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Love Happened
Love Happened

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Our Baby!

I am very pleased to introduce our sweet little snowy who is an integral part of our lives, Yes it is none other than our very own SNOWYYY!!

"Lazy Bum, who always sleeps, gets angry when scolded, sleeps with Mamma, misses Dadda/pappa when he is late from Office, receives nice slaps from Dadda but still is a dad's fav, Doesn’t talk to mamma when she is busy and has ignored him,watches tv with us,gives all the funny expressions.."

Oh Oh wait don’t get me wrong Snowy is neither our Kid nor our Dog or cat but it is our very own Teddy whom my Hubby named as "Snowy" . Snowy was my Gift during our Courtship period, from my then Fiancée/Boy Friend who is now ma Hubby :)

P.S - Don't have an impressions that hubby is all romantic and gives me gifts in all occasions..coz he doesn’t gift me on occasions when I am expecting like a small kid, but randomly especially when there is no occasion to celebrate there he is with his surprise gifts!!! This was also one such gift where there was no occasion as such.. Now when I look back,gifting Snowy to me was itself a big occasion by itself!!!

Snowy, especially after our marriage has become an integral part of our Lives. We typically talk to him, care him, Hug him, love him, beat him up sometime (mostly my hubby n sometimes me too and the other protects him), complain to him about the other,watch tv with him, sleep with him and play with him too…

  • First encounter with Snowy I speaking terms-
I was too angry on my hubby and was complaining abt something which I don’t remember now, I was really upset and did not wanted to talk to him, as usual he started saying sorry and tried various tactics to make me talk, none worked..Finally not knowing what to do he shouted "Snooooowy". I was confused, coz we were sitting on the couch in the drawing room and poor guy snowy was in our bed room almost ready to sleep, then hubby started talking to snowy and told "Snowy see your Mamma is not listening to me…blah blah…" I couldn’t control my laugh but then making a serious face I said "Snowyyyyyy this that..blah blah blah" dat is when it all started….. Believe me it’s a stress buster, even when I am angry,upset,feeling blue the conversations with snowy and us relieves the stress and he is almost family now..
  • Easy Resort
When ever I asks my Hubby some questions esp the ones for which he doesn’t have answers or where he has failed to remember/do something I might have told, Snowy come for the easy resort.He just calls "Snowy wait I will come" or just "Snoooooooowwwwwwy" which in turn means
- Your mom killing me with Questions, I need a resort, I cant scold her coz its my mistake so lemme call you or threaten you or beat u up!! :)

When Hubby does all this, believe me he just looks like a kiddo who is passing the buck on others or simply running away from problems…Oh How much I love to see him like a Kiddoo always!! Frankly he just acts like a kidoo esp after marriage, when asked his reply was- "Yeah I am tension free now, You are with Me now, b4 there was a lot of tension to get settled soon, Now its over, You are Mine" Awwwwwww I am completely flattered to listen to this and just forget everything !!!

  • Men will be Men
One day when I entered home from Office @ around 7:00 Pm I found the following-
  1. Lights left without switching Off.
  2. Wet Towel on the Bed.
  3. Bed cover lying like an orphan unfolded.
  4. Snowy just lying on the floor.
  5. Tap dripping with water as it was not turned off properly.
  6. Geyser switch turned On.
  7. Dirty rotten smell, followed the smell and found out that it was the stale Boiled egg which I bought him to eat the last night….
Instead of getting angry there was a smile on my lips on each of my Hubby's deeds and kept on counting on his achievements, totally I found 8 of them..will update the 8th one as soon as I remember it.

On finding each of them I started talking to myself, picked up poor snowy and showed him all his Dadda's achievements,complained to him.. I actually felt snowy talking back to me, supporting me for the first time saying "Mamma you are right daddda is lazy, he beats me up when you are re not there,,, but soon after that he loves me n hugs me too!!"
Suddenly a thought came to my mind and I wrote a sweet letter to my Hubby by listing down all his above listed achievements :) kept the letter so that he picks it up easily!! Hubby returned from office, I offered him tea and showed him the letter and went away to kitchen to prepare dinner upstairs. I was busy preparing roti's hubby comes up to me after sometime and I ask him… so read about your achievements???? There was a plain and simple answer to it was  "I dint do anything that Bugger Snowy did it!!!!!!!!!!!!" easy resort haaaaaan.
  • Unconscious Snowy
The other day we were watching a Kannada movie "Pancharangi"! (after a very long time we were watching a kannada movie) my god, horrible experience, the hero Diganth using "galu" for every word he utters in the movie. "galu" is added to kannada words to make it plural especially on things, using "galu" in all the words in a sentence uttered sound crazy…we both were kind of fed up with his dialogues… Suddenly hubby realized that our Snowy has fallen down on the mattress flat on his back and hubby says "Poor Snowy fell unconscious listening to Diganth's dialogues" :) :p :D

  • Couldn't handle the stress
Yesterday me and Hubby watching India - Aussie Quarter finals match, nail biting situation, tension everywhere!!! Suddenly we see Snowy unconscious again. Hubby says" Poor fellow couldn't take the tension" and make him sleep on his laps…
We love you Snowy!

These things although seems to be small and crazy for the readers/listeners, will always and forever remain in our memories!!! I know it may sound too trivial to some but Life consists of many such trivial things which make up a bundle of Joy!!

P.S- Impressed by us and Snowy a colleague of mine A(Guy) gifted her fiancée' a Teddy and probably named him "suuzu"

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  1. Snowy is so smart alva like you :-)... He does all nonsense stuffs and fixes me and puts me in trouble...Snooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!! wait i am coming... Very true few thing might look trivial to some but Life consists of many such trivial things which make up a bundle of Joy. Super blog baby, dedicated to snowy