Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Weekend!!

Hectic Thursday- 

Stayed late till 9:45 in office as I had some pending reviews and fortunately hubby also ad some meetings.. Instead of heading home and reaching by 10:30 we decided to hv dinner @ Radha Hometel (near my office) had a nice dinner... Since I had just posted my prev blog abt my 7 random n weird things, I started asking hubby to list and see if he could nail all the 7, Found out that he listed many more weird things about me.. :'( and could hit only few listed by me.. 

There I got a chance to accuse him that he doesn't know me well etc.... later I asked him to list his weird things and see if I knew him well....I was already aware of all the things he mentioned.. The I started boasting that I know him well and he doesn't.... Something striked him and he started recalling his childhood days and came up with stuff I was not aware at all abt him... Wow with all this new info dinner seemed to be very romantic..

Preparation Friday - Turned out to be another hectic day @ office, wanted to go out shopping with friend G (who was free for a change) but work stuck me here too.. but managed to sneak out by 5:10 PM with hubby, As we had reached late yesterday cancelled all our shopping plans and instead reached home and had nice lovely Tea.... We had decided to go to SIL's house for a family party for New year!! Potluck was decided and the items for me was "Paani Pori" and "Gaajar ka Halwa" ..

I started all preparations for the halwa in the night,.. Thanks to hubby he grated all the 1.5 kg of gaajar, and I took around 2 hrs to prepare the halwa... And turned out to be really yummy...

Saturday New Year's Eve - Got up @ 8:30, prepared Tea and had pongal for breakfast, realised that Maid is on Leave hence washed a truck load of vessels and started preparing for Paani pori.. Washed vessels, prepared for pani poori, packed all the eatables, came down and packed all our stuff as we were to stay that night and had bath to get ready to attend a Friend's son's 1st B'day party... Hubby had been out to purchase gift to the little one..
Managed to reach the party hall on a decent time, while another friend was waiting for us... Hubby completely got busy with the B'day boy and like all kids he also was glued to hubby... Exchanged hello's with my friend and her family who were our neighbours and then had little lunch.... went to a nearest gift shop to buy the gifts for all the games we had planned and organised...

Reached SIL's home by 4:00 and had lovely Tea... Hubby wanted to rest a while but I completely stopped him and hence our Year end activities/games started..... We started palying some "Kalla, police" games in chits, In laws also reached by then and we were all looking frwd for a lovely evening/night together...Everyone were informed that we had some gifts for the winners and all were excited...

The Men in the family suddenly decided that something was missing and then went out for around 2 hrs to buy Tequila... As the men in the family came.. the Party started.. we had arranged all the items in the First floor balcony and the cool breeze outside made it more kool.... We served Pani poori and halwa and also had Teqila Shorts... Played for a while.. Another SIL had organised a quiz game where we lost :( some more games continued... It became very chill and we went to the living room and continued our games while the SIL started preparing some onion bajji's and Bisi bele Baath.... At 11:20 we started playing Housie Housie.. there were last few numbers to be picked and each one was eager to win!! tension had built up and so we were close to 12:00... my elder SIL won the full house and ppl still wanted to play till the last coin was picked... At the stroke of 12:00 we all wished each other "Happy New Year"  and together we cut the Cake!! Had yummy cake and Bisi bele baath and by then hubby had gulped around 6 to 7 shots of Tequila.. Can you imagine!! He never drinks and wanted to try this time... I stopped after 2 shots but he was all excited and had few more...Since we all were tired we slept off at 1:30 AM.. 

New Year's Day- Sunday 

Got up late.. New place so we cudnt really sleep well, had dosa's for breakfast.. we all decided we should visit a temple on the First day of the year, hence decided to go to "Ranganatha swami temple: near Magadi.. The biggest challenge was to have bath and get ready... everyone were having bath one after the other, while hubby having hangover wanted to sleep, when all were ready, I woke him up, he reluctantly got up and got ready.. I asked him not to drive and hence my BIL was driving our car.. Halfway hubby who was sleeping suddenly asked to stop the car and puked... Looked like all the hangover had gone, coz he returned back to his usual... Had a good dharshaman of the god and our tummy's started making noises, cudnt find a decent restaurant hence drove back to BloreSIL.. not ending anywhere I again woke up sleeping hubby.. Poor guy was not spared.. we decided to leave after a much public demand of one more game of Housie Housie... After reaching home, my cook called up to say she cudnt come.. so I cooked yummy Dal and rice.. Had a yummy simple dinner and retired to bed...

Resting Monday- 

We were very tired after a hectic celebration/travel so called off from work and stayed back.. to my bad luck the maid again did not show up... I had to wash all the vessels and ur half day was already over.. I was all fuming, angry, shouting... Hubby asked me just one thing - "When is ur periods due" I replied him it is soon to come, and he said "Now I know why you are shouting..." he took me out and bought me a nice lovely "Raaga watch" I forced him to buy one, he completely refused and instead bought a small cute aquarium with one blue fighter fish which he wanted very badly from a long long time... I started feeling feverish and my head started aching baaaaaaaaaadly... Hubby went to get his car cleaned while I went to pamper my disturbed soul with a much needed parlour session... we returned back by 7:00 had lovely Tea... I cudnt do much of anything and was just sulking with pain, anger...blah blah blha.... Had dinner and decided to sleep..

Relaxing Tuesday 

Got my periods, thankful coz no more sulking and getting irritated, but bad coz my stomach started to ache added with some more back pain... surprisingly I announced that I shall take leave from office and hubby agreed that I should... bid him good bye to his office at 9:15 and from then on I was reluctant to sleep... read some blogs and had an urge to blog too..abt the lovely Week I had.. Just now that friend who had hosted the B'day party had called up to see how we enjoyed the party.. My tummy is making noises.. grumbling that it needs food.. I am here blogging and letting my Blog friends know how my week went by...

Looking forward for a eventful, happy year 2012 ahead...

Wishing all my blog friends a Very Happy New year...


  1. Wow amazing weekend you had with all the fun and masti :-)
    Hope you are feeling better now...take rest and get well soon...

  2. Yep yep.. weekend was masti n fun.. followed by 2 days of leave... Well after a marathon sleep I am feeling better now..

  3. Ah! NOW I know why I didnt find you the past 2 days... :-D

    Looks like the holiday and party hangover took 2 days to reduce!

    Talk to you soon...

  4. Yes first day hubby had Hangover n yesterday u know na.. Yep lets catch up for Kullad...