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Monday, 14 March 2011

Movies n Masti

Movies… I Just love watching movies…. Romance, Drama, Comedy, Animated, Action (But not too much of Dushum dushum types…) The only Languages that I can watch is English, Hindi, Telgu and Kannnada. Although almost everyone, Mom, Dad, Brother, Friends, Colleagues and finally my Hubby too, says "You do not know to speak any Language Properly!!!" "Kya Karein Confuse aguthe.. Yem Chesedi "…..

              At one point of time especially when I was in London I used to visit this website called and watch all nonsensical movies….I guess dats how I used to pass time coz we did not have TV in our house there… Now I wonder How I survived without a TV… anyhow I guess my lappie was always on my Lappy!!
              As much as I Love watching Movies I forget the Climax of the movies watched, I know it may sound crazy… I remember most of the scenes, dialogues, Songs everything except the Climax…

              Any guess on which Movie me n my Hubby(actually then he was my BF) first watched?? No you will not get any Goodies for guessing it right coz and moreover one can guess it!! Its neither a romantic movie nor a Comedy movie it was in fact a Horror flick which was a random pick. Yeah it is "KAAL" a multi starrer Hindi Movie in the Rex theater in Bangalore around 2005.. I remember how I was scared firstly, that someone will see us together n secondly some plots in the movie were little scary.. How I held his hand when I was scared (Obvsly I just wanted a reason to do so). The memories of First Movie is still lingering in my mind…And the first movie in a theatre of course after our marriage is "Anjaana Anjaaani" another Hindi romantic movie, Ranbir is one of my favs and Piggy chops is ok too.. It was a whole new exp to watch a movie with ur Hubby no matter u hv watched "n" number of movies wit him as a GF :)
              Kaal was just a beginning of the Movie marathon. One after the other, one weekend after the next we started our marathon race… Infact I have now lost the count of the number of movies watched together…. The other day I was making a list of the same in my small Pink book of memories n I have exceeded 2 pages of it… I am sure I cannot recall all of them now… Wish I could have made a note of it somewhere… :(
             Together we have watched some really good movies n some really stupid movies.More than movie it was the company I enjoyed the most… As usual I used to talk a lot even in the theatre coz I like commenting while watching.. But my hubby (Then BF) used to tease me "You need to talk here too" but dats how I am….I like it that way, I like to watch the expression on his face, the smile on his face and especially love watching him when there is a comedy movie going on coz he looks very sweet when he laughs….Just like a Kiddo..
             Oh Ok concentrating on my Blog on Movies there is a huge list of some Stupidest movies that I have watched which I feel is worth a mention here. 
  • Venkata in Sankata - Kannada movie watched with my Hubby, it was his choice as he wanted to watch some comedy movie that day
  • Dakota Express - Another Kannada movie watched with Engg friends, When one of the semester results were out all our batch girls in the LH(Ladies hostel) had passed in exams and we wanted to treat ourselves. Believe me it was a experience by itself… :) LOL
  • Love Kichidi- Hindi supposed to be comedy movie… Yeah it was my choice as I did not have any other option.
  • Jo Bole So Nihaal- Our 2nd movie together which was a complete disaster.
  • Apne- Watched with Office colleagues in London… Baap re Baap
I guess these are the top 5 worst movies ever watched by me in Theatres..
                These days esp after marriage and after we have welcomed Samsung 40 Inch LED TV home it is a Bliss to watch movies @ Home, lying on the mattress or sitting on the sofa with legs on Centre table munching some snacks…. Also the movies played on TV is now recorded on our Tata sky Plus and watch Movies by forwarding all the unnecessary Advertisements… Watching movies is a pleasure some experience… In the last 2 days we watched Cars(animated movie) and Obsessed (English) both were good!

               Hey forgot to mention the last Hindi movie which we really enjoyed was Baand Baaja Baarath… awesome movie, nicely taken kool peppy songs.. New comer Ranveer is really Kool and not to forget good acting from Anushka too..

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  1. Very beautifully potrayed everything...felt like I m watching a movie.....:-P