Love Happened

Love Happened
Love Happened

Friday, 21 October 2011

Memories gushing in!!

Today's Date I.e Oct 20th and the Gift in the picture below means a lot to us!!

Exactly on this day 9 years ago, 9 years seem to be so long ago... But the memories are still fresh and will remain fresh in our hearts forever!!

If not for this what would it be?? I keep pondering sometimes!!
Its so true that "Whatever happens, happens for a reason!"  DFJ

pehla pehla pyar hai, pehalee pehalee bar hai
jan ke bhee anjana, kaisa meraa yar hai.......

usakee najar, palko kee chilman se mujhe dekhtee, usakee najar
usakee haya, apanee hee chahat kaa raj kholatee, usakee haya
chhup ke kare jo wafa, aisa meraa yar hai
pehla pehla pyar hai.......

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