Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Monday, 21 March 2011

Flash Back (1 year)

Just in the morning received a mail from the Hr on successfully Completing 1 year in the present Company!. Can’t believe that it is already a  year!!!

After spending almost 5 and half years in my First Company in the same Project for the same client, it started to feel like a family.
I used to feel like a Veteran who has served many years. I have thoroughly enjoyed my stint in my first Company, gained a lot of knowledge, experience, confidence and not to forget that I also made good friends too.

But then there was a time when I felt saturated and there was nothing new to learn and hence needed a change badly. A change could have been a change in the project in the same company but then I thought why not change for better I mean in terms of salary etc and why work for the same salary in the same company. Since I had spent so much time in that company I had a fear in me, Fear of getting adapted to the new company, new work culture, new environment and new people, Although I get adapted pretty soon but I always experienced a initial inertia.

My Hubby(then BF) kept on pushing me for a change but I kept on postponing giving crazy reasons… One fine day I made up my mind.
Actually there was something I was waiting for and when I realized that it will not happen soon then I decided to go for a change..
Started giving interview calls and got 2 offers in hand. At that point I realized how difficult it was to make a choice, finally selected Comp1 over Comp2 weighing a lot of parameters. Personal stuff was also not getting settled hence I badly needed a change and this was a very welcome change in my life.

On March 5th 2010 served last day in my First company and bid good bye to all the colleagues, Friends and was ready to embark on my new journey. I took a break of 15 days before joining the second company as I felt I need some time to just relax…

A year back on the same day I.e. on Mar 22nd 2010 I entered this Company and had travelled for almost an hour to the office in a Volvo Bus.
While travelling I was just looking out of the window, watching people, buildings the route etc coz everything was promisingly new to me. I was wearing a White and a Black mix Kutra on a Black Leggings. This dress had proved to be a lucky dress recently hence chose to wear the same on the First day in my new Company. In the entrance gate I could see that people had queued up to finish up the entrance formalities and there I joined in and just noticed one girl standing just in front of me.. Thought twice before I could say a "Hi" but then as usual I don’t need much time to talk to a stranger so said a "Hi" and received a warm response from her. Let me call her G. We exchanged some pleasantries as we proceeded towards the entrance.

Waited in the gate for some more time in the Sun for a HR to accompany us to a room, In there I was watching the Infrastructure of this company and was not much pleased as my first company cant be beat in all these terms and was also annoyed that the HR who was supposed to accompany never turned up and instead a facility guy came and just walked us like a herd of sheep :)

We were taken into one of the conf rooms, I couldn’t control but immediately at all convenient occasions started my comparison with my X company and this existing Company, I guess this is very common. Me and G settled in the First bench of the room which I usually do not prefer to as I am a Last bencher in my life, another gal S accompanied us. She turned out to be too silent and a MBA grad too. I and G kind of jelled very well although G really spoke less but there was a good response from her.

Finished some document filling and some introductions etc… we 3 went to Lunch together and soon after Lunch G wanted to meet her friend in this company L. I also went along with G to meet L. The 2 gals were old friends and started talking like old buddies in their local NK Language.. I felt a lil J as I did not have any friend here… I also talked to L and she introduced me to R who was in the same technology as I was, but did not get a good response from R and I did not care much. We again went back to the session after Lunch.. The day soon ended and went back Home with a whole new feeling, fresh and was ready to explore!!

Today when I look back G has really become a very close friend whom I can have shared so much stuff. She was a cushion when I needed a shoulder. We have had good times teasing, sharing and gossiping. L is also a good friend of mine, poor L I pull her legs so much together we 3 have great fun.
In fact we 3 along with L 's friend R are my Breakfast and Lunch mates…With them I feel more young @ heart.

I am glad about 2 things (apart from work) on joining this new company, First - Met very good friends and second - my marriage took place almost 6 almost after joining this company. I think I should admit that no matter how many complaints I have about this Company it has definitely proved me Lucky!!

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