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Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 19 September 2011

Art Craft Painting.. Time Paaz

From my Childhood I have always seen my mom indulge in one or other hobby/art work- she has done a nib painting, some oil paintings, she loved to go to such classes where the devotional songs are taught, some art is taught, she has sewn a lot of wollen sweaters, topi's and phone covers in wool, she has prepared a telephone cover, a duvet etc in her old sarees... and wat not

All this was possible coz we were in a small town, If anything is new in the market for example a new trend, a new art, we used to witness it soon, there were group of people ready to learn it and would also look out for an expert who knows it any nook and corner and arrange for the learning classes...People used to attend it crazily and start preparing it and decorating their houses... 

Now when I come to think abt it mom was so lucky as she was a Housewife and had time for all this and defenetley she had a lucky husband and family who encouraged her to do all this...yeah n lucky children too u know... :p

And yes not that Mom never encouraged me in all this... she did infact she did her beast, may be I was not that girlie type who loved all this...May be I was too Tomboysih... I used to appreciate art etc but neither  had the interest nor patience to do it myself...

Few incidents where mom has tried to put me somewhere and the results-

Karate- I liked it a lot and was very keen to reach up to Black belt, thanks to my First time Periods that had to come in between, so discontinued for a month and never joined back. :'(
Singing- Oh not that Bollywood of filmi songs... She typically forced me to go and learn singing
"Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da ni Sa"... God heard my prayers and my Tutor one day told me that she is getting married and that we have to discontinue my classes (Actually my tutor was pretty old say around 30ish) I guess that day I was more happier than my Tutor... Thankfully more never found another tutor for me... :)
Knitting- Have always seen Mom Knit for me, Bro n Dad but my encounter to knitting was when it was introduced to us in the SUPW period in 10th , I loved doing it and have made telephone covers myself but nothing more...
Drawing/Painting- Was never a keen artist myself so no more than drawing pictures for my practical
record. Hey yeah Mom used to encourage and help me and Bro preapre Greeting cards ourselfs and post it to allt he Cousins... Those were the days I should say....

In my engineering days I could notice that many of my friends/cousins of my age who were either studying BSc, BCom or have finished their degrees and were at home were doing a lot more things in life like, learning to preapre Stuffed Toys, Prepare Flowers in Lux Soap, paintings etc... that is when I realised that I too wanted to do them all BUT the thing that stopped me then was TIME to do it... In my 12th all the TIME was consumed in going to college/Tutions and in B.E in Hostel/Semester/Internals and Exams... Where was the TIME to do all that I actually Liked doing.????

Even with this busy Schedule I had learnt 2 things-
1. Rangoli drawn on a Plate
2. To prepare flowers from a Soap (Thanks to Madhu Attige for teachig me this)

Now Hubby likes all the art/craft work and wants to do it all. He loves watching the MAD show in Pogo and he had helped his nephews and also himself created a doll in clay and presented it to me once...
He loves to Paint, draw, Gardening, to have dog and cats as Pets, he loves Aquarium.. His dream is to live i a farm house surrounded with greenary, trees, he wants to do gardening, grow plants etc... when he retires...:)

We have purchased so many things too like paint colors, brushes, drawing books, art stuff, some wodden animals on which u can paint. etc..etc..
 I too kind of developed the liking towards it more so coz he likes it... and believe me it gives you immense pleasure and happiness to do it...

Our first Art (if you can call it so) was Painting on the wooden animal cut outs... Will post the photo later..

Recently we both got together n did this a Flower pot wit one Flower and instead of leaves it was Peacock Feature...:) and guess where we sticked it?? In our Bedroom
Here is the snap...

I just loved the Red color on our Green walls

We love to see it the first thing when we wake up

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