Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Finally here comes the most awaited Appreciation!!

Oh don’t think I am happy because I got an appreciation from my Client, this one is more difficult than the client appreciation.. Like I have mentioned sometime before my MIL doesn't express much n @ the same time I guess it is v difficult to impress her

There have been times where I used to prepare something Special/Nice which she would have neither prepared it herself nor tasted the dish before..I used to just wait n wait for a wee bit of feedback or an appreciation on that but Nope…
Unable to resist my anxiety I used to shamelessly ask "How is the dish come up??" and have always received 1 positive + 1 negative feedback..., I guess its like a Package you know… :)

From then I have realized and have stopped expecting, I know its very difficult to stop expecting.,. Especially for a person like me but I guess its better to stop expecting rather than getting hurt…
Yesterday without a grain of expectation I prepared a dish (usli topped with vegetables and curd and Sev learnt from Mommy) and served with dinner.

Actually Hubby loves to try new dishes, special food to be cooked @ home and relish the same…..., He is the reason why I would also love to try out new dishes especially the one which is not prepared @ home. But Since I am a veggie my dishes/inventions are restricted to vegetarian food… May be this is also one of the reasons why I cannot please/Impress my MIL, coz I don’t cook Non-Veg n may be for them Veg food is just ghaas Phoos(Has so many debates with hubby and Non-veg friends on this Ghaas phoos stuff that it can be a blog by itself)

Coming back to the topic Yesterday first time without asking, she herself said "The dish is come out well"
I was very happy coz I did not see this coming… :) soon she started saying "It is perfect for an evening snack not dinner, I am already feeling full, the sev is little oily" But I ignored all the other comments and also did no take it negatively (which I generally used to take) but just accepted her appreciation and went back smiling (inside not outside) I am patting myself for this acheivement and the quality to ignore (which hubby keeps on preaching)

It really Made my day, actually not day coz it was night… felt Nice!!! Thanks MIL

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