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Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 20 January 2012

Surya Kanthi Tales- III - The one where SK is Promoted!!

Appraisal time in all the companies and the same here too!!

Our own SK has had a jackpot Luck with double Benefit

1. Change in Location -  She has moved to Onsite..  She has shifted to another building which is connected to the main Campus by a Sky Walk and it is called as Onsite :) and people who come to have lunch @ the main cafe take Local Flights (Sky walk) and land @ the Cafe.. So our own SK is now officially located @ Onsite and Lands @ the Cafe using daily plying flights.. :P

2. She has been Promoted to a new Role- Designation is UTA- Stand for 
"Unload Tracking Agent"

Now lemme explain what is UTA all about..

@ Onsite she has been allotted a place which is very special in its own way... A cubicle where only 2 ppl can occupy than the classic 4 to 5 ppl cubicle, there is a Coffee m/c and a Water cooler at a stones throw away and most importantly the last and the most significant point is that there are washrooms just next to her cubicle.. Most important point to remember is the "Gents Toilet" just next to her cubicle..

From the time she has known her place she is been crying and cribbing about it and added to it she has a very annoying neighbour whom she is not willing to tolerate.. So to cheer up own SK darling here was our little conversation/suggestion..

SK- All are waste people around.... Grrr
Me and G- Why da wat happened?
SK- That stupid Guy XYZ tells me that my place is nice and teases me..
G- Why wat so special about ur place according to him?
SK- He says- "SK ur place is so good yaar, if we are feeling v urgent it is very easy to go to washroom and come and we hv to come from soooooo Long"
Me and G- Open mouthed ... Did he really tell you this? shamelessly **All confused**
SK- Yes he did tell me this.. wait I ll make him only sit there..

We were still confused and shocked how can someone talk like this.. even for a Joke...Me trying to make things cool

Me- Good na SK you can go whenever you want na
SK- No Da I cannot, today I hv just gone only once, you see when things are very near, easily available you dont value it much you see...

Abbbba Hats off to SK's humour and comparison... Wah Wah Wah wah..

Some more discussions on how appraisals are nearing and the hike will be less and peanuts.. suddenly my weird imagination bulb flickered and there came and Idea..

Me- Hey SK I have a better investment plan for you da..
SK (Still sulking) - What tell me?
Me- Why don't you start collecting Toll for all the Guys who come to use the Washroom
G- Wah very good Idea Deeps.. Yes SK why don't you keep a registry and enter the details of a person and collect Toll fees..
SK- Haan good idea, waste people keep coming all the time..
G- See our idea works collect 2 Rs each time they use it.
SK- Hey this is IT industry why Rs 2/- let them pay me Rs 50/-
G- Ooooh no way why would they pay Rs 50/- each time instead I can go back to BTM layout for that..
Me (Like a judge in between these 2 arguing clients) Ok Ok lets settle for Rs 5/- much reasonable..
G and SK agreed in Unison..
So from now on SK's place is a Toll booth where the guys using the washroom needs to give Rs 5/- BEFORE he goes inside..

**My next weird Idea Strikes again **

Me- SK make sure you collect them before they go inside..
G- Yeah they may refuse to give it later on after the use it
SK- Yeah yeah they may run away
Me- No da even if they give they will give it in the same hand after using it.. Hope you understood
SK(Now with a loud shriek) Oh Noooo I will make sure I will collect it before hand!!

Continuing on this topic we were counting what will be her collection for the day etc and stuff like that when SK suddenly says "Yes yes people use it multiple times, I have noticed it so the collection will be good"
"That stupid fellow ABC today already have used it 4 times, I wonder wat he does there"

G- Why do you keep a watch on all that? You don't hv better work
Me- hey wait she needs that data to create a report at the EOD
SK- Wat report?
Me- Daily reports containing the list of users and the "Topmost Unloading Client"
G- Haan correct, I guess for today it is going to be that ABC guy..
SK- Till now it is, lemme check who is the topmost Guy for the day..
Me- Go back soon SK the toll is unattended for a long time, go and resume to your duties..

Are we mad or is it that everyone have such funny/crazy/weird conversations/imaginations/built up stories??

Do you also have a similar one?? Why not share it here??


  1. ha ha ha:) It really is some hilarious stuff. I loved the toll idea..

  2. LOL...LOL...awesome ideas there,I can imagine SK's reaction especially on idea of collecting toll ;)

  3. Thanks Ashwini.. :P

    My Era- Thanks for liking my idea.. SK was totally impressed by the toll collection Idea.. LOL

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