Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Like Mom Like Daughter

I m so glad that I am dedicating my First ever e-Blog to none other than the person whom we love as soon as we enter this world!! Yes you got it right its for none other than my "MOM"

The reason I mention e-Blog is coz I have never blogged in the internet earlier, my thoughts were always confined to my Diary… Only recently I felt why not blog stuff rather than confining my thoughts in a Diary and here I am with my first ever e-Blog…

I was always a keen observer and have seen the selflessness, Patience, dedication, Helping nature, making others happy, Hard work in Mom and thought "Oh!! No way I can never be like her"…Whenever I used to see her I used to feel " I can never become her"

Well I deserve a Pat on my back, thanks to the genes, I see myself so much like my mom…may be not fully like here but definitely I have gained some qualities of her… but way to go to reach up to her level…
I guess that is the reason Mom's are really so special.

Mom has always been nice to people in all possible ways, helps them, talks to them nicely, takes care of them n try not to hurt them… These r the qualities I have acquired from her. I have realized it all lately esp after my marriage.. It seems like I portray my MOM in my house n feel very proud!!

But yes there are a lot of places where I feel that Needs Improvement (NI) oh god I suddenly remember the appraisals that take place in Corporate world, When some one says u are rated NI it feels like you are good for nothing… Oh No.!!!!! Oh btw the NI component is the "Patience"

People say "When you start your own family you will def have it" This is true as I see that my Patience level has def gone up but yeah it NI :) Let me wait n watch when can I get to hear this from others- "Like Mom Like daughter" ....

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