Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 12 September 2011

Am I going Nuts or it is that the World n people around me are driving me Crazy?

Gone are those days where weekends was fun.. I mean just 2 weekends back it was all good..

Just my prev Blogs says how weekends were... I guess it is all jinxed now..
Starting from our Long weekend Anniv ..

Our first Anniversary was on 5th Sept (Monday) we had taken leaves on 2nd(Friday) and Monday and Planned/Booked/Packed to go to Pondi... which was cancelled as hubby was too unwell (Cold n cough n fever) Next we planned at least for Mysore 1 night stay trip which was again cancelled... Next was at least a whole day outing in the "Guhanthara Resort" which again did not happen as we got up lazily late and Finally hubby took me to a Temple +Breakfast and then took me to Mom's house where it was good, we talked, had fun, shopped a bit and int he night went to Bar-B-Que Nation (a long awaited pending treat to my parents)

After this flop long weekend came another one..
My Thought- we need to balance between both the sides, We had given a nice treat to parents on Anniv we should do something here too..
I suggested we go to a Hotel for either Lunch/Dinner with family mostly Bar-B-Que again as they would enjoy the Non-Veg food, Hubby suggested why not a resort instead where we can spend more time and play too. finally we thought the best place would be to the "Innovative film city" I was all excited, Anniv plans was a complete Flop so there was something to look forward too, This also came as a super flop... Reason- SIL had come home last sunday (after FIL forcing them like anything) so they had some errands to run hence couldn't come.. We decided we can plan out something else...

This was one such day where nothing was planned hence I asked hubby to take me to "Soul Santhe" @ Palace grounds which was an exhibition of art/pottery/jewellery etc...
This time we both were in good health n I wanted my hubby completely for myself, Is this too much to ask for???
There came his fav nephew, and one more joined too.. they demanded McD, I instantly agreed and after Lunch @ McD we went to Soul Santhe... I was happy to see the wide range of displayed jewelery/bags/stuff.. I did also buy one pair of jewellery for myself... The kids + hubby started getting bored as they couldn't find anything interesting for themselves... One small comment made by hubby's nephew kind of irritated me,, I hoped hubby would come for rescue but alas nothing like that happened and I was hurt..
Hurt coz he is the only one whom I do expect from and when it doesn't turn out as expected it hurts!! When I demanded explanation he was irritated and in anger we came back home... I so much wanted to explore the exhibition but allas that did not happen!!

I was all frustrated, angry, depressed.... came back home and I wanted to avoid any further fights I was also tired from hand washing 2 full buckets of clothes in the weekend immediately changed n went to bed, hubby followed me but did not even utter a single word but happily slept to his glory...Moreover he also went to leave his nephew in the evening which left me all alone to myself which increased the loneliness in me.. I so much wanted to talk to my mom, I missed her so much but did not call her.. Instead was very silent the entire day...

Dont we women have feelings? dont we get hurt? don't we have mood swings? Cant Men understand the meaning of Hormonal changes???? Is it so difficult to cope up with us after one year of marriage??

How can someone expect you to be happy, smiling all the time????????

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