Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 16 January 2012

One more weekend that flew

Days are just rolling by and we do not have any control over it!!

Wanted to have a very peaceful weekend, hence hadn't made any plans, until my mom became all emotional and started blackmailing me to visit home... Bro was in Mumbai for a training from office and mom started saying dialogues like. "We both will be very bored" " You come over, we shall feel good" "I will be bored and if only your bro was here" she also blackmailed me saying that I do not visit her frequently and that I dont stay there much and blah blah blah....

When hubby was informed abt his MIL's tactics he melted and agreed to his MIL over the phone and we made plans to visit our Mom's house (yet again based on my Mom's demand)


Instead of travelling a whole lot on Saturday we went directly to Mom's house on Friday after our Office...Mom's house visit with hunny = Lots of Khaana. This time as usual it was hubbys Faaaav - Idli Vada and Saambhar for dinner.. After dinner we chatted for sometime and guess what we watched "Bommarillu" I wanted hubby to watch this movie so badly from a long long time and finally got a chance to watch it.. Thanks to Mom who had recorded it for her SIL :p Saw half the movie and went to Sleep..

Shopping Saturday

Grrrrrrrrrr all coz of my hubby's running nose and cough cough I got up early.. early means 8:30 otherwise I would I slept to glory till 10:00 :'(.. Had hot hot ginger tea and soon breakfast was ready.. Thanks to Mommy this time it was my fav dosa and avarekai gojju (Yes I was fortunate enough to eat it again...) it has now become hubby's fav too.. Had breakfast and instead of hurring for our pending shopping me n hubby started watching the rest of the movie "Bommarillu" as expecting hubby loved it too..

At around 1:00 me, hubby, mom n dad left to J.P.Nagar central as we had to shop for hubby's clothes.. I was fed up of seeing him int he same checked shirts that I put my foot down and demanded him to shop... Again he ended up buying some more checked shirts.. :( this time different colours.. Dad and his SIL in one side and me n Mom in the other side we shopped and had light Lunch @ Mc D.. Again resumed some more shopping and had nice coffee @ Ragigudda SLV while on the way back to mom's house... Mom insisted we had dinner and hence had Dosa and avarekai gojju + Akki Roti and Averekai gojju (different type made especially on Bhogi habba on 14th Jan). after such a eating marathon we left to our home..
Instead of hitting the bed directly we ended up watching a movie "I am Kalam" it was a nice short movie and then we slept off @ 1:00

Sunday - Shankaranti

For some or the other reason I was in no festive mood this time, Mom had prepared chutney for Idlis for breakfast and instantly I decided to prepare sambhar.. Called up mom n took the recipe and prepared it and served breakfast when I asked hubby how was it tasting.. he replied - "Its good but you cant match ur Mom's prepared sambhar" I was like :'( then he consoled me by saying "See she has a lot of experience in this area and u are pretty naive.. I said urs is good but cannot match your mom's dats it!! you will soon learn"
Hammmm I ask him to be frank with me in opinions and then I crib on why he is so frank... I considered it as a compliment and moved on....... :) Yes I secretly know that I cant beat my mom's cooking she is the bestest!!

After cleaning and washing, I had bath and performed pooja to the god, we had offered pongal (sweet and khara) to god, and had a nice Delicious Lunch... After a heavy lunch we took some nap.. I forced myself and woke up @ 5:30 pm.. Prepared nice tea and 2 8:00 pm we went out to finish some sundry activities and returned home for dinner.. The weekend was over... I couldn't believe it!! another dreadful Monday was peeking soon... I ironed 10% of the truck full of clothes and finally we retired to bed!!

How was you weekend?? Don't you thing time Files???


  1. your weekend was definitely busy.....
    we did house shifting that weekend :-)

  2. Yes yes my weekends are generally filled with activity!! oh home shiftinh.. that means too much of work..

  3. Bomarillu - A very sweet movie I of my favs too!! :)

  4. oh yes same here.. Love that movie!!

  5. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.