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Monday, 17 October 2011

Weekend Khana Pakwaan -1

Weekend means cooking something special.. This time is was "Gajar ka halwa" n "Pani poori" Here is my recipe !!

Gajar ka Halwa-1
Gajar ka Halwa:
Grated carrots
Dry Fruits (Cashew n dry grapes)

Method: Boil milk in a vessel, add grated carrots n keep it in low flame until milk drains, keep stirring occasionally.. Once milk is drained add 3 spoons of Ghee n sugar as per ur taste and stirr.. add Kova n nuts which r previously fried in Ghee.. Serve either hot or cold.. can be served chill with ice cream too!!!
Paani Poori

 Pani poori
Pani poori masala powder (mdh)
Jalzeera powder (mdh)
Lion dates
Chopped Onion
Ginger garlic paste
Black chik peas

Method Paani - Mix pani poori masala powder n jalzeera to water, grind pudina n green chilli in mixer n mix the paste to paani.. add chopped coriander n paani is ready

Filling -Boil, peel n mash potatoes, mix ginger garlic paste, salt, pani poori masala powder n coriander.. can also add boiled chik peas if needed

Meetha- soak tamarind n dates in water separately n squeeze when soaked, boil it slightly in pan n add Jaggery to it. Meetha is ready Mix chopped onions to the filling n keep ready pooris, pani n Meetha in separate bowls n serve it!!! Yummy pani pooris r ready to eat

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