat could I hv asked for when I am in Toronto for a month n my Hubby has joined me to spend 3 weekends with me one of which is a Long weekend!

We both had decided that we r going to have a blast, not thinking about money,expenditure and just have pure fun... although we both agreed on the fact that we cannot get such a golden time later in life..

After returning back to Blore
For Hubby it would be - Get up soon, drive to office (traffic n strain), after office back home, eat n sleep, run the errands on weekends n relax whenever u find time

For me - Get up soon, catch a early bus to office(Bus n the bad seats n traffic) , back from office, cook, eat, try to catch sleep. Weekends- lot of errands like cleaning the house, washing clothes, etc etc... with no time again there is a dreadful Monday waiting

We wanted to go to QMO(Quebec-Montreal-Ottawa) trip on the long weekend, hence booked one in the Jacco travels and waiting for the trip

The 3 day trip was too good and we travelled, visited places, clicked photos, relaxed in the 4 * hotels, not to mention running around and looking for Vegetarian food. I wouldn't complain abt it much as I survived with some veggie stuff that was available. Poor hubby also did not take NV and gave me company through

All in all it was a very satisfying weekend comprised of various activities all the best in itself -

  • Chatting with each other mostly pulling each others legs (last seat in the bus gave us a good adv of having more leg space and our space too :)
  • Apart from us there were only 2 more Indian (2 ladies) that gave us an advantage to speak in Kannada, loudly n frankly too, we even sang sons to ourselves... that was fun :)
  • Me reading a novel (and completed one too) when he was snoring to glory
  • Watching movie in the video coach bus
  • Laughing when trying to decipher the dialogues made by the so called English speaking "Chinese guide",
  • Hearing people chat in god knows wat language
  • Watch people barge into the hotel and grab the food (plz don't remind me the food as I don't know wat was wat) especially when it was a Buffet Lunch
  • Visiting places and clicking photos, Exploring many places by ourselves
  • Having arguments on whether to buy something or not (mostly it will be he saying "Yes" and me saying "No")
  • Visit to the Biodome, watching the penguins, birds and fishes (oh it was fun)
  • Sitting in a nice shady place ont he bench watching Cars mostly the convertibles and aaaah the Harley Davidson bikes in Quebec, posing in front of a HD bike and the owner offered her helmet for me to pose with
  • Talking about how ppl here do not worry abt saving money for children/grandchildren and just live their life king size
  • In Quebec city when were given 3 hrs to explore, the Hip-Hop style show
  • Eating in one-Ice cream n Fighting over 1 chips packet
  • Me arguing with him to have chicken burger and he refusing to have just because I did not have anything to eat in Veg
  • Fighting for 1 camera to click snaps n over who is going to carry the luggage (contrary to "you carry not me" between us it is "I will carry not you")
  • Me happy to ask questions/doubts to others unlike he saying "Y do we need to ask, lets check out ourselves" n me saying "Its ok to ask ppl its not a favor" Arggggggg
  • He sometimes even refuses to request people to take a snap of us together which I completely oppose and say "Its ok to ask this favor" Grrrrrrr
  • @ Cruise ride in 1000 Island just watching the water + small Islands with 1 or 2 houses in each, enjoying the sea and the sky and the calmness
  • I guess the list just grows if I keep remembering....
In the last few days I realized few things

In the last 10 months and over more than 10 years of knowing each other.. there is still so much to know abt each other, discover each other n the small nitty gritty issues between us brings us more close to each other... The fights, arguments, silent moments, time spent with each other is the best time I have ever had, better than the time we spent in honeymoon...

I am looking forward to spend many more years n janmas with you... Hey did I tell you "I love you"

This is for the 10th month celebration of togetherness

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