Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 23 December 2011

How has 2011 been??

Well good would hv been better, but def not the BEST

Lemme make a list to see how has it been -

Hubby became comfortable with my paternal as well as maternal cousins/relatives... Touchwood

Got a great chance to go to Canada along with hubby too... wow

We organised and executed first of a kind family outing to golden temple n had fun... pat on the back

Lost my pinnaya(dad's brother) in a accident..shocking
  Lost my ajji(Daadi)..unexpected

Expected that my bro would be married in 2011.. unfortunate

Heath was not that great..(was recommended bed rest for 3 days due to acute low back pain)... needs improvement

Travelled (Visited places).. not as much as planned

Was pathetic in meeting up friends over weekends etc.... grrr

Shopped- oh yeah...crossed budget.. did we even put up a budget.. no wayy ;)

Food- eat outs - yes
Romantic dinners... sorry did u say romance?? Searching dictionary...
Cooked variety @ home - satisfactory
Hubby cooked- can I count tea..

Hubby helped?? - I will go to hell if I say no.. he did he was there when I needed him..ummmah to that..*anti jinx*

Hobbies- yes we kept our art alive n kicking...3 cheers to it

Jagda's- no thrill in life without Jagda so... no comments

Felt bad - many times, mostly when not needed or not required to be... key improvement area

Laughed enough- oh yes with others n on us too.... good keep going

Fitness- is the spelling correct?? I don't find it in my dictionary... shut up dude its no JOKE u ass ;(
Editied to Add- This post was accidently posted from my Moblie.. I will leave it as is but amend it as and when needed as the 2011 is still nor over!! :) 

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  1. Aww!! hugs Deepsi! :D
    Happy Holidays!

    So sorry about your loss.
    And yay on the things that went well! :)

    All the best for a new and sparkling year! :)
    May you do all the things you wish to and have the time to do it as well! :)

  2. Thanks for the wishes Pixie much needed!! Really Looking forward for a bright yeat 2012.. I dont care when ppl say 2012..Praleya.. Dooms day n all the nonsense I wannna live happily each day as if it is my last on earth!!:) :p

  3. All an all a good you had but yes some glitches here and there.I pray this year you may get better health and your bro may get married soon.Wishing you all the happiness in 2012 and may all your dreams come true :-)

  4. Thanks Garima.. Really looking forward for a cheerful year 2012.. All the good wishes to you too!!

  5. Hey! Thats not really a bad/sad list - thats a happening list - Babe! And 'Life Happens'. Focus on all the positives and may 2012 be a lot lot more fun and action packed in all the right ways... :-D

    For all the sad things - that has all ended. Hoping a more Happening New Year for you...

  6. Hey thanks RS..Hv a great you too..