Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Random Updates from the Week that was!

Shopping Saturday -

After 1 year 4 months of marriage hubby wanted me to buy Gold.. Yes you hear me right.. Me and Gold were like not so close to each other, I always claimed that I am not a Gold types u know.. but Mom used to always tell me, lets see how you will be after marriage... Yes I have started to Like gold ornaments.. .. BUT wait....STILL not the BIG, BOLD, GOLD types I still like the simple, cute types..:)  Me n hubby would miserably fight and fail to Zero down one one thing coz I go for the simple, cute, not so heavy types, where he goes by the weightage (grams of gold) types..  so invited my parents to accompany and help us make a purchase... My sweet parents immedietely agreed to accompany us while bro cudnt as he had some offc work..

I got down @ the LIC office @ JP Nagar to pay our Policy due and make some enquiry while I sent hubby to pick up my Partents... Cleaver fellow calls me up and tells me to take an auto to the jewellery shop as there is too much traffic there to pick me up.. :'( The fellow ditched his wife over her parents... :'( I was secretly happy about this choice (no-choice) and happily took an auto and reached our first J shop..

One after the other we ran around many J shops and meantime had an awesome Lunch @ "Subz" Jayanagar...Our Hungry tummies Gulped down the Yummm Soup, Starters and Main course within minutes.. :) Then continued our jewellery hunt, finally we bought wat we were looking for.. My parents claim that "Its not that easy to please me  and  were so glad that they did not have to choose a boy for me "  Yes I do not agree upon anything so easily :p

Reached home by 11:00 after Delicious dinner @ Mom's house.. When Hubby comes to our Mom's house he doesn't bother to look at the clock, I am the one who keeps saying.. Shall we go, its late.. So I am branded the bad one by my parents n Bro... This time bro and hubby were happily looking @ some snaps in FB not realising that it was late for us to leave... Each and every time I leave to my home form Mom's house the feeling is so -------------- Any amount of time spent there with hubby is JUST not enough,,, Basically no words to describe... (**Anti Jinx**) **Touchwood**

Sunday - Guests @ home

My cleaning which was not done on Saturday was shifted to Sunday + the preparations for Guests @ home..

Guests were actually my BIL's future In-laws.. One highlight of the visit was the number of languages used to communicate.. They do not know Kannada and we do not know Tamil.. Uncle knows Hindi well and Aunty English... my FIL was speaking in English n Hindi (Business language) and MIL was talking to Aunty in Hindi but she was talking in English... I was able to understand their Tamil and trying to answer back in Telgu-mix-Tamil-mix-English-mix-Hindi... Abbbba total Choas...

At one point of time hubby's little nephew Mintoo asks me- "How many languages are being talked here??"

One such Funny Incident was when our FIL was saying that "Hum yeah dhaalenge, wow Daalenge" (referring to jewels)
Uncle was like - "Daalenge means denga?? He meant to say will u put it(jewellery) on her or will u give here?" To which my younger SIL was verifying saying "Daalenge matlab dhenge with all actions" it was very Hilarious to watch...

On a serious note I truly felt that how important it is to have a Common language between 2 individuals or a family for the better flow of communication...Do you agree with me??? I agree that there are so many cased where there are marriages between a North Indian and a South Indian.. I just wonder how they manage to communicate?? don't they face issues like how I have just Quoted below??  

My future SIL knows only Tamil and English, its ok for everyone but my MIL doesn't understand either English (fully) nor Tamil.. God save us from translating between the two... :P

After all this I managed to have so called Lunch @ 4:30 pm and was feeling very exhausted.. :( Was also feeling bad that the weekend was over :'(

Instead of watching TV I slept off soon..


  1. hahaha I see language confusion there :-) good na all future kids in your family will be multi lingual...and you got gold jewlllery wow,what did you buy?

  2. Giving or accepting dowry (jewels) is a very bad idea. Families should think before they do such silly things...