Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 28 October 2011

Weekend Saga-1

Friday 21st Oct 2011 -

Visited Mom's house as Mom n dad in a row was not keeping well.. Also today was Hubby's last day in his office.. His office is v close by to Mom's house, so whenever I felt like seeing them I would go and ask hubby to come over, we used to hv dinner n leave for the house... This will not happen anymore.. Now mom's house will be very rare.. :( wud be difficult to meet them whenever I want to :(

Had nice tea, snacks, chat wit parents and after hubby came, we had dinner and reached at almost 11:00
we both were exhausted by then. Fortunately hubby had some meeting in Rajajinagar for

Saturday 22nd Oct 2011-

A good friend L has recently left our company and was also undergoing a personal crisis so according to hubby's suggestion me and friend G decided to visit L @ her PG..
Met Friends on weekend first time without hubby after marriage.. Felt nice.. by seeing L's Paying guest, I recalled the days where I had spent in PG,Hostel and in a house with friends...

Had a nice time with L and G, Visited the Baba Mandir that L would talk about most of the times and had Yummy North Karnataka Lunch @ Nalapaka, Rajajinagar.. Added this hotel to my list of fav dinning places.
Hubby picked me up and we returned home by 4:00. Since we had planned to attend a Cousin's wedding Reception, I soon rushed into the Parlour to get oil massage and eyebrows done..and since I was very exhausted for the day I went to bed to relax while hubby happily was snoring in glory...

When the alarm rang @ 6:00, both were in no mood to get up and get ready for the reception... Cancelled the program as it was too far n we were too tired... I prepared a nice garam garam Ginger tea and applied oil to hubby... That day completed soon..

Sunday- 23rd Oct 2011

Morning session of washing clothes n Cleaning the House

Evening @ around 4:00 PM Durga Parameshwari Temple Visit!!

MIL was feeling kind of lonely, Hence hunted out for a nice Temple in Blr, Thanks to friend L who suggested that this Temple in Vidyaranyapuram..It was really a beautiful temple and as she said we went in the evening for the Rahu kala pooja and we got to see the Abhshekam performed to goddess Durga...
During Rahu kala on Sunday I,e between 4:30 to 6:00 we (Hubby, me, MIL and BIL) lit the Ghee diyas in Lemon for the goddess and like they say a wish well there was a statue of goddess to which we can tie a chit on which we had to write our wish...The temple itself was very beautifully carved statues of god.

Enroute to home we did some Diwali shopping too, bought the "Akash Butti" (Sky lamp) to be displayed during Diwali. and returned home at around 8:00 PM.

All work and no rest... even @ office the work is more.. absolutely no rest to mind, body and soul... Looking forward for some relaxing time..

Kannika Parameshwari Devi
Sai Baba Temple near L's PG


Hotel Nalapaka where we had nice yummy N Karnataka Food

A glimpse of the Durga Parameshwari Temple

Diyas in Lemon

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