Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 22 July 2011

Feeling Good!

I cant believe it but its true!!!

Yes Yes I have lost weight and it is shown (only for ppl who wanna see n acknowledge though) Yipppie!! I had given up hope that I will ever reduce.. Coz the graph kept on shooting up in one direction (Direction up) Now that I have shed some unwanted kilos I feeeeel great!! The feeling is so niceeeee

My hubby who hardly ever notices n comments/compliments did notice it n told me too, that is when even I realized the change... :)

When I came to Office 1st day after returning from Canada, the first colleague who saw me said "Hey u look great... U hv reduced a lot.. n skin look clear too, u look nice da" Wow Havent heard this for like many many years now!! It made my day...

With full confidence and hope to receive many more such compliments I stepped inside the office… Fresh new feeling… Met my x team-mates n there one lady passed a comment saying "Aaap toh kuch change hi nahin hue ho waise ke waise hi ho" :'((( sad me all the air in the balloon of happiness was punctured when immediately another X colleague came to my rescue and bandaged the punctured ballon by saying "Chup kar, she had lost a lot of weight n she looks great n skin is glowing tooo" Thanks M for saving my balloon..

Met my close friends over Lunch n I asked them their frank opinion to which they both said -
"You hv def lost weight here, here n here too (I am not telling u where all he he he :)) I am so Glad about it!! 

My 3 Secret ingredients for this lil change WCH

Walking- I should say it was Brisk walking, Thanks to the clean, neat roads, pollution free environment and organized lanes....

Cooking- I used to enjoy cooking, stuff was easily accessible/available, I used to feel nice to cook, to feed my darling hubby. The vegetables, fruits, milk n curds were definitely filled with more nutrients. More than everything It was "MY KITCHEN" I used to cook whatere I/we wished to or sometimes even go out n eat when not in mood.. Freedom!!

Happiness-  More than anything I guess it was the Happy moments that we spent together.. It was just the 2 of us and we were free, happy, Loving, Caring, teasing, Pulling Legs, independent n free from all the tension n worries.. Like I hv written in one of my prev blogs we had a great time.. Better than what we had in our Honeymoon..  I guess it just gets sweeter day by day.. :)

Thanks to Canada that gave us all this and which planted a teeny weeny Hope that I can reduce if I made enough effort..  

Self realization is v important, I am feeling it n I am enjoying it, n I am glad abt it!!!

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